this is how you eat a wendy’s burger

As demonstrated by our lovely Kim.



  1. i just wasted 2 minutes of my life watching that… but I deserved it… you already stated in the title the content of the video… lol

  2. Hey, when did they open a Wendy’s in Pyramid??? But I guess they won’t be serving the “Baconator” there :D

  3. I <3 Wendy’s!

  4. Kim’s mouth is a bit too small to get a good bite of that burger. LoL!

  5. better than carl’s jr!

  6. corrine: but it’s 3 minutes… why you only watched 2 minutes… :D

    mingsy: one month only i think.. but it’s teh great! juicy burgers, yum!

    ky: me too! prolly going esok

    davidlian: she’s just got to try harder

    kim: agreed ;)

  7. Hey, don’t lah pressure people eat faster…

  8. How did you get the tiny people to skate around in the background??! They were really small!!!!
    I’ve seen people eat burgers before. At least we now know what happened to Wendy from Peter Pan!!! She’s been served as a burger!!!! :-)

  9. Jom Wendy’s Tomorrow!

  10. can deliver a burger to my office? :P

  11. Pick me up!

  12. HAHAHA

  13. Wei wei… Dun leave me out! I wanna eat wendy’s also!!! But today i can’t have to show face at a launch… :( Pls make it one day for me to enjoy wendy’s! :D

  14. Just now the chilli so HOT y’know.. HAHAHA TOO CUTE

  15. After trying the 3/4 Pounder burger, I think Carl’s Jr is better overall.

    Wendy’s imho, is about similar to McDs, even down to the price.

    I’m not saying that they’re bad or anything, not just as good as Carl’s Jr. But granted that I’ve only eaten at Wendy’s once, this verdict maybe subject to change.

  16. suertes: she would do the same to me mah

    dabs: camera magic :D or maybe because the ice rink was one level down :D

    sotong: harharhahrar u so funny :P

    rach: next time la ok.. i now overdosed already

    skyler: haehaehaea then the face afterwards, right? :D

    spongefox: i had the 3/4 pounder today also. too much, too much.

  17. Making me hungry leh. 5.30 am where to get Wendy’s?

  18. quite a big mouth eh….

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