suanie ate raw fish for the first time!

Those who know me know that I am not one for raw fish and meat. That is why Japanese buffets are wasted on me, and I am usually not that excited whenever anyone suggests eating at a Japanese restaurant. But I still go lah, because there are other things to eat mah. Besides more often than not, it’s the company that matters ;)

KY got invited to a food review thingy at Rakuzen, and he ajak-ed me along. Haaaaaaaaaaahhh apparently NOT because I am his back-up plan ;) Anyway we ate at Rakuzen a couple of weeks ago with some other noobs, so I was happy to go along because the food I had was pretty good.

The night before, I mentally prepped myself to consume at least ONE piece of raw salmon. As I keep telling people, it’s more of a psychological barrier than anything else; it took me a couple of years before I could eat medium steak, and more than that before I could stomach ebiko. So forgive me if I seem overly spirited about this whole eating raw fish thingy, but it was a pretty historic thing for me!

Rakuzen - Chef Fai
Chef Fai and his offerings

We were presented with 4 dishes — sashimi moraiwase, sashimi salad, dragon roll and tempura. Apparently the sashimi moraiwase is really worth the money because the cost of the ingredients isn’t cheap, and the profit is only marginal. KY enjoyed it tremendously, as he wolfed down most of the stuff on the plate.

Rakuzen - dragon roll
A sinfully delicious dragon roll

My favourite has to be the dragon roll — not only because it was something that I could consume without over analysing, but because it was truly and satisfyingly delicious. I don’t remember the exact price, but it’s worth it.

Rakuzen - sashimi salad
A beautiful sashimi salad before the sauce is poured

The sashimi salad was rather awesome. Again I don’t recall the price, but I remember it being worth the money as they throw in bits and pieces of tuna, squid, lobster meat and salmon alongside the fresh and crunchy greens, topped with a couple fat slices of raw salmon. Okay so maybe my first experience of eating raw fish happened at the first time I ate at Rakuzen where we had the same dish, but that doesn’t count because I didn’t know I was eating raw stuff.

Rakuzen - the salmon sashimi that Suanie ate
Hello there!

After a while, I psyched myself up and ate the little bugger in the photo above. As I chewed it for the first time, I felt a bit sick in my stomach, but quickly reminded myself that it was all in the head. Which it was, because it didn’t taste half bad as I’d imagined. Everyone around me always gushes about raw salmon being creamy and buttery… I even had a second (small) piece later on just to make sure that I remember the taste and feeling.

Okay lah, I am still alive, didn’t have indigestion or anything. But it’s not something I’d order for myself in the future lor. Which is a good thing, because this stuff ain’t cheap ;)