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eyeris is so great

Eyeris is so great, his world is a flood and he slowly becomes one with the mud.

Eyeris is so great, he lost his religion while in the corner and in the spotlight.

Eyeris is so great, he’s been drinking wine in Hotel California since 1969.

Eyeris is so great, he will try to fix you.

Eyeris is so great, his friends are so depressed and he feels the question of their loneliness.

Eyeris is so great, he started a revolution from his bed.

Eyeris is so great, he’s got a black magic woman.

Eyeris is so great, he burns down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane.

Eyeris is so great, he’s got on hand in his pocket and the other giving a peace sign.

Eyeris is so great, he has no time to say goodbye.

Eyeris is so great, he’s halfway there and living on a prayer.

Eyeris is so great, he killed the radio star.

Eyeris is so great, he moved the refrigerators and colour TVs.

Eyeris is so great, he woke up before September ended.

Eyeris is so great, he shook his meat to the beat.

Eyeris is so great, he knows why Samson loved Delilah.

Eyeris is so great, he’s signed sealed delivered and yours.

Eyeris is so great, he sleeps with common people.

Eyeris is so great, he stopped a baby’s breath and a shoe full of rice.

Eyeris is so great, he found what he was looking for.

Eyeris is so great. I like Eyeris because he is so great.

suanie has a new croslite aoi bag from crocs!

One fine day KY asked me for my office address. I gave it to him… then thought about it and asked him why. He said that someone wanted to send me something. Not being able to handle surprises well, I bugged KY incessantly to tell me who it was. Finally he told me to stfu and wait for it (or something to that effect). Okay lor.

Then on Monday afternoon, someone appeared at my office bearing a large box.

Suanie's surprise gift
Said large box

The ‘delivery boy’ was actually Kong, co-owner of PRkraft. He’d wanted to send it over by courier, but apparently the only working counter had a long ass line. So he decided to self-deliver instead. So nice, heh.

Crocs Croslite Aoi bag in Lime
It’s a Crocs bag!

My belated birthday present from Kong (and Crocs ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) turned out to be a a Crocs Croslite bag! It’s a new line of bags made using Croslite, the same material used to make their footwear.

I googled a bit and found that there are 3 Japanese-inspired styles — the Ayame, Iroha and Aoi (which I received). Ayame and Aoi have 10 colours to choose from, and Iroha has 11. Each bag retails for RM 129.

Suanie with a Crocs Crosslite Aoi bag
Me with my Crocs Croslite – Aoi bag

Well, thank you very much for the present ๐Ÿ˜€

morib beach photos

As mentioned earlier, we went on a road trip to Morib beach.

Pantai Morib Oct 4th - 18 Setting sun hidden by clouds
nmch, the sunset was hidden by clouds

20 photos from the trip at my Flickr set here.

updates (mostly for my mom’s benefit)

… actually, not that she really cares because Ryan’s with her in Batu Pahat. He has not been enthusiastic to speak on the phone with me – which is a great thing because it sorts of shows that he’s having a great time; which is a lousy thing because he should be missing me like mad!!! Or at least suck up to me a bit because:

1) He will come back from Batu Pahat
2) I frequently babysit him
3) There are certain advantages to sucking up to me, because he being a 3-year old cannot afford certain things such as a RM 2.50 el cheapo badminton racquet.


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I had a wonderful birthday week, thanks to the wonderful people in my life. The lots and lots of birthday wishes on Facebook, MSN, via SMS etc. My eldest sister gave me a Nike Up Or Down EDT and a Nike deodorant, my second sister gave me a bottle of DNKY’s Delicious (Red) and cooked an awesome birthday dinner. Erna belanja-ed me lunch at Kiku Zakura where we over-ordered and overate. Spongefox belanja-ed dinner at William’s. David Lian belanja-ed lunch at Kanna @ Sek. 17. Your votes for my entry; I lost but thanks for helping ๐Ÿ˜‰

Suanie's birthday lunch at Kanna
Spot David Lian!

Thank you all ๐Ÿ™‚

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Last Saturday after dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law’s grandfather’s birthday (he turned 98!!), I hopped over to ORANGE for the Hennessy Artistry party. Didn’t stay long for various reasons, but did some camwhoring with the usual suspects.

