malaysian wins best job in the world!

Well, not quite.. yet :P But there’s still hope!

Remember that hoo-hah about the best job in the world? You guys should know — I received lots and lots of forwarded e-mails about it. Basically it was a nifty move by Tourism Queensland to boost their, uh tourism. They are looking for an island caretaker to promote their islands through a blog; if I remember correctly there are some conservation stuff to be promoted as well. Location = Great Barrier Reef’s Hamilton Island. Duration of position = 6 months. Salary = $150,000.

The money’s not really the point. I mean, give me food, shelter and a broadband connection, I’d quit my job and head over there to drink myself silly while basking in the sunshine, surrounded by soft sands and gentle waves care for the islands. But alas! I’m one of the millions who read such forwarded e-mails, daydream about it for a bit then snap back to reality without having done so much as flick my hair to try to get the job.

Besides, no bikini in the world would flatter my… uh, figure ;)

But a lot of people did apply. Jackie Miao from Sabah made a video, submitted it and voila! out of the 34,000+ applicants, she was the SOLE MALAYSIAN who was shortlisted to be in the Top 50! This alone is more inspirational than the longest poh piah or kuih kapit.

At the moment, Jackie’s position on the Wild Card Leaderboard is #26. What’s that? Let me explain…

  • Tourism Queensland will shortlist another 10 candidates out of the 50
  • An #11 will also be chosen, based on the number of votes received via their website
  • All 11 chosen applicants will travel to the island for an interview, at which point the ball is in their court

A couple of people e-mailed me asking if I could publicise this on my blog. Sure thing; I mean, I hardly think I’d make a dent to the number of votes, but sure I’d love to spread the word. Besides, though I don’t personally know Jackie, I kind of want to see the headlines in the papers as per my blog post title.

Here’s how you can help out a fellow Malaysian:

  • Go to
  • Enter your e-mail address to vote for Jackie
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your Inbox. Click on the confirmation link to make your vote count
  • Go to the same URL after 24 hours to vote again ;)

The Wild Card voting ends on 24th March, 2009. That’s about 5 or 6 votes per person until then. Please help :) You can also keep up with Jackie’s progress at her blog here.

Good luck Jackie!

my usb hub is cooler than yours

Suanie's USB hub

Coca steamboat meal

Update on 20th April 2012: This restaurant is no longer in business.

Sometime back, I ran a blog contest where the winners would receive COCA steamboat set vouchers. Andrea from COCA extended an invitation to me to dine at COCA, so I took my sister and Ryan to dinner.

Coca steamboat meal
What we ate

It was quite a spread for 2 and a half people ( :P ), and a bit more for my eldest sister when she joined us later.

Coca Restaurant - prawn and stuffed squid
I liked the stuffed squid

This was also where Ryan was having a whale of a time — being carried by the head waiter to look at the aquariums, eating a whole scoop of ice-cream by himself, playing with kids from another table…

Coca Restaurant - Ryan with ice cream

More photos at my Flickr set here.

dragon-i media appreciation lunch @ sunway pyramid

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch In early February I was invited to lunch at Dragon-i @ Sunway Pyramid, thanks to Sidny and Kong. There were a couple of familiar faces, and I sat myself next to Jason Mumbles (who incidentally *just* blogged about the event here). The set-up was quite nice; too bad I didn’t snap photos of it because I was… uh, shy. Got people around mah.

There were the appetisers, soup, seafood, red meat… not unlike a Chinese wedding dinner. You can view the entire photo set at my Flickr, where I already added in the names and what-not. The only item I didn’t eat was the goose web, because I’m not a fan of feet of any kind. Not chicken, not goose, not pig and most certainly not yours.

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 03 Jason + goose web
Jason about to eat his goose web

Sunny brought Jackie some macarons and I got to try one. Very yummy! Though I’m not really a dessert person, I thought that it was very nice, with the right crumbly and sweet taste to end the rather heavy meal.

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 09 Sunny's macarons
Heart shape for Valentine’s Day

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 10 group photo
Our table’s group photo

As part of the decoration for the duck dishes, the chef carved a few figures out of assorted vegetables. Our table got the phoenix carved out of carrots which was quite a lovely piece of art. Another table got a Shou Xing (God of Longevity) which was also very nicely done, if not better. Unfortunately I could only get my grubby hands on the phoenix which the Dragon-i staff kindly packed in a nice bag for me. I just thought Ryan should see it :P

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 11 Ryan iwth carved phoenix
Well, Ryan saw it…

Thanks for having me folks :)

*Note: Flickr set with 17 photos here

the weirdest cleaning material i bought

While at Digital Mall yesterday, I chanced upon this little bottle that claims to be a ‘high-tech cleaning compound’. I had no idea what it was, but the instructions were simple enough — press the thing on whatever needs to be cleaned, lift it up and the dirt gets lifted up as well. I got one for RM28, went back to the office and immediately tried it out.

Cyber Clean material
Said bottle with gooey stuff inside

The ‘high-tech cleaning compound’ was actually something gooey and lumpy, like sticky rubber. It somewhat resembles a nude bra. I scooped the thing out and followed the instructions.

Cyber Clean - press on keyboard
Press press press

… and voila!

Cyber Clean - dirt retrieved
Dirt underneath my keyboard

I just find it very amusing, heh.