quick one on the nokia n95 v21.0.016

I just upgraded my Nokia N95 to the new firmware. It is teh great and I really recommend everyone with the phone to upgrade, pronto. However it is essential that you backup everything before you attempt anything, else you’d be crying and I can’t help you with that.

Gallery seems to load a tad faster, which is a plus because previously it was kind of draggy. With the Flash Lite 3, Nuffnang ads now load on my N95 (where previously it was just a box with a ‘x’ in the middle) and YouTube videos are far more easily accessible. I went to YouTube on the web explorer, searched for ‘dead terrorist’ and was terrifyingly rewarded.

On the applications side: I also re-installed Gmail app and it loads a HECK lot faster now. As it is a function that I use frequently, I am rather happy about that. As I also use Bloove as a web update for my contacts and messages, I had to change the ID as per new firmware, but it’s ok. Another application that I always use is Twibble as a means to update my Twitter on the go. They have a new version so I had to update mine and it seems better.

Hmm… what else… Oh I also updated my Nokia Maps to v.2.0 beta. Looks cooler, all I have to do now is learn how to use it properly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also am looking at ShoZu and wondering if I really need it.

Seems that there’s a new version of the PC Suite, but I read elsewhere that it kinda sucks so I am not touching that one yet.

Suanie’s wish list for Nokia N95:

– syncing for calendars other than M. Outlook and Lotus Notes. Mozilla’s Sunbird, anyone?
– auto-charge phone when connected via cable to laptop
– Nokia Video Manager not to crash on me most of the time
– WinLive app to work via Downloads. It’s not working for me, I don’t know why
– longer battery life. What? It’s a wish list, right?
– loudspeaker enabled as soon as the number is dialed (added at 8 p.m.)

Now I am going to look for more themes.

p/s: I think I have about a week’s more use of the N95. After that I will be the proud owner of the N82. Heheh, details to come.



  1. wohoo i wanna upgrade me N82 soon too then!

  2. reallybites says:

    try dwlding the winlive again tomr or something. i couldnt dwld it the first time i tried. was stucked halfway. then i tried again the next day and managed to dwld it.

    hmm whats the nokia video manager for? edit videos?

    n82 rocks but the bloody thing restarts everytime i pair it with my bluetooth.

  3. davidlian says:

    @KY & reallybites: There’s actually been a firmware upgrade for the N82.
    @ Suan: Eh…I also just upgraded. WinLive downloaded fine for me. Your 3G cacat?

  4. ky: soon i will be able to do that too! ๐Ÿ˜›

    reallybites: I have NO idea… it just says ‘unable to open’ … happened since the last upgrade (not this one). the nokia video manager… dono, i use it to watch mp4 vids only heheh but damn sien always crash every time i click to open 2nd video after the 1st one was done. sorry my english here and there, not really thinking at the moment ๐Ÿ˜€

    davidlian: like herro, how can my twibble and bloove and everything else that i downloaded using my 3g work and winlive doesn’t… ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› i told u about this problem before oredi.

  5. v21??? Why don’t they just put out a new model altogether? LOL

  6. davidlian says:

    @tigerjoe: To save you some money and demonstrate why you paid top dollar for a gadget that’s still current today. LoL, and no, that’s not an official answer.

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