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balik kampung tanam jagung, siapa yang akan saya sokong?

Listening to several audio clips of Obama vs Clinton vs McCain, I thought Obama came off sounding more logical, diplomatic, reasonable, encouraging and believable. Never mind that I do not know a lot about the United States’ health care system (which seems to be one of the main tussles between the two teams), or what it is that the US of A needs. Never mind that their foreign policies will more or less remain the same and they will continue to be shitty to a lot of other countries. Never mind that I shouldn’t really care because my nationality states Malaysian and the USA elections have nothing to do with me at all. I mean, seriously, do you think anyone else out there gives a shit about Malaysia’s elections? Imagine an American variation of me, born, bred and residing somewhere in [insert KL’s equivalent in USA here]. American me wouldn’t give a shit about Malaysian elections. They have better things to do; i.e. plotting to unleash John Rambo unto unsuspecting warring Third World countries because a few Christian do-gooders decided that some Karen people need more help than the 37 million Americans who currently live below the official poverty line. Religion is indeed great. So was the movie.

But as it is/ fortunately or unfortunately/ like it or not/ ultimately/ at the end of the day/ yang pastinya saya warganegara Malaysia. After observing the antics of the kuman di seberang lautan, I turn around only to narrowly escape from being stomped to oblivion by the gajah di depan mata. For sure there are too many things to bitch about; from stepping out of the house to start up the car to drive to work to find a soggy piece of Bee-Anne election campaign brochure unceremoniously stuck to my windscreen underneath my wipers (it rained the night before, and really, thank YOU because I am NOT annoyed enough by this distribution method that I DON’T happen to severely hate -_-” ) to the ‘how bloody obvious can you get?’ of a certain MP who came around the area where I work to discuss certain issues and problems, padahal the certain MP had never before this (by ‘this’ I mean the upcoming elections) expressed any interests in wanting to even hear out the problems. Should ‘disillusionment’ come with more punctuation marks?

As my blog is more or less a dumpster for my random and unorganised thoughts (hence a glimpse of how my grey matter really works… or not…), I’ll leave the intelligent debates and analyses to those who are intelligent in debating and analysing. The one thing that I must take issue with, something that I find immensely unfair is the small issue of Malaysian mass media. Since I have no new insights to offer, I’ll just ramble on, say my piece and if anyone finds it interesting, good. If it’s rhetoric, fine, whatever. If it’s downright dull, click here to watch Lisa Lampanelli’s bit at the Flava Flav roast.

One of the things that does not sit well with me is the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA). They sell booklets of Acts in MPH so you can get one for yourself if you so desire. In a nutshell, this Act dictates that all publishers and printing firms can only operate with a permit dished out by the Home Ministry, and this permit must be renewed every year. Said Ministry can choose to suspend or withdraw the permits, or simply refuse to renew them at their discretion. In theory, it allows the government to play god and for the interest of public safety, act on organisations distributing newsletters that sympathises with say, the Nazis. In reality, it allows the government to play god and for the interest of ‘public safety’, act on organisations distributing printed material that may question the ruling party’s decisions and track record, which we all know is so darn well perfect and not flawed in any way because it is the ruling party we are talking about here and they have been at the helm since Merdeka and nothing should have changed since then even though 50 years came and went and no Malaysians in their right mind should complain or have grouses unless they went wayward to side with the opposition and that makes them non-entities because everything from any opposition parties may ‘unsafe’ the public and hence are immediately evil. Like Jews.

To be continued… actually it depends whether I could be arsed to write more. Not like everyone appreciates my wit anyways bleh. By the way Malaysiakini is free for all to access and read until March 9th)

as if your monday isn’t bad enough…

Allow me to further fuck it up ๐Ÿ˜€

Suanie in make up

Details soon… maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

Update: This was for Edmund’s short film, The Chicken Rice Mystery.