stupid drivers who fuck up my chakras

I’m sure you encounter them on the road. Since words are inadequate to express why I get so cheesed off, allow me to elaborate using MS Paint.

1. The one who insists on driving in the middle of a two-lane road

Stupid drivers - middle of the road

It’s not called a two-lane road for no reason. If it was a two-way road, then I sympathise because you’d be the one who’d get royally screwed if another car was coming from the other direction, fast. But most of the time, this happens on a two-lane road heading towards a single direction. Worse, the majority of such drivers imagine themselves cruising along a scenic countryside at an awe-inspiring speed of 30kph and everyone else is going at at least 60kph. Why?

2. The one who is confused with turning signals

Having obtained my driving license after grueling hours of driving lessons, I’m pretty sure everyone else who has the legal right to drive went through the same drill. Hence I am often baffled by the following scenario:

Stupid drivers - 01 signal
Driver on the right lane signaling right

Stupid drivers - 02 signal
Driver on the right lane still signaling right

Stupid drivers - 03 signal
Driver on the right lane who was signaling right all the way suddenly makes a left turn


3. The one who thinks he or she graduated from the F1 racing course

If it’s a two-lane road heading towards a single direction, you’d assume that anyone else turning into the same road would head the basic road rules and regulations right? HAH!

Stupid drivers - 01 turning
Driver waits at the junction to enter the road…

Stupid drivers - 02 turning
… and proceeds to do so at other drivers’ safety expense

Worse, if you glare at them for doing these things, they’d glare back at you as if they had all the right in the world to do that. @#*)@*#(@)# GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL LA IDIOTS.



  1. LOL, those are cute. Can you please do ms paint for me

  2. Yah too many of these sorhais. And what’s with people not knowing how to use roundabouts? In inside lane but suddenly wanna exit.

  3. well done. ms paint i mean.

  4. this is nothing compare to some hooligans drive like mad cow with their one-sided-blinded eyes car in high beam towards or following u

  5. Also the fuckers who tarak taruk signal when turning left, making you wait at the junction like dugong only.

  6. 3 only?

    300 examples also consider as little. Haha!

    MsPaint l33t.

  7. mahagurusia: diy la πŸ˜›

    ST: thinking of that makes me geram

    LT: thank you

    blink4blog: that’s another can of worms

    yeehou: ahhaa how about ppl who were gg damn fast, then very suddenly slow down to turn?

    jason: tak larat nak lukis banyak2

  8. Those drivers sure are having kopi licences. How about those drivers whom still haven’t move an inch even when the light turns green for more than 5 seconds?!!

  9. what about the one who drives into the drain?

  10. got 1 even worst…
    dunno how to reverse n bang a stationary parked car at the back?
    just kena last saturday back in BP…

  11. Hmm…I have to admit to #3 even though I know most of the people here don’t take well to fuckwits who drive recklessly. The only reason I do it is coz of the short (5 meter) distance from my exit to the U turn to get me back home from work. The alternative is a 20 minute drive down the LDP for the next U turn due to the massive traffic congestion.

    …but in my defense I make sure both lanes are clear before I swerve into the second lane (for the U turn).

  12. KY, Confucius says, traffic accidents happen to everyone. The one who drives into a drain is not very different to the one who drives into a traffic light. πŸ˜‰

  13. Suan, tell me you drew this with a tablet and not a mouse. I can’t do it with a mouse. :S

  14. hahahahahhaha i agree with yeehou.

    actually i just hate anyone who doesn’t use their indicator light in whatever circumstance that requires them to. changing lanes, cutting lines (i am more sympathetic towards those who signal…and then don’t let them in anyway), making turns.

    what’s so hard about flicking the lever?!

  15. I heart this post so much.. (I might need to update my Shit Lists again)

  16. i took picture of them and put them into my special blog… *grin*

  17. nice MS Paint suanie, and yeah, all those kind of drivers please go ride bicycle.

  18. The best thing that happens here is when you honk at them, they look at you and give you the middle finger.

    Experienced once at Hartamas, the lane was to go straight but the car decide to stop there cause she wanted to turn right at the traffic light and create a jam from the traffic light all the way to Hartamas Shopping Center.

    Thank God I was going in the other direction and didn’t get caught in her stupidity

  19. This made me laugh so much I almost spurted out my apple juice

  20. haha… nice drawing.. sometimes pictures are better than words. hehe..

  21. the 1st graphic… the driver’s a pilot πŸ˜›

  22. u got the drawing skillz
    in fact, i think u draw a better straight line than KY

    *no offense ky, but urs choice of colours still the best.*

  23. eiling: yeah. day dreaming or what

    ky: or lamp post? πŸ˜›

    CT: aww kesian. no sensor la like that

    HB: if no car, i wouldn’t complain so much. or if the coming car is like damn far away. i drew them with a mouse la. where got tablet

    lishun: we call them penang-nite drivers πŸ˜› bwahwhahhae

    izad: do it!

    jack: oO Where?

    horng: even more dangerous

    mike yip: hahahhahahaha you should get horng to tell you the ikea story

    AT: oO

    jys: thanks πŸ˜›

    oli: now that you mentioned it…

    frostier: lmao thanks πŸ˜› i think πŸ˜›

  24. wait till you step into hadyaai.. i swear, it’s like a cowboy town full of pyscho drivers..

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