i thought rainy season means lots of rain?!

Why the hell has it been too damn hot and humid for the past week??

It’s okay lah. I know the answer. Sort of, anyway. Flashes of high school geography lessons come and go. But still damn tulanfying. I’ve been telling Ryan, “It’s so hot, ah yi is going to explode!” Heh, I wonder what he’ll make of that.

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Me, Paul, Bob and FA bought tickets to watch Avenue Q in Singapore next weekend. It was a bit of a bitch to locate accommodation in Singapore to fit into our budget and needs. Finally we I decided on The InnCrowd in Little India. I love the site’s write-up; smart, funny and friendly. It made a great first impression and fueled my desire to stay there… until I called them up to ask a couple of things.

I still want to stay there lah, and hopefully we can get a room. I just wished the person who answered the phone wasn’t so snobbish and didn’t fuck up my impression of the place. Pinky mused that maybe they were so jaded after doing this for so long. Still… a bit sien now.

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Tadpoles in a drain at KY‘s!

Tadpoles in longkang
My zoom is better than your zoom

I love tadpoles! I just don’t like what they grow up to become.

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DELL launch thingy tonight, SCREAM Halloween party tomorrow night, a wedding on Saturday morning, Nuffnang’s Nokia Halloween party on Saturday evening. Feels like I am so happening kan? Ah well, I know better.

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This is Ryan in his new pj’s, sitting in my dad’s ultra-comfortable chair.

Ryan in Grandpa's chair
Ryan says hi

I’m taking him to minishorts‘ church wedding on Saturday. He’s kind of greatly sucking up to me now.



  1. ‘I love tadpoles! I just don’t like what they grow up to become. ‘

    Children once they hit an egg!

    ‘He’s kind of greatly sucking up to me now.’

    Just remember, he used to be a tadpole at one stage. 🙂

  2. Haha, when I was younger, I had a thing for tadpoles. Bro and I would go searching for tadpoles in the longkangs (which were damn clean back then).

    Dad also used to bring us to this river/stream in Sri Gading that was SO clean you could see the light brown sand at the bottom. I used to lovvvve using the “pongkes” (hah, see you still know that word anot :P) and shoving it under the bushes in the water, where the little prawns would hide. Man I enjoyed those days.

    Now that Ryan’s “kinda sucking up to you”, you should make him sing/do funny stuff and make video clips out of it. And of course, post it here. 😀 So bad eh. lol. But its what IIIII would do if I had a nephew who’s trying to get into my good books 😉

  3. I called the Inn Crowd a couple of times last year to get accommodation for my cuz from taiwan. They seemed pretty alright over the phone then, weren’t snotty or anything. But in the end I decided on Hangout@Mt Emily for the chic factor. Neglected the teeny tiny room factor and the inaccessibility factor. 🙁

    Inn Crowd does have a great chatty tone on their website, hopefully it works out great. Let me know how it goes! 🙂 And enjoy Avenue Q!

  4. I just stayed there yesterday, in the dormitory. It’s not bad (though I was too stoned to do anything but stagger in and pass out on the bed at night, so I can’t tell you how it actually was). And the staff is friendly too.

  5. dabs: only half of him, doesn’t count

    whimsical jottings: hehahea i didn’t do that in sri gading. i did that in sri medan though 😛 i should take a video of ryan narrating star wars… hmmm

    wan2: oO i just booked Prince of Wales backpackers’. It’s near where we drank the last time we drank 😛 come join / find/ hang out if you free!

    eyeris: unfortunately the room i wanted was full. cannot sleep in dorm for.. uh certain reason 😛 bwahahhahaha

  6. The heatwave is killing me too…

    Hey, Suanie, I’ll be in KL starting tomorrow. Haven’t seen you in ages, come we meet for dinner.

  7. Suanie babe, here so cold… me gonna shrink to size 1. 😀 (if only that’s true).

  8. agree. the weather is bad at night. TNB bill is gonna be a damn big bomb

  9. Ryan: Ohai!

    my friend watched it over the weekend and told me it was AWESOME


  11. HB: oOoo i’ll get your number from mutual friends.. or you can get mine from them also hah

    faiez: don’ttt likeeeee youuuuuuuuu 😛

    aeroplane: heahehae just stay in the office la

    ky: 😀

    fa: derek blogged about it, said it was great! link on my sidebar

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