parking woes for the single driver

The world has to live with my unruly eyebrows yet another day because someone has yet to invent an intelligent single-driver vehicle that would be smart enough to go park itself at some location far far away while waiting for its owner to be done with whatever the owner needed to do, only returning at the push of a button to pick up the owner at the drop-off location.

Someone heard me? Good. Get to work.

can you tell that i am constantly hungry?

Because it is nearly 5 a.m. and because I am still in the office and because I am hungry and because I like to torture myself with photos that I took and they are mostly photos of food, so here they are.

Spongefox tried the McDonald’s Mega Mac!

Spongefox with a Mega Mac
We like a happy Spongefox!

Then he got a single cheeseburger.

Spongefox with a single cheeseburger
Kecilnya, sedihnya

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suanie & ryan do the big mac chant!

“Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

Thanks to my sister, I have a perfect companion who would do fun and silly stuff with me at any time without hesitation (well, until he grows a bit older).

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s the BIG MAC CHANT and a chance (for me) to win RM10,000! Honestly this is not the best video I can do, but I’ve been rather busy with life for a while now (as evident from my blog’s sporadic updates). So I’ll just publish this video first, then within this week or so I’ll go make another one :D I already have an idea for it; just that I need to muster up some courage and… well you’ll see ;)

Speaking of McDonalds, I have to confess that I did not grow up with McDonalds. Not my fault honestly, seeing that I am from Batu Pahat and the first McDonalds branch only came to our town when I was in Form 3 or so. Even then I did not frequent the restaurant, as 15 year old kids back then did not have as much moolah to spare on outside food. Now it’s an entirely different matter — there’s a 24-hour McDonalds branch just a 5-minutes walk from where I currently stay, and we noobs go there quite often.

But now thinking back, the FIRST encounter I had with a McDonalds product was in Singapore. I was visiting and staying with my uncle who used to live there, and one time he gave me and my cousins a treat — the McDonalds Sundae Cone! I don’t remember how old I was, but I vividly remember the taste of the cold creamy milky vanilla going down my throat. Which kinda makes me want to go to the nearest McDonalds branch now…

So I better get back to work now if I want to have one of my favourite treats later. In the meantime, go check out the Big Mac Chant contest over at Nuffnang; watch the posted videos and if you feel inspired, make one of your own! The grand prize is RM 10,000 (it’s a lot of free money!) and the contest ends on the 28th May 2008. So you better start thinking of creative ideas now, and don’t cry when I win the contest with my soon-to-come awesome video :D

saturday 10 may 2008

Leaving for Port Dickson for the Tiesto rave in a bit. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Ryan in his specs.

Ryan in specs

If he’d understand the meaning, I’m sure he’s all for the background message, “Protect Your World. Help X Out Cervical Cancer”.

quick one on the apostasy decision

Only a very quick one, because I have shit to do. But I was reading Malaysiakini’s interviews with various MPs on whether ‘they’ should be allowed to leave Islam, and I am wondering why no one just say it out straight.

Like it or not, a lot of people (note that I am not saying ‘all’ but ‘a lot’; I know a mat salleh who converted BEFORE he met his Malay wife) go through the conversion because they want to marry and spend the rest of their lives[1] with the ones they love[2].


If they didn’t give a shit about their religions before, what makes you think they’d give a shit about their religions after?

So to Shafie Apdal who is the BN of Semporna (where’s that ar?), you are right to say that people cannot force people to embrace Islam. BUT their willingness to embrace Islam is because… well you can’t marry a Muslim unless you are a Muslim (by name) bla bla bla. SAY SO LAH. But if you want to make an in-depth research on why they want to renounce Islam in the first place, let me know okay so I can go bid for the very lucrative research project.

[1] These days it’s about 5 years
[2] This one will be 3.

the big screen

Been busy lately. Kept meaning to update properly but we all know where good intentions end up (in my stomach, if you really need to know). Got a few things to get off my chest though, else I’d be constantly thinking about wanting to blog them and it’d bug me until I do.

Movies watched:

27 DRESSES. Stupid betul. Why anyone thinks Katherine Heigl is any good after ROSWELL is beyond me. She is my least favourite actress and character in GREY’S ANATOMY and she was rather blah in KNOCKED UP but luckily Seth Rogan saved the day (he should really stop giving interviews though — what an annoying nervous laugh). In 27 DRESSES, she langsung tak ada chemistry with James Marsden and that kind of suck. What made HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS a more enjoyable chick flick was that Kate Hudson and Matthew ‘I Cant’ Spell His Last Name Without Googling’ had something going on. I don’t care if they wanted to kill each other on the set (which I don’t know anything about; just saying), they sure didn’t act like it on-screen. Anyway if you are thinking of getting 27 DRESSES for a weekend movie or something, don’t. Get THE WEDDING PLANNER instead — same type of storyline, funnier, better acting, slightly better chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Matthew What’s His Name, so there.

