bits and friday pieces

Well, I confiscated the sword after Ryan hit me with it. Then he intentionally toppled his dinner over, and I made him stand at the corner. Of course he cried.

Here are photos that I meant to post and blog about, but I think it’s too late and I got too lazy. So, randomness ensues…

Us at the Tiesto party @ Port Dickson. We decided to take the old road (to eliminate possibility of traffic jam along the highway) and ended up in the middle of nowhere. Hilarity ensued.

Tiesto at Port Dickson
With FA, Sam, ST and Janice

With Heather at the HAPPY prize giving event where we watched some really ingenious videos. Heather’s now living it up in Shanghai, in a position that would kill most of you with envy.

HAPPY event - Suanie with Heather

Me with Wenqi and Mike Yip at the Malaysian Dream Girls finals. Photo stolen from Mike, obviously.

MDG Final - WenQi, Suanie, Mike Yip

Me with Sheryl at the MDG Final. She’s my junior in high school and we went for Young Buddhist Fellowship activities together. She’s now living it up in Singapore.

MDG Final - Suanie and Sheryl

The last photo I had of Faez before she moved to Amsterdam for work. Jealous, envy, jealous, envy, hate hate hate!!!


Me with Val when she was back for the holidays. Now back in Perth where I hope she’s having the time of her life.

Val and Suanie

Adrian the Pinoy snorting salt.


Actually I just wanted to update to play around with Woopra, heh.

bits and thursday pieces

I bought cheese. As I was paying for it at the counter, I spotted a cheap ass toy which I thought would be nice for Ryan. It was a plastic sword, one of those real flimsy, made in China type. Keywords: cheap, toy.

He loved it.

This morning on GTalk:

Ryan’s mom: The sword is a BAD idea
Me: What happened?
Ryan’s mom: Hit my face with the sharp end. He’s now nursing 3 welts on his arm and leg. That’s not for poking me. That’s for hitting the maid 3 times so I hit him 3 times.

Whoops. Sorry.

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I (finally) found out why the difference between the album version of “I’m Yours” and the one I’ve had for so long. I like the latter more; clean, simple and unpretentious as it is, no need for complications as the lyrics and tune more than bring the poetry to life.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

A couple of photos I took when I was back in Sri Gading, BP a couple weeks ago. They don’t mean anything, I guess; you’ll have to be there to appreciate the whole picture.

Broken bridge in Sri Gading
Broken. Click on the photo above for a larger version

My uncle’s kedai runcit is at the far end.

Shops and houses along a drain in Sri Gading
What tales they could tell. Click on the photo above for a larger version

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My Woopra account has been approved. Yay! Then as I tried to log on to the desktop software, it says that servers are down for maintenance. Figures.

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I am not going to say who, I am not going to say what. But I was at a couple of places not too long ago, and for various reasons mostly to do with personnel, they didn’t leave me wanting more. Great shame because they had so much potential. Can’t say that it’s a total waste of my time though, as I went home equipped with new knowledge (on how not to … ).

Potong stim, I know.

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Watched Hancock courtesy of Nuffnang on Monday night. Terima kasih sekian banyak.

I think there’s no more stones unturned when it comes to Will Smith’s acting. Same can be said for Tom Cruise. Once you’ve watched enough movies starring the two of them, you know what each facial expression means, and you can even predict how they would react for this or that situation. For example, when Will Smith’s character was at a sharing session, his lips pouted defiantly when it came to his turn. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IN SIMILAR SITUATIONS I TELL YOU! No mystery left lah.

Admittedly Hancock is not The English Patient. Hmm.. okay, bad example. Well, insert title of a movie that has more hidden meanings than you’d care for here. It was meant to be an entertaining summer flick, and for that it did the job well.

I want to watch Hellboy2! And Sepi! And The Mummy 3!

the dark knight. exclusive premiere tix by nokia. win it!

If the title sounds similar to that of FA’s, it’s because I can’t think properly and it’s only Monday. So don’t care lah, she didn’t copyright it also :D



I am going to the premiere screening of The Dark Knight on the 15th July, thanks to Nokia (M) who likes me enough to include me in their event. Rather excited because I think this one will be badass!

Very happily, Nokia (M) likes me even more to give me TWO/ DUA/ LIANG GE movie tickets for my blog readers. So either one or two of you (depends if I’m giving out the tickets per pair or not) will get the good fortune to hang out with myself, KY, Fireangel, Ringo, ShaolinTiger, eyeris, David Lian and Kimberlycun at the premiere screening of The Dark Knight on the 15 July 2008 (Tuesday, 8.45 p.m.) at the GSC Signature cinema, The Gardens, Midvalley. We probably won’t talk to you much because the invite(s) include dinner at Paradiso, The Gardens, Midvalley at 7.30 p.m. as well as a chance to win a brand new Nokia N95 8GB for those who come dressed as any characters in Batman.

And now, for ze contest…

Truth to be told, I am rather sick of the ‘why and how Suanie rocks’ contests. I *know* I am awesome; I just don’t need any more validation of my awesomeness (until further notice).

