dragon-i media appreciation lunch @ sunway pyramid

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch In early February I was invited to lunch at Dragon-i @ Sunway Pyramid, thanks to Sidny and Kong. There were a couple of familiar faces, and I sat myself next to Jason Mumbles (who incidentally *just* blogged about the event here). The set-up was quite nice; too bad I didn’t snap photos of it because I was… uh, shy. Got people around mah.

There were the appetisers, soup, seafood, red meat… not unlike a Chinese wedding dinner. You can view the entire photo set at my Flickr, where I already added in the names and what-not. The only item I didn’t eat was the goose web, because I’m not a fan of feet of any kind. Not chicken, not goose, not pig and most certainly not yours.

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 03 Jason + goose web
Jason about to eat his goose web

Sunny brought Jackie some macarons and I got to try one. Very yummy! Though I’m not really a dessert person, I thought that it was very nice, with the right crumbly and sweet taste to end the rather heavy meal.

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 09 Sunny's macarons
Heart shape for Valentine’s Day

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 10 group photo
Our table’s group photo

As part of the decoration for the duck dishes, the chef carved a few figures out of assorted vegetables. Our table got the phoenix carved out of carrots which was quite a lovely piece of art. Another table got a Shou Xing (God of Longevity) which was also very nicely done, if not better. Unfortunately I could only get my grubby hands on the phoenix which the Dragon-i staff kindly packed in a nice bag for me. I just thought Ryan should see it ๐Ÿ˜›

Dragon-i media appreciation lunch - 11 Ryan iwth carved phoenix
Well, Ryan saw it…

Thanks for having me folks ๐Ÿ™‚

*Note: Flickr set with 17 photos here



  1. duh the goose web da best…

    macaroon is like merengue is it

  2. WA SEH!!! MANYAK CHUN LOR!!!! Sigh….. so sad i missed it

  3. Ryan doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about the phoenix… hahah.

  4. LT: then you can have it all. macaroon.. not really i don’t think ? a bit like chewy sweet with krim in it

    mike yip: hehahea did u oversleep again ๐Ÿ˜›

    eyeris: hahaha he liked it. i guess he didn’t know what to do with it. plus he a bit tulan after i asked him to pose so many times cos i was adjusting cam settings

  5. ooo goose web!!!! drool drool drool

  6. makaned and tar pao the phoenix some more.

  7. aiyoh my boss KY (hehehehehe), you did miss the goose web…..next time must ta pau for you, we all got so distracted with Suanie wanting to ta pau the phoenix. OoO lol!

  8. lol ryan’s got a “whatever” face on.

  9. Wah… Dragon-i – very mahal oooo!

    BTW – is that the Kong PR guy? He’s a nasty bugger! I once told him that Crocs sandals sucks, he in turn, told everyone in The Star including my bosses.. Bastid!


  10. Hi Samo, it’s OK to not like Crocs. Just mentioned it in a conversation with one person who happened to be your boss — don’t take it too personally (she thought it was funny). I still love you and your column, despite the name calling!

    Hope you enjoyed the lunch, Suanie!

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