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i is going. is you going?

Ticket to Tiesto's Elements of Life SEA tour 2008

But we are only going for the Saturday night gig (*sniff* Ferry Corsten on Friday night *sniff*) as there are other commitments. Check out gig info here, ticketing info here. Or check out my post on Tiesto’s Sepang gig in 2006.

The album was awesome. Am very, very excited πŸ˜€

the nokia n82 wireless adventure ii – part 3

(Click here for part 1, click here for part 2)

We reached 1U at 9 p.m., which would give us enough time to transfer and upload our photos onto the website. I think we were the first couple of teams to arrive. Quickly latched on to a laptop as our marshal, Andrea had previously informed us that there would be only 4 laptops available.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie uploading the photos
Don’t kacau me! Photo by Jason Chan

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Pinkpau tension
Pinkpau tension. Heheh, I love her expression

After that, it was makan time + hanging around while waiting for the results.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie scolding Kim, haha
Me scolding Kim!

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Frankie, Andrea, Suanie
Frankie and me with our lovely marshal, Andrea

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Eevon, Suanie, Davidlian
Me with Eevon and David Lian from Text100

Then the results! Each runner-up team gets a RM500 Robinsons voucher (plus we all get to keep the N82 we used during the race) so it was all good. I was waiting for our team to be called, but it was not until Andrea got hold of me and yelled, “50-50 chance of winning!” that I began to think that we might win this thing!

Turns out, we did!

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie, Frankie, Joanne

You know the cliche used whenever people win stuff and they’d say they did not expect to win? That night I understood what it felt like. It was also a bit of a thrill (afterwards, because honestly at that point in time, I was too tired to care) because I’ve never won anything major in my life.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie, Frankie, Fairuz
Laughing at Fairuz

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Pinkpau, Kimberlycun, Suanie
Pinkpau, Kim and me after everything…

Thanks to everyone involved for everything πŸ˜‰ I had a whale of a time πŸ™‚ Am taking Erna with me to Hong Kong in early June, because we were supposed to go to Bali last year but we canceled at the last minute. Am giving my N95 to my sister (I still love it lots!) and she is giving her N73 to my mom.

Now, back to work!

(Click here for part 1, click here for part 2)

the nokia n82 wireless adventure ii – part 2

(Click here for Part 1)

At 2.30 p.m. we gathered at the Nokia exhibition/ event area over at the new wing of 1 Utama.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie and Frankie, Team 7
Me and my teammate, Frankie in Team 7

Erna came to cover the event, and to cheer us on.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie and Erna
Me with Erna. Photo stolen from Erna

A few of us went to Starbucks 15 minutes before the event was scheduled to begin. Damn selamba, kan?

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Smashpop, Suanie, Pinkpau in front of Starbucks
Smashpop and Pinkpau with me kacauing @ the back. Photo by Jason Chan

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Group photo
Group photo of all 8 teams. Click on the photo above for a larger version.

As we were given our N82 the night before, all that was left was to collect our SIM cards from our marshals. Although each team member had a phone to use, only one SIM card was provided; data-only Maxis 3G. We were to use our phones to take photos etc, and we were to upload the photos to the Soul Of The Night website.

At 4 p.m. Mr. Andrew Cheong, MD of Nokia Malaysia flagged off the hunt by uploading our clues onto the SOTN site. Our tasks were as follow:

i) Discover a good place for live entertainment in the Klang Valley
ii) Discover a good spot for night view of KL
iii) For games in the evening, where do people go?
iv) Discover an eatery that serves great food
v) Discover a place for great evening shopping (bonus task, optional)

Sounds easy right? Yah I know last year’s competitors must be fuming a bit, because they went through a WHOLE lot worse πŸ˜› Well we were given up to 9.30 p.m. to complete the necessary tasks, including uploading of photos onto the website and returning to the flag-off spot. We were also given the use of a Nissan Cefiro and a driver; though the team members would need to give the driver instructions on where to go (i.e. even if he knew how to get there by himself, we’d still need to tell him where and how to go). A marshal and cameraman were to accompany each team to heaven and hell, heh.

