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nuffnang’s 1st birthday bash a.k.a i heart nuffnang!

Last Saturday (15.03.08) was Nuffnang‘s 1st birthday bash. If you’d remember, it was actually supposed to be held the Saturday before. Then Badawi felt confident enough to hold the general election that weekend, and bloggers not in KL such as 5xMom would not be able to make it. So NN had to postpone the bash lah. But tak nampak bayang Chan Lilian pun…

As I had a late night on Friday (me and KY attended a Sunburst party at the Ritz Carlton, more on that later), I woke up late and decided to consume the rest of the food that Mom had prepared for me. The freezer is a wonderful thing indeed. Then I got caught up with MTV’s top 100 tunes from the 90’s and sat through that. Unfortunately they did not go through the whole 100 tunes, so I guess I’d have to check out part 2 and maybe even 3 soon.

Because ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was so hot (and the most important part of the song was stolen from Queen/Bowie), Vanilla Ice was part of the panel of 90s tunes experts. Fucking retard made me nearly barf. Then they had a slew of comedians and artists etc offering their takes on each tune. They should really quit with the comedian bit; every time they get some screen time, they’d try to be funny with one-liners, but they should really consider another day job…

Nevertheless I was extremely happy that Marcy’s Playground’s Sex and Candy made it to the list.

Then it started raining elephants and hippopotamuses and Astro went blank. So I had to will myself to get changed, pick up KY and head for the NN party @ Borneo Baruk Club. I stood in front of the mirror for a bit, wondering if I should wear the V-neck black T-shirt or the round-neck black T-shirt, then realised that no one including myself actually gives a shit.

Picked up KY, and he told me that David Lian was emoing on whether or not he should wear the Chipster pajamas (that eventually won him a Nintendo Wii). During our journey to KL (took the SMART tunnel and all, felt very smart that we both knew the true purpose of the tunnel) David called again and KY dispensed valuable advise in form of “DON’T BE A NUB, WEAR IT!”

Nuffnang party - Kid Chan, David Lian and Suanie
Kid, David and me… photo by Rojaks

Reached BBC at about 7 p.m. Ya damn bloggers, never on time, who the heck do we think we are! ๐Ÿ˜› Michelle of Nuffnang helped us with our registration, and we received a goodie bag containing a booklet, some flyers, a small bag of Chipster and a ‘I <3 Nuffnang' badge which I pinned to my bag. Saw Simon, Serge and Ming, and Xaviera who was at the bar with a Guinness in hand, and Budiey who was with a friend. Eyeris and FA arrived shortly after, and we ordered a Kilkenny each. That was before we found out that free beer was available. Bargh! No regrets though because Kilkenny is always awesome, and thanks Nuffnang for the free-flow of Heineken. Mwah.

Kid Chan was there with his posse Frederick and as usual, Kid was wearing his shades. Der fuck, too cool for school is it?! ๐Ÿ˜› Ah Wingz arrived, then Liang (who’s a real good emcee IMHO, who also hosted the Kung Fu Dunk Fest) got the party started. Speeches by Tim (who is always emo) and Ming, a few thank-yous to the sponsors (Chipster, Panasonic, Tune Hotel: sekian, terima kasih), then… I forgot what happened because we went upstairs to curi makan first.

Once upstairs, I recognised Holly Jean, a Singaporean blogger. According to teh Buck, she had invited him to the party, but he could not make it, and he said to say hi to her. And so I did. She was pleasant and friendly, but I felt like a stalker. Buck owes me beer. Well, more beer than usual.

Nuffnang party - TBG, Kid Chan and Suanie
ThaiBoxinGirl, Kid and me… photo by Kid Chan Studio

Then there were games, and I think Su Ann and the organising team did a great job in implementing them games, as they force you to interact with other people whether you like it or not… if you want to win prizes lah. Me being the semi anti-social, semi crowd-shy, semi-introvert of course did not get my arse down to doing anything. So lansi right… hahaha bleh.

But we did scream out quite a bit, particularly during the video presentation. Ah Yatz is teh femes! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wanted to pull down his kain pelikat but he managed to dodge my sneaky maneuvers. Got to meet some new faces: Julian, a Ph.D candidate @ Monash who is doing research on Malaysian blogs and blogosphere. May Leng who is Nuffnang’s featured blogger of March ’08, Povege who was rather sweet, Alwyn Tay where I was like, “I READ YOUR BLOG DUDE” and he replied, “BUT I DON’T HAVE A BLOG”… sorry mate, must be your Facebook updates then. Nicholas introduced me to his mom, and I went, “SO AUNTY, HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOUR SON LEFT A GOOD POSITION AT [insert company name here] TO JOIN A START-UP?” Heheheh, luckily she has a good sense of humour.

Who else… oh yah, Samantha whom I think is very cute, Kelz who is going to be pimped by XX soon, Esther who wore a chilli red top with matching boxer shorts, Wenqi whom I laugh at whenever I see her because she is just so adorable :D, Amy who wore a caftan, Xes looking smart, Lydia who is now officially Mrs. Wii, Lisan who couldn’t locate the free beer, Emily who was in a very hot purple outfit, Yee Hou who was manning a registration booth and… others others others. I know a lot more friends/ acquaintances/ people were there, I can’t remember everyone because I am 26 going on 60, and if we took photos together, could you send them to me, please? Because I am a lazy arse who didn’t take photos of my own. And if you send them to me, someday somehow someone will reward you for your kindness and generosity, someway. Kam siah kam siah beribu-ribu terima kasih.