ENCHANTED. Didn’t really leave much of an impression on me, but I remember I smiled during some parts of the movie. I think there was singing.

WAR. Me and KY were at the Mac Shop @ Pavilion, and the trailer for this movie was stored in one of the Macs. KY opened the file and we watched in trailer in salivating wonder. Maybe it was the quality of the iMac, maybe it was that Jet Li did not bother to speak in English at anytime during the trailer, which is a 1000000000% plus. Anyway I liked the movie and I don’t know why its rating on IMDB is not higher. Seriously, you don’t give a shit about the storyline and who spoke better Japanese bla bla bla when you have Jet Li and Jason Statham fighting each other z0mgwtfbbq!

P.S. I LOVE YOU. Never really minat Hilary Swank. Don’t know why lah, just never took a liking to her. It was years back but I could not bear to watch BOYS DON’T CRY till the end. Anyway within 15 minutes of this movie, I was tearing up like a kid who got her candy snatched away then punched in the stomach then kicked to the curb then left to the vultures. At the end of it, I was so overwhelmed by my emotions that had built up throughout the movie and settled on my head, heart and shoulders threatening to erupt ala Krakatoa that I went out of my room, out of the house to the garden and walked in circles for about two minutes. Then I went back up to my room and listened to Howard Stern, and all was well with the world again. Really, some movies should come with an over-emo warning sign.

THE KITE RUNNER. I managed to score some free tickets thanks to the All-Malaysian Bloggers Project. The movie was touching and awesome. After that I read the book, which made me appreciate the story more. You should do it in the same order as me — movie first, then book (if you have yet to read it). Why? Because my mom read the book first then watched the movie, and she was not as moved. Btw KY cried a bit during the movie because “Men have feelings too, you know.”

THE BUCKET LIST. The only good that came out of this was the song ‘Say’ by John Mayer. I don’t know lah… two big ass names, but I just didn’t feel it lor. They just didn’t feel like friends to me, it felt as if they were just going through the motions… The whole storyline was also rather abrupt.

SYDNEY WHITE. Watch SHE’S THE MAN. It’s miles better. You know, if you are into this kind of no-brainer fluff.

LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN A MUSLIM WORLD. Try harder. Okay well, I know the whole argument about the hidden meanings and subtlety of jokes and satire and shit, but 98 minutes of Albert Brookes in his whiny Marlin voice made me seriously contemplate undergoing a gastric bypass. Now, THAT is a hidden joke.

you are not cool if you have not watched ‘the chicken rice mystery’

Remember this post?

Well it was actually preparation for my very short role in Swifty‘s short movie, The Chicken Rice Mystery. You see, I’d bugged him to put me on a cameo role for a while now — you know, one of those keh leh fei walking in the background or one of those other dining patrons… you get what I mean.

But teh gr8 Swifty decided that I was worthy enough to make a longer appearance in his movie, and cast me in a minor role, complete with lines and shit. So one the day of the shooting, I popped by his house, was told by teh director what to say and how to act and that was it. Eunice put aplenty paint on me face…

Chicken Rice Mystery - Suanie make up
Give it to me baby, aha ahah! Photo by Nikki Tok.

… I rehearsed a bit with my ‘brother’ Aron Koh and then the camera rolled!

Chicken Rice Mystery - Aron, Ming and Suanie
I do look fierce when I am not smiling. Photo by Nikki Tok.

Now that it’s over, I can say this with a straight face: FROM EXPERIENCE (ahem ;) ) acting isn’t easy. There’s the nerves and it gets in the way of trying to remember your lines along with the facial expressions and body gestures that go along with them. I guess it shouldn’t be a problem for professional actors. But you know the cliché of women being able to juggle a few things at one time? Well, I don’t fit into that.

(Though it doesn’t mean that local actors can get away with being so shitty.)

So it was fun and quite an experience. I do wish that I was not so nervous and scared, and of course now looking back, I could have done a lot more with the role. Oh wells. Swifty did some awesome editing with the movie so I didn’t come off looking too bad. My favourite characters in the movie are Lai Meng (grandmother) and Teck Lai (1st uncle). If you do not know wtf I am talking about, go watch The Chicken Rice Mystery at the BMW Shorties 2008 website!

Chicken Rice Mystery - screen shot Suanie 1
Screen shot of me, stolen from Shadowfox

Chicken Rice Mystery - screen shot Suanie 2
Screen shot of me, stolen from Shadowfox

1) Go to
2) Click on ‘VOTE NOW’
3) Click on the last thumbnail in the gallery
4) Click on ‘WATCH NOW’
5) Click on ‘VOTE THIS’ ;)

Of course feel free to watch the other movies selected as finalists in the BMW Shorties 2008. I am just trying to make use of my blog readers to vote for the movie that I am in ;)

Heh heh.