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i woke up to the same old bullshit

This article on NST tickled my funny bone.

Because if they were so self-righteous in the sense as to clarify that (i.e. oh Badawi never said that…) and (i.e. Mahathir actually did this last time…), how about reading this article on NST, where the terms:

- opposition
- exploited
- non-Malay rights issues

… jump at you like sharks. Tak nampak any clarifications pun? Probably (some people) never attended the ceramahs kot.

By the way, I wonder why my newspaper vendor did not deliver yesterday and today…

And check out this article on The Star. Why so horrified? Not like DAP got herpes. I don’t see Loke Siew Fook or Kamarul Baharin wanting to stab themselves with AIDS-infected syringes after KJ won Rembau.

dear samy…

Just want to tell you…

IT’S AN ACT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus

Times like these when the elections tomorrow dominate most conversations, a friend remarked that Monday 10th March 2008 will be a very different day for a lot of people.

Will probably blog more about it tonight, that is if I don’t feel too tired :P

Two blog posts you must read before Malaysia’s general elections tomorrow. Ya they state reasons why one must consider voting for the opposition. But if you want reasons why one must vote for Barisan Nasional, just switch on your TV lah.

* How Barisan National Cheats Their Way To Victory by Su Ann
* Why we are voting tomorrow by RPK


Erna blogged about trimming the flab, with a screen shot of Spark People. So I went to the site and found out that it is a free weight/ lifestyle management programme.

Looks interesting. I registered for an account, entered my details and stuff. Then one of the things that they recommended for me was to exercise. So I closed the window.


Mom is going back to BP this evening, and she is taking Ryan with her. This morning I received an e-mail from mom, because communicating face-to-face or talking on the phone is so passé.

Mom wrote:

Shi shang zhi you mama hao!!!!!!!!

Before we balik kampung, I’d stocked 2-3 meals in the freezer for you. The only worry is whether you’d know how to take them out and heat up or not?? Worse comes to worst, put in the microwave oven lah! You can eat the veggies with your maggi mee (that’d be for sure what you’d be consuming!!!!!)

I shouldn’t be worried and be taking care of you all the time, for you are well past 26 years old. Hao ming de hua is already a mother.

That reminds me of the story of a very lazy husband who has always been served by his wife. One day she wanted to go home (hui niang jia) so she prepared a lot of cookies for husband. Fearing he’d be too lazy to go to the kitchen, she stringed the cookies into a necklace and hung it on her husband’s neck.

After a week she came back and found him dead! Died of hunger! Turned out that he only ate the piece of cookie that was under his chin, and was too lazy to reach out for the others.

Moral of my story: Reach out for the food!!!”

I replied back, “OMG!” What? That was the only response I could give at that time. Can’t top her wit. What would you have replied?


Added at 6.10 p.m.

Just got home to find this message stuck on the fridge:

“Got 2 boxes fish, 3 boxes vegies in freezer.

Cara mendapat ikan goreng sedap-sedap:
1. Take out, defrost
2. Heat kuali, no need oil as fried fish got oil, small the fire, put in fish and slowly fry it


1. Put in oven, over moderate heat, bake 5-10 min

Cara mendapat ikan goreng tidak sedap:

1. Put in microwave oven.


Mom's note

thanks for leaving me behind…

For Ryan’s mom and dad, who are away:

Ryan merajuk

Hahah, no lah. He is not in the least miserable, for his grandmother is around. But it was fun making him pretend.