10 short friday notes

1. It’s FA‘s birthday tomorrow! It’s Ryan’s birthday on Sunday! One is a never-ending ranting (though recovering alkie) beeyatch, and the other is learning to wield a plastic sword.

Ryan handling a plastic sword

2. Check out this article on Life at Cuil. Do you think all the pampering will be worth it?

3. My eldest sis and I are getting Ryan a cake from Mama Min. Can’t wait to collect the cake!! Will reveal which design I ordered next week :D

4. If you refer to something as a ‘black hole’, are you being racist? Goodbye common sense, hello absurdity.

5. (Sort of) celebrated Kim‘s birthday last week by stuffing our faces with bbq-ed crabs at Klang. I like the photo below:

Crabs galore! Suanie, KY, Kimberlycun, Ringo
Me, KY, Kim and Ringo. Click on the photo above for a larger version

6. Have so many blog posts to write but got lazy. Which reminds me, I’ve yet to complete my Hong Kong trip journal thingy. But lazy. But.. must.. chronicle… (still lazy). Also, my memory seems to be deteriorating. Age thing?

7. Hey it’s the beginning of the Hungry Ghost Festival! I hate this month, because I’d start seeing things that I made up in my head. Blah.

8. Maxis charged me RM1.40 for a 6m44s call to the Streamyx hotline. Internet at home is still rather fucked. I don’t care, I think it’s only right that TM gives me back my RM1.40.

9. Someone posted this on the Nick DiPaolo forum with the subject, “Why I am never going to prison”…

10. A couple more hours till the end of the world. Doomsday, Last Day, Armageddon, whatever. But there is hope! A spaceship awaits to take passengers to another planet where life is going to be pretty much awesome. However in order to secure a seat, you will need to have hardcore sex with Verne Troyer. Would you shag him or would you rather die?