the switch to digi – how i ended up with the yellowman

So I’ve been forever bitching about Maxis’ reception since the beginning of this year. If you follow me on Twitter, you’d notice my many complains with the attached hash tag #maxissucks. Well I can’t help it. It is upsetting when I pay good money for something that does not work properly. My number one issue is probably dropped calls. Considering that I don’t talk on my mobile phone a lot (each call lasts less than 2 minutes, not including the weekly calls I make to my mother), you can imagine how frustrating the situations can get.

Sure, they are upgrading their services. Sure, network infrastructure stuff can be pretty tough to work out. But 6 months of really shitty service is all I could take because like many people these days, the only way you can know if I’m alive is via my mobile line. Having my calls dropped so often and being unable to receive or make calls when I really need to makes me an angry person. I don’t like being angry unnecessarily, else I wouldn’t be able to channel all my wrath towards #StreamyxSucks.

So I looked around for other options. I mean, there are only Celcom and DiGi so it’s just a matter of comparing plans and what-not. There was some hesitation because I’ve been a Maxis customer for so long. The marketing that you are on the best network subconsciously got to me. So I hung on, until one day two weeks ago when Maxis was being really and truly horrid. The next day, I went to the Celcom outlet in TTDI, got my IC photocopied and filled out some forms for the Mobile Number Portability switch. It was quite easy actually. I was given a Celcom SIM card and was told that the process would take 3 to 5 working days.

When Colin switched from Maxis to DiGi, the process took less than 24 hours. So I couldn’t help but to expect something of that kind. On the 3rd working day, I called up Celcom helpline and was told that my number was not in the system. Huh. Okay maybe I was jumping the gun. So I waited.

On the 5th working day, I called up the Celcom helpline again. Same answer, my number is not in the system. I would need to check back with the Celcom outlet where I’d applied for the switch, and I have to be there in person because the people working at that branch is not answering any calls from customers. I was so stunned that I was silent for while until the guy on the other line jolted me back to reality.

On the 6th working day, I went back to the Celcom TTDI branch to revoke my application to switch to Celcom. I have no idea what they did with my application, maybe they sat on it or something but it still was not in the system. The girl at the counter was nice but did not offer any possible reasons as to why they did not file my number. Weird, because I do not owe Celcom nor TM any money. But don’t care lah, cancel everything, CANCEL!

After that I went to the DiGi outlet in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. The girl photocopied my IC, got me to fill out a form, sign some stuff, and gave me a DiGi SIM card. I told her if she could speed up the process because Maxis bills me on the 20th of every month, and that day was the 19th. She said she would key in the information asap.

7 hours later, my switch from Maxis to DiGi was complete. I’m pretty happy with the network. EDGE works beautifully, faster than Maxis 3G sometimes because the latter was so shitty. I calculated that with DiGi, my mobile phone bill would probably cost RM 10 – RM 20 more than my Maxis bill. Small price to pay for not being so upset all the freaking time.

I’d be a lot happier if anyone can tell me how to disable the ‘Note – active divert’ notice that pops up whenever I make a call.



  1. Nicely done, glad you got fast service with Digi. What in the world is up with Celcom!?
    I’m considering a change myself actually. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hmmm looks like the yellowman might pwn, hurry up with the 3G plan Mr DiGi so I can switch!

  3. I share the same problems with you. probably I should also date the yellowman instead!

  4. nick: maybe it was just that branch, i don’t know. well, now got MNP can switch anytime what 😀

    ST: soon soon yay! digi edge seems stable tho

    eiling: do it!

  5. Do you also get a lot of spam from Maxis?

  6. Mellissa says:

    This whole Maxis dropping calls thing is damn weird, asked my parents also, never happened to them or to me but some of my friends have problems with it, some don’t. Signed up with the Maxis RM30 + 5MB plan last weekend, free calls, SMS and video calls to KY, I’m gonna begin spamming him soon, HEE HEE *evil grin*

  7. And DiGi it is. I’m sure you can find a package to make your calls cheaper (I’m saving much on DG250, fwiw).

    @Mellissa: Remember, Maxis’ supp lines, only give 15 hours/month free calls to your boyfriend 😛 Beyond that, they start a charging. With DiGi, RM30, ensures its free no matter how much time. That I like a lot more, IMHO

  8. i changed from celcom to maxis. also took me many days. especially the sucker behind the desk busy surfing porn has to tripple confirm i dont have call contracts. which later they found i have a program which my dead father may enlighten me in dream when i signed that up. i had to pay penalty to terminate it. ah well. wtf. thought maxis be better. but i think i’ll change to the yellow man soon too. but just that the idea of having a yellow asshole beside me all the time is pretty scary.

  9. Though of converting out from Digi prepaid to Celcom Xpax, which is cheaper. After reading this, I think I will convert my Digi prepaid plan to postpaid, save me the hassle.

  10. does the converting cost much??

  11. bryaNL: no, converting is free. Your next bill will reflect a RM10 stamp duty fee though.

  12. oo.. Thanks a lot.. Im goin to convert.. XD
    Gudbye maxis!

  13. Was Digi customer now plan to switch back to the Yellowman for iphone4. I don’t like Maxis data package. Was charge for extra usage at damn expensive rate at RM0.01/kb.

    With Maxis data plan, I always worry about the overusage and thus always control the usage, “boh-song”

    Digi at least just “limit” the speed after the quota, more sensible.

  14. Thanks for your post. I have been getting more and more fed up with Maxis. The last straw came when I wanted to ‘enjoy’ their ValuePlus Internet Plan from my current. I was told it takes 24 hours. After more than 24 hours, I called them and was told it has not been activated because I have an outstanding bill in 2009. I said what is that? This is 2012 and I don’t see any outstanding in my monthly bills?

    So I said if it is so difficult to upgrade to your promotion, don’t promote. I will switch to Digi.

    But like you, I needed some reassurance. So I googled and the first thing I checked out is your blog. I am now going YELLOW… thanks!

  15. Wah, seriously I rarely see people suggest Celcom la.
    But I heard that Celcom is quite OK right now and they keep promoting Celcom First Basic 38 plan.
    Actually what is it including and is it worth to buy?

  16. Sim Loh says:

    I’m Maxis One Plan users, I can get iPhone or Samsung phone with super low price.
    I can have free call and sms to all network and 2GB data with LTE.
    It is the best plan I used ever.

  17. Ah Lim, I just subscribed Celcom First Basic 38 plan at Plaza Metro last month. Seriously, I bought it without considering it as it is really very cheap. The plan is giving 3GB data quota + 3GB wifi quota for only RM38. I don’t think you are able to find other plans which cheaper than this plan.

  18. The last few comments.. you do know that I can track your IP and know you’re the same people, right? 🙂

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