pirated towels are teh sux

Ohai I’m still in Krabi. Will return to KL tomorrow. Will blog about this trip later. Am at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort business centre, and I have 20 minutes to go. What to do leh? Blog lah.

There’s one thing that has been on my mind for the longest time. It makes me angry every time I think about it. I cannot help thinking about it because it will still be there making me angry until I blog it. There was this one time when I was back in Batu Pahat and had a shower. Earlier my mom handed me a towel so I could wipe myself clean afterwards. I mean, you don’t really need a 150-page manual on how showering + towels work, do you?

So there I was, fresh and clean after my shower. I reached out for the towel and proceeded to do the necessary. After 5 seconds or so, I felt like it was damn weird like that. Why my body still got so much water one leh? How come the towel is not absorbing the water on my hair and body leh? Felt like I’m shifting the water drops around only.


My mom gave me another towel (that can actually absorb water) and told me that she got the pirated towel for free. Seriously wtf lah. I don’t mind cheap made-in-China components that might break down after a year or so. I wouldn’t mind made-in-China fake eggs if I ever see them. But towels that DON’T ABSORB WATER?!?!??! Hello that takes the cake lah. Reached my limit and all that.

A couple weeks ago I was given two free towels. They were big, looked clean and fluffy. Happy lah… gift from a reputable company, sure the towels must be awesome. Mana tau… went home already, got the towels washed, come out dry already, I use them, then almost blew my top.

WHERE CAN TOWELS TAK SERAP AIR ONE?!? That defies the purpose of a towel, no???

Having blogged this, I should be less angry when I think about them pirated towels. But only very slightly.



  1. u should use it as a blanket instead…

  2. Polyester content too high gua… stick to 100% cotton… 馃槈

  3. Yah, towels that push the water around…wtf is that, if you wanna brand something at least make sure it’s functional please!

  4. I have this towel from HP and I brought it to the gym, no point also. Doesn’t absord a single shit like wtf

  5. Pinkius says:

    er …. i think u need to wash the towels first lah … if u dont wash before using, they dun absorb water …. ive experienced it b4 too :p

  6. Get a few and stitch them into a fluffy raincoat.

  7. Maybe they’re wax coated? Try boiling them or something?

    I really hate those fucking thin ones.

    Annoys the shit out of everyone.

  8. Oh you pleb, you proletariat, you … peasant.

    Those towels are high-class towels, used by the borgois … bourgoi … upper class people!

    You wouldn’t know these things, I understand, so I shall endae … endeavi … try to make you understand.

    These quality towels were designed to be displayed, not used to wipe your body after you shower. This is similar to using fine China crockery, i.e. you do not use them! You display them.

    Posh people do these things all the time, because they have class and poise.

    As an aside, how come you did not reply to my text message? Did you not receive it? I shall reproduce it here:

    Hey Suan! Are you enjoys there? Is the sunset there better than in Bali, hey? Well, have fun and bring me back something, ya! So jeles lah!

    Thank you.

  9. Suertes says:

    Bed, Bath and Beyond… Fuck Yeah!

  10. wah so random after following ur trips wtf. welcum bek!

  11. Soak them first…

  12. Are you sure those are not mean for wiping glass – microfiber tower. :p

  13. they just move water from one part of your body to the other

  14. Hahaha! OMG this entry seriously made my day. I know of these towels you speak off. It’s the devil’s invention. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get dry on it.

  15. CT: then if i sweat a lot at night, me and my bed will be soaked with my sweat because the ‘blanket’ tak serap air

    cmos: it looked cotton-ish

    ST: defied the basic function of a towel

    david: ANGRY OR NOT!!

    pinky: i did! technically i didn’t, but it got washed

    YK: i shall pass them all to you

    yeehou: you know those thin ones that parents take to temples and get them blessed and give them to you? they used to be good, can mop this and that. but now they are all pirated quality also

    gier: i didn’t receive any sms from you stop lying!!

    suertes: that’s some expensive towels. but i’m sure they’d be awesome

    tock: heh free 45 mins internet usage at the hotel mah

    AT: hmmmm ok

    moo_t: think it’d leave marks also. basically they were created to meet no demand

    ky: damn stupid right

    HB: and in the process makes you angry because the feeling of not being properly dried off is tulan-ness

  16. Lol! Towel also got pirated one isit? I hate that towel tak serap air also. That’s not even towel because suddenly I rajin and found this:

    A piece of absorbent cloth or paper used for wiping or drying.
    v. tow脗路eled or tow脗路elled, tow脗路el脗路ing or tow脗路el脗路ling, tow脗路els
    To wipe or rub dry with a towel.
    To dry oneself with a towel.

    Don’t know what it is called. Maybe raincoat.

  17. I’ve not used such towel before. Hmm.. will be interesting to try using one or once! Lol

  18. towel tak serap air is good for polishing ur car maybe. LOL

  19. kena wash dulu lah before use… i got this once too xoxoxoxo

  20. Hey blogger Chix,

    You should invest in a good quality micro-fibre towel that absorbs twice the amount of water on your body.

    And for that, I recommend travel towels from Packtowl and Mountain Safety Research. Trust me, I got every inch of my wet body covered..

    Have a great time at Krabi and keep on truckin’!


  21. I got one of these towels too. I bought it one, damn geram with it. Use liao like no use like that. might as well no need to wipe!!

  22. faeiz: hahha. yeah like yk said, stich a few and you get a raincoat

    eiling: really? but you’d be pissed off!

    horng: might scratch the car, nothx

    samo: i should also invest in knives like yours.

    jys: fuwah you actually paid money for it? more sakit hati than me

  23. mum says boil them 1st…

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