Tasty chicken and lamb mandy @ Al-Rawsha

Update on 20th April 2012: Al-Rawsha has since moved to near Bulatan Kampung Pandan.

We went for a company lunch earlier this month at the Al-Rawsha restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, I’ve not been able to get the chicken mandy dish out of my mind.

Lamb and Chicken Mandy, Al-Rawsha

It was tasty, succulent and scrumptious. Something like our nasi beryani (and I’m talking about the Batu Pahat version), but this one was a lot healthier. For one, they do not use gallons of oil to cook their dishes. The entire platter of rice you see in the photo above seemed to contain only a tablespoon of olive oil. It was so aromatic and delicious that I would have consumed more if I could. The chicken and lamb meat were nicely done and most yummy. Take a fork to it and the meat falls like cotton from the bone.

Not sure what was ‘mandy’ so a quick Google search directed to a mandy spice mix.

Need to revisit the restaurant again. If you want to get there before me, it’s along Jalan Damai (Off Jalan Ampang). The map on the restaurant web site is somewhat accurate, except that it’s not directly opposite of Kelab Aman. You’ll have to go slightly further than that, past the Chinese school and a couple other Middle Eastern restaurants. Service was blah, but food was good.



  1. if you’re ever in Cyberjaya, let me know and I’ll show you a Yemeni restaurant that serves a pretty darn good lamb and chicken matby.

  2. I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go DAMN DAMN NICE WEI.

  3. I want!!!!! :((((

  4. izad: oooo okay! maybe we can meet @ cyberjaya instead for our sharing session hahaha

    ST: LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!


  5. Now I am hungry, really hungry. ๐Ÿ˜

  6. radiance says:

    hey, this is like maghdud or something right. there’s this restaurant along jalan damai i always go to. they used to have good shisha. we’d order this platter (magdud or maghdud something) with 1kg meat (lamb/chicken). it looks exactly like that except that the rice is more reddish/orangey. very savoury ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. sigh… it makes me feel hungry now! I wanna go! It looks so yummmmy!! =)

  8. Next time I go KL, u take me there to makan, can?? :)))

  9. jason: hah your blog tempts me with food also! that’s why i never visit your blog after 11pm

    radiance: a bit like maghdud.. which is on the menu as well. but the dude suggested that we order the mandy. no idea what’s the difference, since i haven’t had the former.

    rachying: when ky comes back, we go

    eleen: but of course! finally a place in KL i can take you hahaha

  10. Looks really tasty!

  11. Mandy Moore made it, that’s what it is…

    Sometimes, I really do get in the mood for Arabian/Mid-East food, but so far, I found that Iranian is not as good as Lebanese…

  12. i want :'(

  13. Batu Pahat Briyani RAWKS!!!

  14. that’s the portion for single?

  15. ky: it was very!

    suertes: i need to explore more middle eastern/ arab cuisine

    pinky: come come ๐Ÿ˜€

    andrew: not to be disloyal , but this one better ๐Ÿ˜›

    horng: of course not. one meat one person, noob ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Myhorng : If it is, I would like to see Suanie eat all 8 pieces. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. honestly…. its huge…..

  18. Looks like something from an Iranian/arab restaurant. I had something like this when I was in Dubai but since then, i can’t find any restautrants that serve this dish as good. I am in love with the rice with saffron! Yummy. Will give it a try when I’m free!


    aeroplane: it would be for one person. that platter above is for 6 people

    eiling: there’s this restaurant in penang that serves claypot nasi beryani. apparently they put saffron in it. quite delicious!

  20. OMG!!! Blasphemy!! Better than BP beryani??? How can!!!

  21. Suanie : LOL. How about another 8 pieces of chicken?

  22. whimsicaljottings: that goes to show how awesome the chicken mandy was ๐Ÿ˜›

    jason: hahahhaha come to KL, bring it on ! we have a mandy rice chow down

  23. honestly..i agree with u the taste of chicken or lamb mandy …last Saturday..we had our buka puasa at ARABIIC/YAMANI RESTAURANT .AL-JAZZERA @Cyberjaya…my kids asked to go the next day to eat chicken mandy again…wish can go to Al-Rawsha for Arab dish…yummy!

  24. sirasain: honestly i think al-rawsha’s QC a bit fail. i’ve been back many times, sometimes they are awesome and sometimes they are okay only. will keep the restaurant you went to in mind, i love the spice mix!

  25. al-jazeera? the food is so-so and the restaurant is also so-so. i’d rather eat at ariana, same row as al-jazeera – arianna is a very, very clean place and the food is consistently good. the owners husband and wife are real friendly. portion is huge and price is very reasonable.

  26. Have tried lamb mandy at Al Rawsha , Sahara Tent somewhere near Hotel Istana.and also Wadi Hadramaut just before petronas jln damai. i feel wadi hadramaut more authentic. Reasonable price too and pleasant decor. have yet to savour good moroccan tagine. Missed it at al maghreb lorong damai 9. Hope it’s still there. Reportedly good there it seems.

  27. al rawsha is lebanese, but mandy rice itself is actually a traditional dish from Yemen. mandy is yemeni, just as how couscous is moroccan.. Most arab restaurants now serve mandy and hire yemeni chefs (from yemen or saudi) to serve mandy. Sahara Tent, for example is moroccan concept, but they do serve mandy rice ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not surprised if the mandy reminds you of batu pahat biryani. Johor (and singapore) is a home for a huge community of yemeni descendants for hundreds of years (Al Attas, Al Saggaf, Banafe, Bawazer, etc etc). The johorian food and culture (take the zapin dance, for example) has a significant yemen arab influence.

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