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My mom has a macular hole in one of her eyes. She is scheduled for a vitrectomy in a couple of hours at the UH. She and my dad have taken over my room because she prefers the bathroom access (in no way am I complaining); she’s probably going to be stuck there most of the time as the recovery process requires her to lie face-down most of the time. Ryan will be so sad with limited access to his popo.

I got Ryan a cheapo badminton racquet last week. It cost RM 2.50 and it made him tremendously happy. As I got home late that day, I placed the racquet on the dining table. The next day my mom told me that when Ryan saw the racquet, he screamed, “AH YI BUY FOR ME, AH YI BUY FOR ME!” Heheh. ‘Cos a couple of days ago he was looking at the neighbours playing badminton in envy, and I promised to get him a racquet, and he wanted a red colour one, and he got it. My sister calls it the RM 2.50 wonder.

So I’d been relegated to the room downstairs. Yesterday night I was a bit bored, so with my trusty Nokia N95, I took a video of what I call “The Great Milo Experiment”. Not sure how it is going to turn out, or if there will be follow-ups; it depends on whether I could be arsed to learn video editing.

Dad took a week’s off from work to come up here to be with Mom. Ever since he got here, he has been on my case about my weight. Very slyly inserting random comments such as, “heart diseases are related to the size of your waist”, “so-and-so got a skinny boyfriend and now she has lost a lot of weight”, “wouldn’t it be good to have long walks…” Kthxbai.

Brother-in-law leaving for teh Americas in a week. I’m a thinking how to sneakily convince him to collect my possible purchases at ThinkGeek since they do not deliver to neither Malaysia nor Singapore. But then they don’t accept Malaysian / Singaporean credit cards either πŸ™ BASTARDS!

So yesterday was Mom’s last big cook-out in the kitchen before her surgery today. Everyone came over, it was fun.



  1. I am rather skinny.

  2. And wishing your Mum a speedy recovery.

  3. kesian mama suan hope the surgery goes well and she heals fast. xoxoxo

  4. peter: you are a bag of bones!!! πŸ˜€ thanks πŸ™‚

    thanks delia xxx

  5. good luck and take care auntie!

    hello ryan!

  6. Mama Suan just sounds so…. er… pimpish. ahahah

  7. God’s healing be with your mom…

    2.50 for a racquet??????

  8. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    Good luck Mum! I mean Auntie!!! I think that’s the first time someone has used medical terms I’m not used to. [Funny, I should know more about the eye since I was blinded in the right one whilst in Penang … and got it fixed in Penang as well. I know more about medical things related to the brain though … seems as I’m insane in the membrane … or was it crazy in the cerebral cortex? I forget!]

    Ah, the good old badminton racquets! Had plenty of them when I lived in Penang.

    If your dad starts to give you grief about your weight, show him a picture of me.

    I’m seriously considering hypnotherapy to help me with my weight. I figure it’s the only way to get past the things in my life that cause me to eat comfort food all the time.
    [And yes, I get teased about my weight from my family all the time … which is funny as I was the thinnest back in about 1997].

  9. Hope your mum recover soon.

    It’s nice being children, they’re easily cheered.

  10. B is skinny, but i got fatter …… :p

    anyway, i wish your mom speedy recovery!

  11. Fat women is happy what?!

    Hope Momma gets well fast with little ado..

  12. hope ur mom has a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. all the best auntie! πŸ™‚
    re: badminton racquet, that’s y i lurrve kids! they’re so easily cheered up. πŸ˜€

  13. Hope your mom recovers soon πŸ™‚

  14. Wish your mom all the best!

  15. Get well soon Suanie Mommy!

  16. how’s your mom doing suanie?

  17. Thanks all πŸ™‚ Mom is fine, just grumbling about the having to lie down on her stomach part. Because she has to do that even as she sleeps, and you know that it’s very uncomfortable and makes you even more tired.

    zewt: al cheapo one. bought it at speedmart.

  18. Wish ur mum a speedy recovery.

  19. suanie i give your mom a cupcake :\ does she like cupcakes :\

  20. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    I can’t sleep on my stomach. I roll forward and bash my head, then rock back and hurt my feet from the fall! πŸ™‚

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