the glenmorangie experience @ westin kl

A couple of weeks ago, Joyce was down with something. Like I told her on Saturday, I felt bad that she was sick, but I was happy that she passed me her invite to the Glenmorangie dinner at Westin KL. I had a most enjoyable time — brought Lainie with me, met familiar faces at the dinner, had some nice whisky, a nice dinner and great conversation as well as random motivation to be a millionaire so I could afford to stay at the Westin KL Chairman’s Suite.

The Glenmorangie experience - whisky range
The Glenmorangie whsky range. Click on the photo above for a larger version

Actually it was an event that made me think, still. If I am not mistaken, they rented the suite for two nights. No doubt it was used for assorted sessions, but the fact that they allocated one dinner (that’s one evening/ night already) for 4 bloggers (that’s 8 people including an invite for their partners. So I guess that made Lainie my partner for that night :D ) was… generous? No matter who the invitees, I’m (always) slightly astonished that companies are willing to… I guess the word is converse, with those with blogs. Because honestly if it were up to me, I’d be smooching with noted pub and club owners ;)

Guess I should shut up now before I shoot myself in the foot.

Upon reaching the venue, we spotted Kim Ong with her dad. I was surprised to learn that the Elaine who did the inviting was *the* Elaine I met 2 years ago at a bloggers’ meet. Now she’s all grown up and working already, heh. There were also Fireangel, Bob, Patrick and Min. Our host for the night (other than Jeff and Elaine) was Annabel Meikle, a lovely lady who is Glenmorangie’s whisky creator and sensory expert.

The Glenmorangie experience - dinner people
Food and alcohol for all, aye? Click on the photo above for a larger version

As Glenmorangie whisky’s distillation process is done by a staff of 16, they are known as ‘The Sixteen Men of Tain’. If you are a bit slow, no they are not the *same* 16 men through the years… Nick Lees from The Edmonton Journal thinks that it should now be ‘The Sixteen Men of Tain and A Woman’ to reflect Annabel Meikle’s contribution to the assorted whisky blend and taste as well as its branding.

Indeed Annabel was a most charming host — refined but not in the least uppity, classy but not snobbish, humourous and witty but not crude. You know, someone my mother had hoped that I’d be someday. Let’s get that disappointment out of the way, shall we?

The Glenmorangie experience - whisky
Glenmorangie whisky for me! The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Ruban, The Nectar D’Or. Click on the photo above for a larger version

Notice the different whisky colours in the photo above? Well Annabel can tell you what they are just by a sniff or two, as well as what type of casks they were matured in, what they are associated with and how they remind you of certain stuff such as chocolate, cinnamon, mint or apples. Let her sniff a while more and she might even tell how its age. Very powerful nose, that one. I was most impressed because the result of my sniffing the whisky was painful nostrils and near tears in my eyes. I probably should not have stuck my nose that close to the liquid.

On the way home:

Lainie: So could you smell and distinguish all those different tastes and what not?
Me: No, I had painful nostrils and near tears in my eyes.
Lainie: You probably should not have stuck your nose that close to the liquid.

The Glenmorangie experience - dinner
Dinner: Scallop & black cod, lemon & basil sorbet, balsamic glazed roast duck and hot toffee pudding with caramel raisin ice-cream and egg tarts. Click on the photo above for a larger version

Dinner was soon served, each course to be paired with the 4 different type of whisky in front of us. Like wine. The Original with 40% alcohol content (and matured in ex-Bourbon casks) was my favourite. If I could tell you how it felt going down my throat ala Annabel’s rich running commentary, I would; but I can’t so I won’t. The Lasanta with 46% alcohol content was matured in sherry casks was… spicy. The Quinta Ruban, matured in port casks was… even more spicy and my 2nd favourite. The Nectar D’Or, matured in Sauternes casks was the spiciest. I am rather useless at this, aren’t I? Good thing you can find out more about them at the Glenmorangie website.

Patrick brought up a few very good questions, such as how are they going to market the Glenmorangie whisky range in a country where most of us can’t properly pronounce ‘Carrefour’ (I made up the ‘Carrefour’ comparison but it was something like that) and whisky appreciation is defined by age and price. I think Patrick should go back to radio or something along the lines of ;)

The Glenmorangie experience - Suanie with people
Me with Elaine, Lainie, Kim, Min, Patrick and Annabel. Click on the photo above for a larger version

Well, it was very fun and enjoyable. Good whisky, good food, great dinner companions. Thanks for having us :)

11 songs that make me want to slit my wrist

Following BBC News Magazine’s article on songs allegedly used by American interrogators to mentally torture Iraqi POWs, I thought I’d come up with a similar list of my own. It isn’t that difficult; just a matter of unlocking some parts of my brain to remember certain songs that would make me reach for a carving knife and decorate myself ala The Joker. I exaggerate of course, but ever so slightly.