So for a chance for you to win either ONE or TWO tickets (depends on how much I like you; it’s my contest after all) to the dinner + premiere + possible Nokia N95 8GB, here’s what you have to do:

Write a haiku on Batman/ The Joker/ the Batman series/ whatever related to Batman. FYI a haiku comprises of 3 lines; 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Jangan salah tafsir…

If your haiku is too awesome for words, you get the ticket(s). Contest deadline is 13 July 2008 (Sunday, 11.59 p.m.). E-mail me your entries, and please include your contact number. My decision is final, so please do not stop talking to me if you do not win.

dr vagus & kristin’s wedding / wi-fi detector t-shirt

Last Saturday saw me and FA in Seremban to attend Dr Vagus and Kristin’s wedding dinner. It was my first time meeting them. I was supposed to meet up with DRV when he was back in Malaysia a couple years ago, but that one tak jadi because iShy (‘cos he was with a lot of friends). So this time meeting him was at his wedding dinner. Hehehe.

Well, it was lovely meeting you both :)

Suanie and Fireangel with Dr Vagus and Kristin
Me, Kristin, Dr Vagus, Fireangel

Okay if you’d read my previous post, you’d see that I wore the same baju to the last two wedding dinners I attended. I think I am just going to make this my official ‘wedding dinner’ baju as to eliminate the headache of what to wear, what goes with what, etc. Life’s hard enough as it is.

I’d also tumpang-ed Dr Vagus to get me the most awesome’s Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, something that I’ve wanted in forever but could not get because they do not deliver to Malaysia / Singapore.

Suanie's Wi-Fi Detector t-shirt from
The force is strong…

I think it’s DAMN cool :D Kegembiraan tak terhingga!!!!!

suanie’s statutory declaration

I had a most vivid dream early this morning. It involves me, Jason Mraz, a baby and blended avocados. Can’t really tell you the details because…

1) I guess it involves me being head over heels with Jason Mraz, and that itself is somewhat embarrassing
2) I really don’t want a baby of my own, unless it’s with Jason Mraz. Since that is not likely to happen this lifetime or the next, I don’t want my mom who reads my blog to go…
4) Too many of my high school friends are getting married and I made the mistake of telling her who’s who getting hitched and invited me to their wedding dinners.

Speaking of which, I attended my high school mate LL’s wedding dinner in BP last weekend.

Suanie with Li Lian at her wedding dinner
Me with the beautiful bride

It was lovely meeting up with my high school mates, some of them whom I met not long ago during our 10th year reunion in May, and some whom I have not seen since 1998. It didn’t make me feel like getting married.

Met a friend’s husband for the first time. Didn’t make me feel like getting married. Another friend told me that Irene, whose engagement dinner I attended two years ago might be holding her wedding banquet soon. Didn’t make me feel like getting married. A cousin revealed that her boyfriend proposed and showed me her engagement ring. Didn’t make me feel like getting married. Was chatting with minishorts on GTalk for a bit this morning and she talked about her upcoming wedding plans. Didn’t make me feel like getting married. Am attending Dr Vagus‘ wedding dinner this weekend. I doubt that would make me feel like getting married.

Since statutory declarations are all the rage now, I think I’ll make one ala Gier.


I, Suanie of… do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:-

1. I am of non-debatable sound mind and relatively good health, and am prone to pre and post-menstrual syndrome as and when my ovaries decide to release an egg which will pass through my fallopian tubes to my uterus very much unfertilised.

2. Despite my constant war of words with Ryan and his constant abuse of my physical being, I love him very much.

3. Even though my tolerance of children has significantly increased since my sister gave birth to Ryan, I still do not enjoy being around random kids especially in shopping malls. I will never be a kindergarten teacher.

4. When the time comes for me to have my own baby, I’d be happily married to either Jason Mraz, John Mayer or a significantly loaded guy who is not too shabby-looking and in possession of an intelligent and imaginative mind as well as a poetic soul. My Jason Mraz, John Mayer or a significantly loaded guy who is not too shabby-looking and in possession of an intelligent and imaginative mind as well as a poetic soul will be able to tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

5. He will also have a yacht.

6. When my friends get married or have plans to get married, I feel happy for them. That happiness for other people’s happiness does not translate to nor is equal to me wanting to get married myself.

7. All of the above was not written in a defensive mode, and is not a sly reverse psychology gesture in light of my current status as a single female.

8. Item no. 7 was not written in a defensive mode in anticipation of possible allegations of me writing everything above in a defensive mode, and was not a sly reverse psychology gesture from me to counter possible allegations of me employing a sly reverse psychology gesture upon myself and those around me.

9. Ditto.

10. The purpose of this statutory declaration is to:

10.1 State my firm and unwavering opinion that some 27-years old single females such as myself are not in a rush to tie the knot.

10.2 Express my concern that my mother’s mind is fettered with ideas that I am secretly wanting to get married because I happened to mention to her and my siblings that some of my friends are to be wed in the near future.

10.3 Emphasize the fact that I have no such existing ideas and notions in my head, unless she is willing to sponsor me a ticket to the Singapore Festival in August where Jason Mraz will be playing and will spot me among thousands of people in the crowd and fall in love with me instantly and bring me to the States with him and marry me at a simple ceremony where “I’m Yours” is on repeat in the background.

11. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

SUBSCRIBED and SOLEMNLY DECLARED by the abovenamed SUANIE at HER DESK in the State of Selangor this day of 04 JULY 2008 before THE HUNDREDS OF READERS ON HER BLOG.