tuesday tweet thoughts

I clicked clicked on @edgemy’s tweet and came to a poll where they were asking readers what they think would be Najib’s next surprise announcement (following the release of the 13 ISA detainees). One of the four options was, “Abolish the Printing Presses & Publications Act”, which got me LOL. I tweeted back, “@edgemy re: latest poll. abolish the PPPA?!? hahaha would that ever happen :P it’s pivotal as a control mechanism” to which they replied, “@suanie We like to remain optimistic, heh.”

Aside from me bercerita-ing about my Twitter activities, I can’t help but to wonder what @NajibRazak will come up with next. Someone on a forum said about our new PM, “Out with the old, in with the old”. Whether or not our new PM will be able to make people see differently, remains to be seen. But to totally abolish the PPPA at this point in time? I looked into my magic crystal ball for an answer, and my magic crystal ball laughed so hard that it fell off the stand and broke into a gazillion pieces. Bloody useless RM10 piece of shit.

Also I’m a bit desensitised about the whole Malaysia political scene. Almost gone are the days when I used to be so gung-ho about certain people and incidents, when I’d blog about it because everyone and their rabbits need to know my thoughts on the subject; basically when I thought I was ultra important to the grand scheme of things, and I could change the world. Or cause a ripple, at least. Now I understand how easy it is to slip into tidak-apathy land.

I still give some semblance of a shit, of course. But damn fed-up lah. Ruling parties are the same, opposition parties are the same. The ones whom I thought could make a difference aren’t making the differences I thought they’d make. Either that or they are just one smart fella surrounded by a bunch of stubborn geezers from the stone age era.

See, I’m off-topic already (again). I bet a lot of people are also damn fed-up with my thinking this way. You keep up the good work lah.

Anyway, I just wanted (among other things) to give a shout out to The Edge Malaysia on Twitter. I have no idea who they are, but so far I’m enjoying their tweets, and am reading The Edge Malaysia a lot more than other news sites. It’s quite something because I’ve never bothered to read it before, but their team of Twitterers made the whole thing so fun and enjoyable that I can’t help myself.

Other Twitter thoughts? @AirAsiaBlog needs to be more communicative. I have no idea what they are talking about sometimes, because I think they refer to stuff on their blog which I don’t check if there are no links or indications on what it’s about. Same will go for @TuneHotels which is relatively new. @MAS is good so far, sorry to hear about the robbery. @NajibRazak is just rubbish. @NikiCheong tweets too much. Not complaining, just saying, heh :P

If you are on Twitter, I’m at twitter.com/suanie. If you aren’t, well then, why not?

here we go again

I’ve just ‘enrolled’ myself under a (fucking expensive) Reductil programme recommended by my doctor.

Let’s see if science will succeed where sheer willpower has failed.

No snarky comments, kthx.

elawyer law conference 2009 @ um

One fine Saturday morning, I dragged my sleepy arse to Universiti Malaya for the eLawyer Law Conference 2009. Our dear Cheng Leong was to present a talk along with Nizam Bashir on Malaysia’s intellectual property and defamation laws.

eLawyer Forum @ UM - Cheng Leong, Eddie, Suanie
With Cheng Leong and Eddie of eLawyer. Photo by A.

Saw Julian, Tock and Zoe. Peter and Wuan arrived late, because they superstars mah… :P

eLawyer Forum @ UM - Cheng Leong
Cheng Leong saying lawyer-ish stuff

For what was presented at the talk, feel free to read this, this, this and this. Can’t think properly now because I am multi-tasking — thinking of what to eat for lunch, doing some work, semi-watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull’ which is running in the background, updating my blog…

eLawyer Forum @ UM - Tock, Cheng Leong, Suanie, Zoe
I didn’t mean to isolate you Zoe.. It was cold :(

eLawyer Forum @ UM - Suanie, Wuan, Peter, Cheng Leong
Peter had Wuan go check out the UM toilets… Typical :P

By the way, go help out Julian Hopkins with his Malaysian Blogs Survey 2009. It’s for his PhD thesis thingy, will take about 10-15 mins of your time, and there’s even a lucky draw where the winners would win a pair of Platinum Movie Suite tix.

Malaysian Blog Survey: if picture not working, go to www.budurl.com/myblogs2009

So if you are a Malaysian blogger or someone who reads Malaysian blogs, please help him out yah :)

lulz of the day

You must must MUST read this!

Gadis seksi pancing undi BN?

Then tell me what you think of the following paragraph:

Dalam sidang akhbar tersebut, Zahid ditanya mengenai keberkesanan pendekatan nyanyian dan tarian yang digunakan bagi menarik pengundi Cina.

Dalam jawapannya, Ahmad menegaskan bahawa ia “harus dihormati kerana ia sebahagian daripada budaya Cina.”

HAHAHHAHA. Seriously, if you want a bunch of skinny chicks in skimpy clothing prance about at your press conference, feel free to go ahead and do it. But to associate it with Chinese culture? HERRO ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?