Before all that, insert necessary spiel on how: this is my blog + my list + mine mine mine + if you don’t like it + if you disagree + if you violently object to my selection = I really don’t give that much of a shit. Go make up your own suicide-inducing song list.

But if you agree with my list, then I probably like you. A lot.

Having said all that, you will notice that I skipped out on the Simple Plans, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montanas and Jessica Simpsons. The first two because I can’t stand ALL their songs anyway, the third because I am not a teenager, and the fourth because I respect good music.

::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

11. Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby Mcferrin

Unless you are Jason Mraz or Monty Python, whistling in any form pisses me off. It makes me want to shove my hand down your throat and seize your larynx because you are not using it as the great almighty intended for it to be used. If you whistle around me, I probably hate it and my skin would crawl up inside me. But I am too polite to tell it to your face.

10. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Hey hey, you you I don’t like your girlfriend
No way, no way I think you need a new one
Hey hey, you you I could be your girlfriend

Oh, you needed elaboration?

9. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas

I tried to give this song a second chance, seeing that I am generally okay with Black Eyed Peas’ tunes. Locked and loaded on my Winamp, hit ‘Play’, then shit happened. From a near distance, I heard mortar-fired shells as I dived into my bunker fearing for my will-be-useful-soon life. Over at Antarctica, thousands of Emperor penguins found strength in their wings and flew off in protest over unpaid royalty from La Marche de l’empereu. McDonalds serve zero calorie. Anwar was arrested. It will take untold catastrophes for people to realise that some things aren’t meant to be.

8. Stole – Kelly Rowland

Indeed, Greg and Mary could have been something greater if not for unexplained acts of violence that wrecked their futures. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. As Kelly Rowland tried to shake off Beyonce’s larger-than-life career, she brazenly sent a message to kids that they should stay in school and pay attention to their English lessons so they could prove her wrong when they grow up. Hopefully she did mean that, else it would be a fucking embarrassment to have the line “her life was stole” in pop existence. Go back to school, bitch.

7. Crank Dat – Soulja Boy

Does anyone dig’ what da fuq Soulja Boy wuz mouthing about? Does anyone dig’ da viral video movement dat exploded on MySpace an’ YouTube? Lemme know ‘n shit.

6. In The End – Linkin Park

Then, 2001. Now, 2008. Get over it, clubs.

5. Butterfly – Crazy Town

Refer to #6.

4. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry

How annoying is that song? Especially when the Malaysian censorship board cut out the ‘girl’ part? Who seriously cares? A lot of girls will be bi-curious at some point in their lives. Half of them will do nothing about it, and the other half will pursue it their own ways. While the statistics are my own, there are only 2 categories for girls who kiss other girls: a) girls who kiss girls because they are lesbians, bisexuals and/or bi-curious; and b) girls who kiss girls in front of men who think that girls who kiss girls are so hot z0mg let me fuck two lesbians now. Katy Perry strikes me as someone who belongs in Cat B and that pisses me to no end because I hate people who act out just to get someone else’s attention. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

3. We Built This City – Jefferson Starship

There was a time when I really loved this song and I had it on repeat at work, in my car and at home. That is why I deem myself most qualified to spread the word that this song will make you go crazy on infinity loop (hi Bob). Run for the hills, grab your women and children and save yourselves from the song most consistently voted as one of the worst in history. Be a survivor like me, say cheese!

2. Sara – Starship

I once knew a girl with the same name as the song title. She claimed this song to be her favourite because it reminded her of… her. Such audacity in self-worshiping cannot and will never escape my notice. Unfortunately it also reminded me of her ever since then and I can’t think of a worse way than being forced to do that for a long, long time.

1. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

The white bitch wins. I will tell you everything I know.

Honourable Mention:

Umbrella by Rihanna, Marie Digby, Manic Street Preachers and just about anyone lame enough to sing, remix, and/or perform this piece of highly annoying crap.

three friday mice

I’ve been watching ‘Journey To The West‘ with Ryan because; (a) I have the (legit) VCDs, and (b) each episode is different hence eliminating my boredom from having to watch the same thing on repeat.