It started to rain as we rushed into the cars. The night before I’d skimmed through the magazines in the hotel room, and came across a place for archery. Sounded interesting and unique (well, to me lah, since I am not a sports person at all), though I was a bit hesitant on the ‘games in the evening’ part. I mean, you can shoot a bloody arrow at anytime you want, provided that the place is open for business, right? Whatever lah; it was raining and I doubt anyone would be playing football in the open since we Malaysians are so scared of the rain — sikit-sikit hujan, lari lintang-pukang cari tempat teduh πŸ˜› So I directed the driver to Maju Junction in KL, taking the TTDI road to Jalan Parlimen and Jalan Raja Laut.

Having had to park in a proper parking space (else the driver would go back to 1U if he was told to buzz off by random pak guards or the police), we rushed into Maju Junction and asked some people where the archery place was. Found it, and there was one person shooting arrows, and it turned out to be the owner. He okayed us taking photos.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Legolas
Chinese Legolas in action. Click the photo above for a larger version

After he shot a couple of arrows, we wanted to snap a close up of the target. We went near the few targets closest to us but could not locate his arrow. Finally we realised that the owner was shooting at the targets at the end of the line, which were about twice the distance from the targets you see in the photo above -_-” . Power. So he smirked a little as we asked him to shoot at the target closer to us.

Thanked him and went on our way. Initially I thought of going to Central Market as they always have random buskers etc along the streets. Not that I’ve been there to witness it for myself before, but I saw it in CINTA THE MOVIE so it must be true πŸ˜› But as we took a couple of wrong turnings because I am noob around the area, we decided to ditch the Central Market plan and headed for Jalan Bukit Bintang instead. You know the corner of Maybank opposite Lot 10? Well every time I pass by the area, there’d be large groups of people, in particular teenagers gathered there, and once or twice I’d see them dance and whirl and spin and whatever their young bodies would allow them to do.

Parked the car along the lane beside Planet Hollywood and made a dash for Maybank. Two buskers were performing, there were lots of teens hanging around, but that was it. After taking a photo of the buskers (later I found out that another team had the same idea), we approached the teens and after explaining to them what we were doing, we asked them if they could dance for us. They grinned a lot, but were a bit shy; I guess it was because of the cameraman. Then one girl basically told them DO IT, heh, I liked her a lot. All in all, 3 boys did some dancing and shuffling; it was actually quite fun to watch them.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Kids at the corner of Jln Bkt Bintang
Good sports! Click the photo above for a larger version

I thought there would be something more along Jalan Bukit Bintang — maybe some guys blowing bubbles of those bubble making machines, or… well, something lah! There were only a lot of random dudes offering massage services. I guess it was too early lah; I know the fun people would set up shop come night time.

But that hope kept us walking till BB Plaza, until I felt that it was enough, and led us to Jalan Alor. Took a photo of the famous frog porridge stall (and ingredients), thought it would be okay for the food task. Andrea our marshal asked if we wanted to eat there, and when Frankie found out that I do not eat frogs legs, he kept bugging me to try because he insisted that it was delish but I said no because FROGS LEGS ARE DISGUSTING THANK YOU.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - frog legs for frog porridge along jalan alor
I’ve seen frogs being skinned alive @ the SS2 pasar malam. Bleurgh. Click the photo above for a larger version

Headed back to our cars, and I made a turn for the Arab Street, trying to get inspired by the various shops and eateries. None came. Then it started to rain rather heavily. We’d forgotten to take along our umbrellas, so Frankie, Andrea and Steven (our cameraman) put on the plastic raincoats that were provided to us, and I bought a small brolly for RM10. Got directions to Traders Hotel, got back to our car and off we went.

We reached Traders Hotel at 6 p.m. I’d heard of Traders Hotel’s SkyBar and how it offered a splendid view of KL. But Frankie reminded me that the task was for ‘night view’, and it was obviously still too bright to be night. Blah. So we decided to go makan. Frankie suggested Sri Paandi, because his relatives took him there the last time he was in KL, and he was pleasantly surprised that you could get unlimited helpings of rice and assorted veges for only RM3.50. The only thing was that he did not know how to get there, and neither did I. So I suggested the banana leaf rice restaurant in Bangsar, as it was a place I knew how to get to.

