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Have you heard of a media launch for a blog before? Well, neither have I until I went to one last Thursday at Modesto’s Tao Lounge Bar at Plaza TTDI.

The enterprising Deep loves his poison enough to have a blog dedicated to alcohol. Somewhere along the lines, he thought why not launch his blog officially? As in media, sponsors, guests, etc? I have no idea how he managed to pull it off, what with a couple of sponsors (I think Riche Monde is one of them) but I’m glad he did as I had an absolutely great time at the party. launch - Suanie, Fireangel, LiLing, Deep
With Fireangel, Li Ling and Deep. Spot Michael

Where else got party that allows you to mix your own drinks? Bottles of whiskey, vodka, absinthe abundant on the bar, you just go there and mix it with whatever you want yourself. Often Deep would take the microphone and yelled out words of encouragement, i.e. “We’ve just opened another bottle of absinthe, so get yourselves fucked up.” Hah!

Go visit for enthralling alcoholic tales. Do read ‘The Man from Mars‘ about his Afghani friend’s visit in KL.

p/s: Absinthe is legal in Malaysia, does not make you hallucinate, tastes like melted-down Hacks
p/s/s: Michael says we can link his name to his blog already.



  1. Lagi best nya, I JELES.

  2. But is the Absinthe the same as the 19th Century stuff? I recall that one of the ingredients is not used anymore.. Did you drink it with a spoon of sugar???

  3. Mellissa says:

    Must try this very potent shot we have in Melbourne called the ABC – Absinthe (roughly 70% alcohol), Bacardi 151 (75.5% alcohol!) and Chartreuse (50% alcohol)! One shot and you’re high enough for the rest of the night already 😛

  4. Absinthe – Ah, if only it were the real thing!
    These new “Absinthe flavoured vodkas” – for that is what they are – cannot hold a candle to the real French original Wormwood Absinthes, which do require the sugar lump ritual to make them palatable. But also they cost about 500% less than a bottle of the real, aged, and virtually impossible to find stuff. Similar alcohol content though, 😉
    Quite fancy trying one the above mentioned ABC shots though, heh! 🙂

  5. Li Ling looks so stoned. hahha

  6. tao lots of philipinos. they are like vampire haunting customers like no tomorrow. scary…

  7. ohhh not illegal ar…hmm. melt down hacks that willl make u intoxicate.


    PS: whats with the P/S/S! Have to announce so loud ar! LOL

  9. Grant S. writes “These new “Absinthe flavoured vodkas” – for that is what they are – cannot hold a candle to the real French original Wormwood Absinthes.”

    Grant, the absinthes at the ThirstyBlogger party were very much real absinthes, coming from the village in Switzerland where absinthe was born in the late 18th century.

    For more on absinthe in Malaysia, you may be interested to see this: (blog)

    and this: (Facebook)

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