how awesome is chek hup ipoh white coffee?!

Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee - creamy One of my favourite restaurants serve the most awesome white coffee I’ve ever had. Chances are, nine out of ten times I’d order their white coffee whenever I eat at the establishment. The reason why the restaurant will remain nameless here is because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Who knows, just in case lah.

One day I was tarpau-ing food from said restaurant, and I ordered a white coffee to go. I noticed that the girl working there took out a small packet, which I assumed was the instant powder for my white coffee. The boss of the restaurant was not there, so I nonchalantly asked the girl if I could see the packet. She hesitated for a while, then smiled and showed it to me. I quickly memorised the brand of the white coffee, and when I got back to my car, entered the information into my phone.

Sounds sneaky, right? Again like I said, who knows. You don’t want to be messing with anyone’s business.

Sometimes when you want something real bad, offering incense to the devil’s spawn would not give you even half a dime. Not to say that I did that, being a semi-Pastafarian and all. But I did make it a point to browse the coffee/tea section intently whenever I go grocery shopping, which is not often at all. As fate and luck would have it, none of the hypermarts I frequent carry the brand. Not Tesco in Mutiara Damansara, not Carrefour in Midvalley and Tropicana Mall, not Giant in Kelana Jaya. Ridiculous or not?!

One day I was at 1Utama when my sister called to ask me to buy something at Cold Storage. Off I went, and naturally I sauntered over to the coffee/tea section. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw…

Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… CHEK HUP IPOH WHITE COFFEE!

Fuwah… really, you would not believe how happy I was. I took the last two big packets (RM 13.xx), paid for them and went home. When my mother was here, I made a cuppa for her. She liked it a lot, and took one of my two big packets back home to Batu Pahat. Actually, my entire family now likes it — sisters, brother-in-laws, aunties, uncles…

For my mom’s birthday last month, I bought more Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee. Ripped them open, took out the individually-packed coffee and arranged them nicely in a box. Loaded the box with some other stuff, sealed and wrapped it, then gave it to my mom as a birthday present.

Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee in a box
Caffeine for mom

She laughed when she saw the content, then told me that it’s being sold in BP Mall in Batu Pahat for RM 11.xx. When we were at Cameron Highlands over the weekend, I saw it being sold at a small supermarket in Brinchang. So I bought one and some of us had it the next morning. I think they liked it.

Just now when I was getting some office stationery, the white/brown packaging caught my eye. Even our regular stationery shop carries the brand! Only thing is that they are selling it for RM 15.xx. Sien.

Suanie loves Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee

It’s creamy, it’s aromatic, it just tastes awesome! I love my Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee!! I just need to know where I can get it in PJ for Rm 11.xx …



  1. yeah suanie, it is nice. but it could be better if stronger. remember i need to have 3/4 pack for a tea cup.

  2. Yah I like it too, will give you one of the packets of my current favourite brand too. See what you think, it’s not so creamy but the coffee taste is sharper.

  3. I’m back!
    yeah, that’s really good!
    First time that I tried that,
    I don’t remember what just happened!

  4. The price of Rm11.xx is quite reasonable. The package looks familiar, maybe I should try one too.

  5. horng: who knows your constitution stronger πŸ˜›

    ST: oO best!

    marine: eh? it’s available in your country?

    hyperX: Rm 11.xx in Batu Pahat and Cameron Highlands. RM 13.xx in Cold Storage at 1U

  6. Yehh it was very naisss, i need moreee!

  7. it’s yummy! I like because very creamy! YEAY!

  8. they also have 2in1, then u add ur own sugar.

  9. actually this brand has about 3 types in the market, the one with yellow packaging call the KING of white coffee, is actually better ..

  10. ky: buy!

    fa: but honestly take too much at one go also jelak

    LT: hehe why add own sugar! it’s not that sweet mah

    lisalicious: ooo i bought the yellow one before! you are right .. it is slightly better. but the white packaging is good enough (cos sometimes cannot find the yellow packaging one hehe)

  11. OMG! You have like HEAPS of coffee. Can i haz some? πŸ™

  12. Gosh I gotta buy it!

  13. Tinkerbell!!! you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!!!

    My mom’s favourite is Homefarm Coffee Mix, comes in this grey-metallic packaging, distributed by Fantes Marketing. I buy it at this grocery shop near Atria, same row as the Damansara Jaya Public Bank. Maybe you might find your coffee there too, at a good price? Not sure about your taste preference but sometime you might try mine, and I might try yours..