Xi You Ji is one of my favourite series, apart from the Condor Heroes trilogy and Yong Zheng Wang Chao (even though I didn’t understand most of what they were saying and had to ask my mom to translate the proverbs and what-not). Now, I only watch the 1986 version because I think every adaptation after that is absolutely crap. Except for the Stephen Chow ones, but those are comical. My brother-in-law dislikes it though, as he thinks that it’s too draggy and the effects corny and crappy. I love everything about it. Something from my childhood :)

Journey To The West
Zhu Bajie and Sun Wukong

IMO, Liu Xiao Ling Tong IS the Monkey King. Dicky Cheung can go play with his Lego.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

I work with people in possession of very odd sense of humour.

Deep Throat wi-fi

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

After watching The Dark Knight on Tuesday, I finally decided to watch Batman Begins yesterday. Brilliant, just brilliant! Except for the Katie Holmes part, so I think despite Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance which I think was blah, the latter was definitely a better choice. Well, anyone but Katie Holmes and Katherine Heigl. Can’t stand both of them.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

Tomorrow is the Hennessy Artistry @ Bkt Kiara. The only famous peps I know who are going to be there are Flo-Rida and Nuffnang bloggers ;)

Regarding Flo-Rida… I didn’t know who this cat was until I heard him on the Howard Stern show. Shows you how in touch I am with popular culture. But because I heard him on the show, I know that he lost his virginity at 13, and recently had a tryst with 11 women in Hawaii. I also know that he brought $5k in singles and had Stern throw the money like rain during his performance. Very theatrical. If he does that tomorrow, I’m keeping the dollars.

There was also an stripper awesome at moving her butt-cheeks one at a time, but I doubt that will happen here.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you’d know that I’ve ditched Sitemeter in favour of Woopra. And the reason I know I have avid readers is because some of you come here a few times a day, possibly in hope of an update. And the reason I know who refreshes my blog like mad is because Woopra tracks live visitors and also tags them. This is more fun than Google Analytics any day.

It has been one week since I’ve installed Woopra, and here’s a screenshot:

Suanie's Woopra
Click on the photo above for a larger version

Only thing I can’t quite figure out is the timezone. I set it to +8, but I think it lags by a few hours. E.g. Visits after 12 midnight our time still count as hits for the previous day, until 4 – 6 a.m. (don’t know, didn’t check properly). Any one encounters the same shit? Help please? It’s not *very* important, I suppose… as opposed to finding a cure for cancer. But it still bothers me.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

I hate the Twitter whale.

the dark knight premiere

Well, my Batman haiku contest was a smash hit; at least I think so anyway.

Thanks to Nokia (M) (and Text100 (M) of course ;) Libby I love you), I had a ticket for myself and 6 very beautiful and lucky readers to watch The Dark Knight yesterday evening at the GSC Signature cinema.

6?! WTF? Heh, well, initially I had two. Then I received another 2. Then at the very last minute I received another 2. If you didn’t win, well there were a LOT of good entries :) I think the best one was submitted by Sashi:

Fog covers the night
As she tucks herself in bed
The clown prince cackles

Screams kill the silence
The world holds its breath, as the
dark knight is summoned

She is saved, but just
The bat and the joker in battle
Blood will spill tonight.

Unfortunately I was being kiamsiap and was giving the tickets out in singles and Sashi didn’t want to go by himself. On hindsight I should have given him the two last minute tickets, but it slipped my mind. Sorry love. I got him to pick 2 winners though, and he chose Heng Woon and Tiffany. Heng Woon’s entry made me LOL so hard, I have to post it here:

batman is so cool
with robin oh them lovefools
brokeback mountain 2

The rest were Zewt, Izad, PY and Amelia. Was more than lovely to finally meet Zewt and Izad in person after stalking their blogs for ages.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

At the entrance where I posed with the two Jokers.