Unfortunately I missed a turning along Federal Highway because I was trying to upload photos onto the website via 3G. So I directed the driver to take the first turning after the arch (that separates KL from PJ), going into Jalan Universiti. Frankie used GPS and managed to locate Sri Paandi in Seksyen 11. All’s well that ends well, eh? Heh. Frankie was a bit disappointed though, because he wanted to see Bangsar. Don’t think he’d been there before. Next time lah, ar.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Sri Paandi in Sek 11

The host giving us the thumbs up. Click the photo above for a larger version

Found out that the banana leaf rice cost RM4 instead. Doesn’t matter, ‘cos it really looked good. At this point in time, we rested for a while. Frankie ate everything on the leaf while Andrea and Steven had a burger from a nearby stall. Service was a bit slow though, heh.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Sri Paandi's RM4 banana leaf rice
Sri Paandi’s RM4 banana leaf rice. Click the photo above for a larger version

Andrea paid for the meal (we were given RM100 allowance) and we decided to go to either Hilton or Le Meridien for the night view. As we turned into KL Sentral, I noticed that Le Meridien faces KL, and I thought that it would have a better view. So we managed to park in front of Le Meridien (you really get what you pay for — the people there were fantastic), ran towards the reception area and pleaded our case. A couple of short phone calls were made, and we were allowed to the 33rd level where the Royal Club Lounge was located. Unfortunately we found out that we could only take photos with a glass barrier, so we did the best we could. Then the host of the Royal Club Lounge, a really nice girl whose name is Aishah (I think) suggested that we try the 8th level, where the swimming pool was. Awesome suggestion, as we took a couple of really nice photos, IMHO.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - View from Le Meridien, 8th Floor
View from the Le Meridien, 8th Level, with the National Museum in sight. Click the photo above for a larger version

So 4 tasks completed, now on to the bonus task. I couldn’t think of anywhere really special (as in, REALLY special) to shop in the evening, and settled for The Curve’s street mall. I like the place lah, just that it’s not FANTASTICALLY unique, if you get what I mean. And I’d hoped that there would be a couple of early performances in Halo Cafe so we could substitute the earlier photos we took for live performances. No such luck.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - The Curve Street Market
The array of tents selling assorted stuff @ The Curve. Click the photo above for a larger version

It was nearly 9 p.m. and we rushed back to 1U. Spotted Team 3 (Kim and Fairuz) next to us at the traffic light turning into Lebuh Bandar Utama. Luckily our driver was super awesome and faster, heheh. We managed to get back to the flag-off area and got ourselves a laptop to upload the photos, because it was kinda hell trying to upload them using 3G.

You can see our uploaded photos here.

the nokia n82 wireless adventure ii – part 1

I was invited to participate in the Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II, held last Saturday, flag off at 1Utama. The reason I agreed was because I wanted to get my grubby hands on the N82, which IMHO is a really awesome phone especially with the Xenon flash capability for the 5 megapixel camera. That is the only thing I find lacking in my Nokia N95, which I really, truly love; though at this point of time, most of the applications I use are yet to be available for the N82.

When I said yes to the thing, I didn’t really know the details of the hunt/ race/ adventure/ event. So I didn’t know what to expect; perhaps my vision was clouded by the promise of a brand new N82 at the end of the day. Sorry ar, I can be shallow at times.

The evening before the event, David and EeVon from Text 100 invited a few of us to dinner at 1U’s Delicious. That was where I met a few other participants, and also where I found out that Delicious is no longer under Ms. Read. David gave us the skinny that there would be 8 teams in the hunt, 2 members per team. One member is an invited blogger/ journalist, and the other member was chosen based on an audition held earlier. Thanks to Pinkpau, I had salad and chicken with creamy peanut butter for the first time.

The briefing was held at OneWorld hotel, where we met our randomly selected team members. My team member was Frankie, a 24 y/o MMU student from Melaka. Team 1 was Ariq from Harian Metro and Sharon, a senior designer; Team 2 was Pinkpau and David, Team 3 was Kim and Fairuz who’s in media & marketing; Team 4 was Lai Sin from Sin Chew and Hooi Han; Team 5 was Aref from NST and Sabrina, a Dentistry student; Team 6 was Sam from The Star and Sadat Foster; Team 7 was me and Frankie and Team 8 was SmashPop and Szetoo.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - briefing
During the briefing, taken using PanoMan via N82. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

We were briefed on the rules and regulations of the event tomorrow, as well as instructions on how to use the N82. Nokia very kindly and graciously ( πŸ˜‰ ) paid for a hotel room at OneWorld for me; I got a deluxe room on the 12th floor, yay! The shower was so best!

