road trip to morib beach

My friend Richard told me that he’d sometimes go to Banting for work, and occasionally would detour to the nearby beach to see the sunset. Since I’d (obviously) never been there before, I bugged him to take me there, just to see what it was like. Perhaps I had wrongly envisioned the perfect beach ala Redang, but it was a fun trip nonetheless.

Morib is a kampung located about 10km from Banting (which I often confuse with ‘Bentong’). Can’t remember how long it took for us to reach because I was not the one driving — besides we were chatting throughout the journey. We first reached the main Pantai Morib, but I was severely disappointed when I saw it to be too commercialised, not unlike Tanjung Emas in Muar. So we decided to go to the nearby Pantai Kelanang, and…

Pantai Kelanang
Life and Death. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

A bit sien right? Air surut, lots of dead mangrove roots… left me feeling a bit down rather than calm. Couldn’t wait to leave Pantai Kelanang, so I hassled Richard to take me to Pantai Bagan Lalang instead. Halfway however, we reached another beach which looked nicer. So we stopped there for a bit instead.

Pantai Morib
Much better… muddy, but hey, it was air surut. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

Turns out that it was another side of Pantai Morib. No dead mangrove roots, best!

Suanie at Pantai Morib
Me! My normal glasses broke so I am stuck with my emo ones

suanie dot net at Pantai Morib
Self promotion

We’d wanted to go to Klang for a seafood dinner, but as we passed by the roundabout where the nine o’clock would take us to Pulau Carey, I hassled Richard (for the 10,000th time) to take us there instead. I’d never been to Pulau Carey but now I can say that I have! That is one time more than a lot of you!

Well, we drove about 1km in, then decided to turnaround because it was getting dark, and there was nothing in sight except for palm trees. At the bridge going to Pulau Carey was a restaurant by the river called ‘Kang Guan’, and we decided to have dinner there instead. Richard said that it’s a very popular seafood restaurant; many companies have their company lunches and dinners there. Non-halal, but no pork served. The view (if you could get a table closest to the river) was splendid.

View from Restaurant Kang Guan at Pulau Carey
Old man and the river. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

Sunset at Pulau Carey
Sun setting, overlooking the bridge going to Pulau Carey. Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

Sunset at Pulau Carey 2
Can you hear the ‘plop’? Click on the photo above for a slightly larger version

The food was not awful :P Even after all my nagging and hassling, Richard kindly paid for dinner. Only a 12-year friendship could endure me, heh.

*For the Bahasa Malaysia-challenged, ‘pantai’ is ‘beach’. ‘Air surut’ is ‘low tide’. ‘Pulau’ is ‘island’. ‘Sien’ is not BM, and there is no appropriate translation to describe the essence of the word.

suanie went to the pc fair, claustrophobia ensued

It was my first and last time going to a PC Fair — I could not breathe properly in the halls because I’d never seen so many people at one go in my life and they all walk too slowly and everybody was squishing and I wished I had a machine gun.

So I hang out at the park a bit while waiting for my friend to get his stuff. Took a couple of photos:

12 Apr 08 - KLCC
That was just 1% of the people there. Click the photo above for a larger version

12 Apr 08 - Petronas Twin Towers
The photographed-to-death Petronas Twin Towers. Click the photo above for a larger version

Isn’t the Nokia N82 lovely and takes such nice pictures? :D

Erna happened to be at the PC Fair, and she bought something that gave her an Eee Pc. So she is looking to sell off her Nokia Wireless Keyboard. So she loaned it to me for a test period, to see if I really want it :D It was in short, rather awesome, but I am still thinking if it belongs to the ‘need’ or ‘want’ category. I have, of course valid reasons for both ;)

unsorted, untitled

Sometimes I can’t help but to feel that I’ve let my blog readers down. You know, you who refresh my blog to see if I’ve written anything intelligible or otherwise, only to… well, I don’t know how or what you feel seeing that I generally don’t ask for opinions regarding my blog posts.

Occasionally S and I would reminisce the good ol’ years of blogging. I think she still gets the concept right — as in how we used to blog. Words, just overflowing words to be jotted down and presented in some forms of structures to be comprehensible. I think I’ve lost that many moons ago, and when S prods me on the words that never came, I’d just wave it off citing growing up as an excuse. When I was 24, I felt many, many things. If that wasn’t enough, then I suppose I’ll never reach the emotional high worthy of Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt. It is unfortunate that I go through the motions these days, but that comes with being 27. Now all ye 35 and 40 are going to cry foul. Will there be a barrage of ‘you’re still young, et cetera’? I know how you feel. I wished I was 24 again.

It is definitely easier to ‘omg’, ‘wtf’ and ‘bbq’ and I have latched on to those more than you would know. The last time I cried was the movie preview of “The Kite Runner”. The last time I laughed was listening to a sound clip that goes, “your phone is ringing, your fucking phone is ringing”. It just takes a longer time now to chronicle and translate all those emotions into words.

Ryan is getting spectacles today. Genetic hyperopia, commonly known as long-sightedness. His mother cried because she felt so sorry for him. I don’t think I’ll ever know what that feels like, unless I accept John Mayer’s marriage proposal and bear him 3 kids as stated in the contract. Sacrifices, I know.

On an entirely different matter, “Tiau and Tew” as reported in the papers, how funny was that? :D

i is going. is you going?

Ticket to Tiesto's Elements of Life SEA tour 2008

But we are only going for the Saturday night gig (*sniff* Ferry Corsten on Friday night *sniff*) as there are other commitments. Check out gig info here, ticketing info here. Or check out my post on Tiesto’s Sepang gig in 2006.

The album was awesome. Am very, very excited :D

the nokia n82 wireless adventure ii – part 3

(Click here for part 1, click here for part 2)

We reached 1U at 9 p.m., which would give us enough time to transfer and upload our photos onto the website. I think we were the first couple of teams to arrive. Quickly latched on to a laptop as our marshal, Andrea had previously informed us that there would be only 4 laptops available.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie uploading the photos
Don’t kacau me! Photo by Jason Chan

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Pinkpau tension
Pinkpau tension. Heheh, I love her expression

After that, it was makan time + hanging around while waiting for the results.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie scolding Kim, haha
Me scolding Kim!

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Frankie, Andrea, Suanie
Frankie and me with our lovely marshal, Andrea

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Eevon, Suanie, Davidlian
Me with Eevon and David Lian from Text100

Then the results! Each runner-up team gets a RM500 Robinsons voucher (plus we all get to keep the N82 we used during the race) so it was all good. I was waiting for our team to be called, but it was not until Andrea got hold of me and yelled, “50-50 chance of winning!” that I began to think that we might win this thing!

Turns out, we did!

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie, Frankie, Joanne

You know the cliche used whenever people win stuff and they’d say they did not expect to win? That night I understood what it felt like. It was also a bit of a thrill (afterwards, because honestly at that point in time, I was too tired to care) because I’ve never won anything major in my life.

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Suanie, Frankie, Fairuz
Laughing at Fairuz

Nokia N82 Wireless Adventure II - Pinkpau, Kimberlycun, Suanie
Pinkpau, Kim and me after everything…

Thanks to everyone involved for everything ;) I had a whale of a time :) Am taking Erna with me to Hong Kong in early June, because we were supposed to go to Bali last year but we canceled at the last minute. Am giving my N95 to my sister (I still love it lots!) and she is giving her N73 to my mom.

Now, back to work!

(Click here for part 1, click here for part 2)