would you like a red carpet to go with your interview?

I received an e-mail from Jobstreet yesterday, and it sort of cracked me up, thanks to the inclusion of the term ‘ffk’ and a link to a dictionary explaining the term.

The whole thing is about SMS-sing/ confirming your interview with your prospective employer. If the person is a no-show, then employers can mark a ‘no-show’ to the jobseekers’ accounts. I think it’s a good move, because for some odd reasons, some people seem to not care if they show up for a scheduled interview. Har?!?!?!?

If you are not interested, then say so lah. Don’t make people change their schedules just for you, then 30 minutes past the scheduled time, bayang pun tak nampak with no phone call to let the interviewer know that you’d be late/ stuck in a traffic jam/ cat in pet hospital/ got fatally bitten by a monster that has been living underground for yonks and decided to resurface and catch the first person in its sight. It is rude to make someone stay past his or her working hours just to interview you and you decided that you have better things to do. Sorry ar, I am not rescheduling your interview a.k.a. go fuck yourself.

My favourite hiring story has to be an intern interviewed by my colleague. The position was for an intern studying computer stuff. When asked if she likes her major, she replied, “No, actually I want to be a geologist.”

It makes me LOL every time.



  1. LOL but geologists do make more moolah!

  2. ‘would you like a red carpet to go with your interview? ‘

    Yes please. 🙂

    We had an applicant who no-showed for two interviews, then on the third time, showed up, registered at reception and then disappeared! lol

    Guess the graduate was more polite than what she really wanted to say. She really wants to be a porn star! 🙂

  3. When I was at my friend’s office just now, an interviewee actually asked his dad to come for the interview. I can’t believe this is actually happening. wtf!

  4. vincent says:

    At my old job, this dude turned up 2 hours late for an interview. When he turned up, my boss asked him to go home.

    I have also seen people come for interviews in slippers and 3/4 length pants.

  5. I’ve seen a resume once by this guy who worked at a printing press who listed his job as ‘Stripper’… And in the “Tell us more about yourself and why you would be ideal for the job” part, he wrote: “I will work for you…. pls call me.” In those exact words.


  6. Haha… Not ALL the young people nowadays are like this!
    Yes, I’m speaking for myself!
    BUT I agreed that some of them take life for granted!
    Eg: C can get a job back at his /her hometown but insist to come to this urban city
    Reasons: more happening, can shop more, more money BUT nvr thought of same high living cost!
    In less than 2 months, RESIGNED!!!
    Question: “How C gonna survive there?”
    Answer: “Can… parents will give money!”
    Conclusion: Think they are everytime LUCKY to get a job, Parents spoiled them, most important “NO SELF- DISCIPLINE”

  7. i think he wanted to say gynecologist, but flunk his english big time and misspelled as geologist.

    i doubt any normal malaysian will put geologist as dream job.

  8. vincent says:

    aeroplane: If half the college students knew how much moolah geologists made, they would list it as their dream job.

  9. ehm… we have too many options nowadays. that’s why lor…and it seems rubber engineer have better pay.

    Sekian terima kasih

  10. Wow, Suan is in a high position.

  11. ky: no doubt, no doubt

    dabs: maybe she just wanted record for the dole 😛


    vincent: i think it’s ok to show up late if the person has some really good excuse. but at least he or she’s got to call up the company and let them know that s/he’d be late, and not at the damn last minute either.

    eyeris: hahhahhahahah PLEASE CALL ME!

    rach: i thought the job market is bad haha

    aeroplane: it was a girl hah

    frostier: still bad impression mah, and words travel

    simon: yes. i adjust my chair every morning

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