only malaysians won’t make fun of me, ky excluded

Me: Oh? How much to make a passport?
Not Malaysian: Depends on the counterfeiting equipment and scale of operations, I suppose.
Not Malaysian: A few thousand, I’d imagine
Not Malaysian: Plus you’d have to find and hire the people with the expertise in forgery
Not Malaysian: Legal documents, especially from developed nations… can’t be a cheap skill
Me: -_-”



  1. it’s okay, suan.

  2. you mean you dont know???? 😛

    ok, i am malaysian.

  3. Yeah, some people are just too serious in this world….that’s why whoopee cushions were invented 🙂

  4. but suan! I <3 you still!

  5. kim: sniff

    zewt: high 5!

    jeff: hah smack them

    ky: but of course

  6. Iguana won’t bite?

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