  14. HB: you have to ask my mom. That stash in the photos above is hers

    eiling: heh no promises that you’ll like it k, seeing that you are from ipoh and have probably tried more white coffee than me

    suertes: oO got to try that one

  15. Have you tried the Kemamang coffee?
    If you get to Kota Baru, look for Kopi Deka. I think you can have a cup at White House.
    Next time you are brwosing in supermarkets, please let me know if you come across condensed milk which I think has been replaced by yucky creamer. My coffee is best drunk with condensed milk.

  16. dunno really how to appreciate or enjoy coffee to the max but… oldtown one is good for me d.. LOL =D hahaha

  17. boo_licious says:

    Yup, Chek Hup is the preferred brand esp for Penangites. Will check with my friend where she gets her supplies from in the Klang Valley, as she is crazy abt this.

  18. melvin,foong says:

    Aiyor .. Giant in USJ 1 got la .. I get my supplies from there. Try the mint version or the caramel version, that taste good as well!

  19. did i tell u about the catpoo coffee we had in bali? RM10 for one tiny cup

  20. wow. do u need a damn whole box of it? for 2 years?

  21. rats. now i feel like scouring the supermarkets in seremban to see if they have it here for rm11.xx

  22. I’m sure all you coffee drinkers know this……but just in case.
    Never fill up the water in your mug to the brim (well not ACTUALY to the brim, but you know what i mean….) If its a regular size mug, fill up 3/4 , if its a larger mug, then even less. If its a normal coffee cup, yes, fill it up! This way your coffee tastes stronger, richer, creamier, sweeter, oomphier, etc.

  23. the next time u come sg … buy me some. kthxbai :p

  24. hey hey… I read this post of urs at the RIGHT time because I’ve been switching coffee brand all this while but couldn’t find one tat satisfies me. I went to Sunway Pyramid Jusco … and guess what? I found chek hup coffee there! drinking the first glass now.. nice! n what’s more…. it costs rm11.99!! so maybe u can get them here if u’re nearby. hehe… thanks for the recommendation really! thanks!

  25. I’ve found Chek Hup White Coffee at Econsaves at Tmn Connaught, Cheras. Just bought a packet & guess what??? It’s only at 10.89!!

  26. OH I LOVE THIS TOOO!!!!!!! the yellow packing is same as this black one.


    it was not in Tesco Curve, BUT I SAW IT THERE last sunday, which was 3 days ago !!! ONLY RM9.90/pack!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  27. Pokku: I’ll definitely keep that in mind when i travel to the east coast! i’ll keep a look out for the milk — these days all my drinks are 3 in 1

    andrew: hehehe i didn’t manage to quite get old town

    boo_licious: thanks! I think tesco’s stocked up on them now!

    melvin: huh i’ve never seen the mint/ caramel version before. actually am not sure if i’d like that in my coffee, heh

    LT: thanks for the coffee! πŸ˜€

    aeroplane: hahaha you’d be surprised how fast they go

    lishun: good luck πŸ˜€

    in: i do that also πŸ˜€ but not all the time, cos my 3 in 1 will be too sweet

    pinky: sure!

    ychu: haha glad i could help in some way πŸ˜€

    Irene: wah lau, dirt cheap

    xin: even cheaper!

  28. all this talk about chek hup is making me crazy. i must have it tonight !

  29. excuse me, so now is it easy to get it?
    where can i find it?
    thanx for the help..

  30. Only RM9 earlier per 15 sachets, now they up to RM10 already. Ipoh white coffee, king coffee, teh tarik (also tea), all they use cane sugar(sugarcane tree). You all know or not Gula Prai. The boss is very terrible, never respect to their employee. Also got one pregnant woman died while stirring the boiling sugar cane drum, the boss didn’t feel sad and no compassion. They have 3 companies, the another one is new innovate coffee. You all don’t know where to get….go to their website,,,,, the plastic material also done by them, if you work there, u will feel vomit to take chek hup coffee…their factory is terrible, really hot and not caring of workers. The boss is always talk big..
    Better you all go back to NESCAFE coffee because of its’ cleaniness. You may e-mail me

  31. This is one of the nicest 2 in 1 coffees I have tried so far. I prefer to drink it without the brown sugar it came with. It’s thick enough for me – I normally put in one packet of coffee mixture with about 200ml of water.

  32. try their King coffee which is the stronger version of their regular White Coffee, its even better!

  33. haha just like my case. i was always ordered white coffee at this restaurant because the taste is really good. the price is rm4/cup. one day, when the staff send me the coffee, i ask himself what brand you use for this white coffee. then, he bring the packet to me and showed me the brand. i straight go to the supermarket and found this coffee πŸ™‚

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