So I had great fun, after which me and KY rushed off to attend the Sunburst music festival. Thanks Nuffnang for hosting the event; I am proud and honoured to be part of the vibrant and growing Nuffnang community, and I wish you many, many more birthdays to come. Just add Kilkenny to the list of free-flow next time, can? Heheh.. mwah!

Nuffnang party - TBG, Suanie, Kid Chan, Fireangel, Eyeris, Wingz and Samantha
ThaiBoxinGirl, me, Kid, eyeris, FA, Wingz and Samantha… photo by Kid Chan Studio

By the way, the Nuffie in the policewoman outfit was too damn hot.


Since I have nothing intelligent or stupid to contribute to the BN/BR blah, I’ll post photos of food, okay? Besides it is apt seeing that it’s lunch time.

Secret Recipe - carrot cake
Secret Recipe’s carrot cake

Actually I’d always thought it was damn weird for carrots to be present in Western-style cakes. I know the Chinese use lobak merah and lobak putih for various food, but the idea of a lobak merah with nuts and raisins and what-not in a sweet form… don’t know, I thought it was damn out of place. Needless to say I never bothered to try it. Until one day I got really hungry and the only instant thing I could eat in the fridge was a slice of carrot cake that my sister had baked. It was awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ And now I love carrot cakes, thanks.

William's seafood chowder close-up
William’s seafood chowder

As we all know, I am a semi-result of William’s evil plan for world domination by transforming PJ peps into baby elephants. The photo above explains the process.

William's seafood chowder
Suanie pwned by William

The bowl was bigger than my face.

Homst - seafood kuey teow soup
Seafood kuey teow soup @ Homst

Homst is a Chinese Muslim restaurant in Kota Damansara. The seafood kuey teow soup was peppery and rather normal. Well, as normal as a seafood kuey teow soup can get.

Homst - lontong
Lontong @ Homst

My colleague had the lontong. He liked it.

Kiku Zakura - temaki
Temaki @ Kiku Zakura

My auntie was in town, and she belanja-ed me and eldest sis to dinner yesterday @ Kiku Zakura. The soft-shell crab temaki was rather awesome — you could taste the crab’s flesh, as opposed to biting into skin and oil elsewhere.

Kiku Zakura - unagi sushi
Unagi something or the other @ Kiku Zakura

I don’t like unagi.

guess the item!

guess the item1

i woke up to the same old bullshit

This article on NST tickled my funny bone.

Because if they were so self-righteous in the sense as to clarify that (i.e. oh Badawi never said that…) and (i.e. Mahathir actually did this last time…), how about reading this article on NST, where the terms:

– opposition
– exploited
– non-Malay rights issues

… jump at you like sharks. Tak nampak any clarifications pun? Probably (some people) never attended the ceramahs kot.

By the way, I wonder why my newspaper vendor did not deliver yesterday and today…

And check out this article on The Star. Why so horrified? Not like DAP got herpes. I don’t see Loke Siew Fook or Kamarul Baharin wanting to stab themselves with AIDS-infected syringes after KJ won Rembau.

dear samy…

Just want to tell you…

IT’S AN ACT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111


bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus

Mom is going back to BP this evening, and she is taking Ryan with her. This morning I received an e-mail from mom, because communicating face-to-face or talking on the phone is so passe.

Mom wrote:

Shi shang zhi you mama hao!!!!!!!!

Before we balik kampung, I’d stocked 2-3 meals in the freezer for you. The only worry is whether you’d know how to take them out and heat up or not?? Worse comes to worst, put in the microwave oven lah! You can eat the veggies with your maggi mee (that’d be for sure what you’d be consuming!!!!!)

I shouldn’t be worried and be taking care of you all the time, for you are well past 26 years old. Hao ming de hua is already a mother.

That reminds me of the story of a very lazy husband who has always been served by his wife. One day she wanted to go home (hui niang jia) so she prepared a lot of cookies for husband. Fearing he’d be too lazy to go to the kitchen, she stringed the cookies into a necklace and hung it on her husband’s neck.

After a week she came back and found him dead! Died of hunger! Turned out that he only ate the piece of cookie that was under his chin, and was too lazy to reach out for the others.

Moral of my story: Reach out for the food!!!”

I replied back, “OMG!” What? That was the only response I could give at that time. Can’t top her wit. What would you have replied?


Added at 6.10 p.m.

Just got home to find this message stuck on the fridge:

“Got 2 boxes fish, 3 boxes vegies in freezer.

Cara mendapat ikan goreng sedap-sedap:
1. Take out, defrost
2. Heat kuali, no need oil as fried fish got oil, small the fire, put in fish and slowly fry it


1. Put in oven, over moderate heat, bake 5-10 min

Cara mendapat ikan goreng tidak sedap:

1. Put in microwave oven.

๐Ÿ™‚ ”

Mom's note

thanks for leaving me behind…

For Ryan’s mom and dad, who are away:

Ryan merajuk

Hahah, no lah. He is not in the least miserable, for his grandmother is around. But it was fun making him pretend.