time to change?

I’ve been seriously thinking of using another mobile service provider because…

Maxis 3.5g reception line

I suppose I’m a tad apprehensive, having been a Maxis subscriber for years. There was a few months’ switch to Celcom until I realised that I was paying more than I should (this was when Celcom’s access fee charges was ridiculously high and every other mobile service provider was lowering their access fees charges), and I nearly puked blood from having to deal with their incredulously atrocious customer service. So I crawled back to Maxis and wiped out all thoughts of unfaithfulness… until now.

You go figure out why lah.

I still have a few more questions to be answered before I decide on anything; mostly coverage and future improvement related. I have friends who use DiGi — it’s @#*()@*#(@ when you go straight to their voice mail; then when you’re able to reach them later, they tell you, “huh no ar, my phone is here, I didn’t get any calls also.” Oh well. Probably should stop mulling over it too much; after all it’s not that difficult to go back to whatever works better. Also waiting for Colin’s one month report ๐Ÿ˜›



  1. Weren’t we at The Gardens during that time?

    Have you tried switching off 3G network and rely solely on GSM? It’s slower (GPRS and all that shit), but definitely more stable.

  2. pssssssttt, most telco corporate plan are pretty attractive. Use your superpower and force any of your friend to help you subscribe you into their cooperate account , that will do the tricks. (I can heard Suanie shouts : not fair!)

  3. me been thinking also… to switch or not to switch…

  4. jason: the problems began way earlier than that. beginning of this year, even. the 3g / gsm thing, i’ve definitely thought about it. of course one cannot compare apples with oranges and i understand that. then i remembered one of the reasons why i wasn’t contemplating of switching was because of maxis hsdpa service. if it’s stated that i can have it, and i do have it, then i expect it to work. otherwise like the photo above, it’s just for decoration purposes only and it’s v. frustrating because you *expect* it to work! i am using a digi prepaid now, to test out the coverage. when i checked both maxis & digi reception lines this morn, maxis was 3.5g stable, digi went up and down a a bit then stable. thing is i’ve been using maxis long enough to know that it can be VERY deceptive. so i was wondering if digi’s line is true reflection of its service. if it is, then it’s a plus point for me. i don’t like being deceived. i can actually articulate all this better when i’m ranting about it in real life ๐Ÿ˜› (it’s 1.10 am, not gonna edit my comment ๐Ÿ˜› )

    moo_t: I don’t really use a lot these days lah hehehe internet saved me $$ .. i just want a voice+data service that works when i’m using it…

    jack: think some more lor ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. i agree. i used to bring my phone to celcom headoffice and tell them full bar 3G means no connection – even at their hq.. and all i get is “we are sorry” followed by lines of bullseeeatss.. hate em…

  6. maxis signal strength is truly for show only, i keep getting missed call notifications through sms, perhaps mine is an sms and data only plan eh?

  7. aeroplane: haha . same thing with maxis what. the maxis tower just next to klcc but reception is so horrible there

    paul: maybe?!?

  8. i think all the provider LPPL

  9. Yah I keep getting missed called SMS when my phone is on and full signal, plus sometimes the other party just rings and rings and nothing gets through. My phone doesn’t ring and I don’t even get the notification.

    Maxis is getting bad, might consider a switch too.

  10. davidlian says:

    If I wasn’t on a 24 month contract with Maxis, I’d be on another network by now. Just have to tahan a bit longer.

  11. I’m having the same problems too. Pretty frustrating. Do post if you have a solution or other provider works better. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. horng: what is lppl?

    ST: a bit too frustrating, right?

    davidlian: how long more to go?

    ivan: not sure about celcom these days, but some ppl i know don’t have any probs with it. apparently the 3g service is good too. but i cannot see myself going back to celcom without a darn good reason ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. I wonder whether Maxis are listening? I guess not…

  14. Suertes says:

    I know how it’s like: better the devil you know, hor? That’s why I close eyes choose Maxis and don’t wanna make a change again, unless something really bad happens, or unless something else really much better comes along. So far, nah..

  15. I need to catch a breath after reading your reply. Haha. I get your point then.

    However, I don’t face such problem. Couple of times, yes, but not enough to make me consider of switching to another operator. I wonder if its because I am in Malacca where most of the area are within GSM coverage but not 3G or 3.5G.

  16. Could be software related. There’s a software update for ur phone. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. ben: lots of ppl rant about it on their blogs etc, not bothering to write in to the star, malay mail or maxis themselves to complain. yours truly included ๐Ÿ˜› so no, they are not listening to me

    suertes: in the words of aerosmith’s 1976 classic, dream on

    jason: if i switch to only gsm, i’d be even more pissed off. i *know* digi is on gsm; hence i won’t be so pissed off.

    bob: trust me, it’s not a software prob ๐Ÿ˜›

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