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange 01
Taken with a Polaroid camera, I scanned it when I got home

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange 02
With Elaine and FA

I made my exit as The Dey performed their first song. So I still have no idea who Shayne Ward is, and I absolutely do not give a…

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

Speaking of Shayne Ward, someone asked me if I would be interested in interviewing him for a magazine. So I checked out his entry on Wikipedia, read it through and presented my sample questions. That someone shuddered and would probably never ask me to interview anyone ever again ๐Ÿ˜€

Look, the kid may be the greatest singer since Freddie Mercury, the greatest songwriter since Bob Dylan, the Adonis of this generation, whatever. So he attempted to jump-start his pop star career in 2002, right? So he won the X-Factor in 2005, right? Then in 2006 he wrote and published his autobiography?!? What the…

Why does that tick me off? The same reason why I’m pissed about singers and bands releasing their ‘Greatest Hits’ padahal they only had about 2 or 3 albums before that. The nerve, the gall, the arrogance… How do you say ‘seriously, who the fuck do you think you are?’ in 10 languages?

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

I didn’t have to work on Tuesday, so I could go pick up KY from his office for dinner that evening. The roads to and in KL were a dream! Never felt so happy driving around KL before. We had dinner at Wan Hou Steamboat Restaurant; ze pork balls were simply too awesome for words! You must try it if you are in the area.

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Jaime and Janice’s brother, Gerard (aka Calvin) got married on the first day of Hari Raya. I was supposed to go over in the morning but I overslept by an hour, and decided it would be rude to just crash. He had his wedding dinner at Rick’s Cafe Casablanca that evening.

Janice and Suanie at Gerard's wedding
Janice and I

Didn’t stay long because the pins holding my hair together were cutting off blood supply to my head. Two Panadol Actifast and 80 mins of sleep at KY’s transformed my face from the grumpiest piece of shit you’d ever encountered back to my usual awesome self.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

FA‘s friend from Colombia, Juan was in town and she invited me to their outings. So we had Paulaner @ Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve on Thursday evening, and Kilkenny at Champs @ Centrepoint, Bandar Utama on Friday evening.

Juan, Victor and FA at Champs, Bandar Utama
FA with her uni mates, Juan and Vincent

Hah! The first Colombian I’ve met and talked to! Heh, it was lovely meeting you ๐Ÿ™‚

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What I watched on the idiot box:

The Tattooist: I didn’t realise that the main actor was the same main dude in Roswell, the TV series from years ago! Wahey! Actually the movie was a bit stupid. Some dude with a past unintentionally unleashed an evil spirit determined to go on a murder rampage. Then there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense. For example, more than one person in a row go to the tattoo parlour not knowing what they want, allowing the tattooist a free hand in the designs. Then the tattooist really does it free hand, no need to sketch beforehand on a tracing paper and transfer it one! Wtf? I watched Miami Ink you know!! Well, 60% stupid lah. I liked the part where they showed Jason Behr’s naked butt ๐Ÿ˜›

Wall Street: Charlie Sheen was so young o_0! Daryl Hannah was blah. Someone should remake this movie. In today’s world, it would be faster, more complicated, more ruthless, more everything! Like, Jason Bourne meets Wall Street. That would be fun.

Black Sheep: Hahaha, this was a bit stupid but damn funny and enjoyable! Forget the lousy rating over at IMDB — you should watch it, if only to see the special effects by Weta Workshops.

True Blood: Never liked Anna Paquin, still don’t really fancy her. But I find this new series interesting, especially with the cello sounds whenever something creepy is about to happen. In fact, I’ve dumped ‘Ugly Betty’ for ‘True Blood’, and I really loved ‘Ugly Betty’. Unfortunately its first episode of the new season seems well and truly lame, and that’s not a good indication for the rest of the reason. Not worth my time and effort.

Anyone has The Sopranos Season 6 and is willing to lend it to me? ๐Ÿ˜€

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KY had to go to Computer War for something. While waiting for his something, he spotted this truly awesome copywriting work at the back of a device:

Awesome copywriting
A for amazing!

Just had to share, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

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Yesterday Rachel, KY, LucyLiu and I went on a mini road trip to Morib. The last time I was there was in April, so I had quite a time trying to remember the correct turnings and what-not. Got owned by a young Indian chap at a shop, when one of this two directions took us to a road that seemed to lead to a plantation.

Suanie at Pantai Morib
Suanie at Pantai Morib… again

Took a few nice photos. Will upload them on Flickr and create a set for it when I can be arsed.

We had dinner at Restaurant Kang Guan at the bridge entering Pulau Carey.

Seafood dinner at Kang Guan, Pulau Carey

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K, dowan to blog already. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL last night is calling me ๐Ÿ˜€