Suanie with Jokers
Me with Heng Woon and Bob! Click for a larger version

I thought Bob or Ringo was going to clinch the contest, until we saw KlubbKidd in his splendiferous Joker outfit (complete with a Joker card!). Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo, but I’m sure they will be floating around soon.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

I am still taking in the movie. Didn’t watch Batman Begins (too much talking, I was in a foul mood and couldn’t stand the yakety yak but yes someday I shall watch the entire movie) but I LOVED The Prestige. Uh, so my thoughts, eyeris-style:

- Maggie Gyllenhaal was a bit blah
- Unfortunately Christian Bale was also a bit blah though less blah than Morgan Freeman, and it pains me to say that because I think the world of his acting (in other movies). Well I guess he’s rather limited in this role in this particular Batman movie, and he did his best considering the limitations. But that’s just me lah.
- Gary Oldman FTW! Michael Caine for the second win!
- Hahaha Edison Chen wtf!
- Woah, that batpod is too awesome for words… it can do *that*!
- After watching Hellboy2 and Wanted last weekend, I think TDK is a real movie. Hellboy2 left me a bit empty because a lot of things were just so abrupt (love the director though) and I hate the kind of ending in Wanted. TDK reminds me of the good old days of movies – proper beginning, proper plot, proper ending. You’ll have to be on the same wavelength as me to understand this, even if you disagree.
- There are some movies you can’t miss on the big screen. TDK is one of them. Sex & The City, The Happening and X-Files are not.
- It was a long movie. 2.5 hours not including trailers and ads. I only realised this after my bladder nearly ruptured at the end credits.
- That was why I did not see the tribute/ credit to Heath at the end of the movie. Because you know, trying to save my bladder…
- I don’t know what to make of Aaron Eckhart’s character.
- Overall TDK was a great, badass movie. Loved it x1000. The buzz surrounding it for months was more than justified.
- Heath Ledger IS The Joker. Not saying this just because he’s dead (because some dead people become more (in)famous after, uhm, their deaths) but because…

You’ll have to watch it to find out. Words fail me when it comes to his brilliance.

Then you’ll agree with me, perhaps more fluently than my lame attempt at being coherent.

I wasn’t really trying.

hk june 08 – things you can buy with money

Since the free holiday was for 4D3N, I asked if we could extend one night, the first night’s accommodation duly paid for by ourselves. Horng helped us to book our first night at the BP International Hotel along Austin Road. For the amount we paid, it was rather worth it. I read some reviews that complained the rooms were small. Herro, you are in Hong Kong?!

In a summary (because I can’t remember details now) Bossini was the most awesome of all awesome shops in Hong Kong! Not only they have my size, their apparel is dirt cheap compared to what I’d have to fork out here! Something that would fit me nicely + doesn’t look like crap would cost like RM60 and above here. I got it for RM25 at Bossini!

Even their Marks & Spencers was cheaper. Geram!

Spotted somewhere in Mongkok, cracked me up:

Hong Kong June 2008 - Cheapy videos

In the long ass e-mail that Su Ann sent me about Hong Kong, she mentioned Pottinger Street and angels’ wings. Thought we’d check it out.

Hong Kong June 2008 - Pottinger Street
Pottinger Street, Hong Kong

Saw angels’ wings for sale for about RM30. Called FA to ask if she wanted one. Got one for myself, wonder when I would be brave enough to wear it out in public.

Went into a couple of shops selling leather jackets. Sorely tempted because… I don’t know, would sound cool to be able to say, “hang on, let me grab my leather jacket”. Then again, reality sets in that I live in a hot ass tropical country. A raincoat would be more practical.

Bought a cheap ass umbrella because I couldn’t stand the drizzling rain fucking up my line of sight (glasses).

Pinky told me to go to Stanley. It was a great suggestion, so thank you Pinky ;) I didn’t know about Stanley, so was rather surprised to see that it was popular among tourists. Walked around the place, went to the market where I got this:

The Starry Night on a skirt
Van Gogh’s The Starry Night on my skirt

What? I think it’s awesome :D

Also spotted this shop:

Hong Kong June 2008 - shop in Stanley
Alibaba, Stanley, Hong Kong

… where I bought the ballet shoes and high heels and I absolutely LOVE them! Should have gotten more :( Another reason I love them so much is because they stock my size (and above). It seems that Hong Kong women were born with small feet and will die with small feet. When I ranted about this with one of the shoe shop’s proprietor, she exclaimed, “Why, it’s only recent years that shops stock size 39 or 40! Last time the biggest size you could get was 37!” -_-”

While I was looking for pads for Dance Dance Revolution for my boss (because real men prance about on Styrofoam), something in a shop’s window display caught my eye, and I HAD to get it or DIE!

Death Note L toy
It doesn’t look good now… but wait!

Death Note L
Ta-dah!!!! Click on the photo above for a larger version

Death Note L - no brainer
Proof that you don’t need brains to be a great detective


I guess that’s about all that matters.

.::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::. .::.

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