OneWorld hotel @ 1Utama - my deluxe room
My room for the night! Should have taken the photo from the entrance la, but whatever. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

Discussed with Frankie regarding the hunt for a bit, then went back to my room as there was nothing else we could do until we get the clues. Back in my room, I went on-line for a bit but couldn’t do much as I could only get connected to EDGE. Tried to watch TV but didn’t know how to operate it. Minibar was locked πŸ˜‰ Spotted some magazines on the table and skimmed through it with hopes that bits and pieces of venue information could be of help the next day.

Slept rather late but well, woke up at 9 and called FA to wake her up and to beg her to come to 1U and take my laptop home. She agreed under protest, heheh. Took a photo of the view from my room:

OneWorld hotel @ 1Utama - view from my room, 12th floor
Room with a view. Taken with my N82

At the first AMBP gathering, I was given a door gift which included a KL Guide by Discovery. There was a pull-out map, and I took a couple of photos of it because we were only allowed to use the N82 (in anyway we wanted, short of contacting other people) during the hunt.

Partial map of KL taken with Nokia N82
I thought of going to the Coliseum because apparently it’s a classic place. Taken with the N82

Checked out at 10.45 a.m, walked towards Starbucks in the new wing to meet with FA, chilled for about an hour, went to Guardian to replenish my Strepsils, then headed to Bakerzin for a very lovely lunch with the participating and organising teams. Food is always great.


nokia n82 wireless adventure ii winners cert

More later. Am catching up on 3-days worth of blog posts and TMZ πŸ˜‰

suanie’s great cook out

After the general election results, I decided to prepare an impromptu dinner for some of my friends because no one was at home at that day and we always need to eat.

So me and KY went to Tesco and bought some essential stuff, then went back to my place to prepare dinner.

Suanie's great cook out - ingredients

1. Marinating minced beef with Prego pasta sauce for a couple of hours before cooking. You didn’t think that I was actually going to make pasta sauce from scratch, did you? I wouldn’t know how anyway.

2. Giving the capsicums, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots a thorough washing.

3. Salada! Lovely colours.

4. Poser me with uncooked spaghetti. For some reason, Tesco ran out of other brands and had only their home brand. You know the argument that home brands are cheaper and taste the same as other brands anyway? Well, we found out that it does not apply for spaghetti.

Suanie's great cook out - cooking
Me, cook extraordinaire (not)

Suanie's great cook out - tossing the salad
Spongefox tossing the salad

Suanie's great cook out - second helpings
Dreemo serving Kerol

Suanie's great cook out - appreciative diners
KY, Kelvin, wah jai and Michelle eating leaves

For dessert we had sweetened, ready-to-eat cincau and ice-cream potong that Kelvin bought. Nicholas and WenQi came by for a while, we watched a weird Japanese movie. It’s all good.

random photos of this and that

Had my first Carl’s Jr burger (single only lah). It was okay πŸ˜›

Carl's Jr - Guacamole Bacon burger with chili 'n cheese fries
Carl’s Jr’s guacamole bacon burger with chili cheese fries

One of my favourite lunch items — char siew fan at Famous Seremban Favourites in Aman Suria.

char siew rice
Tidak ditanggung halal

Had a most satisfying lunch at Santai in Kota Damansara. Telur bistik ayam, kangkung masak belacan, daging goreng kunyit, tom yam seafood and sup ekor.

awesome malay food @ santai
Absolutely gorgeous

Ryan training to be a superstar.

Ryan in shades
A+ for effort and result

Bought a pair of Ipanema flip flops on sale.

Ipanema flip flops
Gisele Bündchen at my foot

Bought a pair of Teva sandals on sale.

Suanie's Teva, Hurricane 3
I be trekking your way soon

Was at the Kelana Jaya post office. Looked up and saw this:

At the post office - hole in the sky
Hole in the sky

Then turned to open my car door, looked up to see this:

At the post office - heavy skies

Got my Tune Card today πŸ™‚

Plastic’s a tad flimsy, but I won’t be swiping it

Sekian. I be getting my blogging mojo back soon, I hope.