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Too many things to get to. None of particular significance… but hey, that’s this entire blog for you.

Over the weekend I discovered 2 great songs that I am now playing over and over again. I suppose I’ll get tired of them within 2 weeks, and I suppose those who already know of these 2 songs will scorn at my late discovery. And I suppose a lot of young’uns will not appreciate them… do you know how old I felt when someone younger than me by a couple of years didn’t know Bon Jovi’s songs? Except for ‘Always’ of course, because that one is overplayed, over-hyped and over-emo.

I guess it’s the exposure part; e.g. I wouldn’t recognise any songs by Sex Pistols. But I can sing Patti Page’s ‘Changing Partners’ word for word, thanks to my mom’s love for oldies (a.k.a. pop music to her, heheh). And Limbo Rock. The first English song (besides Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars) I heard was Bill Haley’s Mambo Rock. I remember only the chorus though.

Anyway I heard Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’ and David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’, and I’m loving them. Now scorn.


Sometime back Chewyx asked me if I would appear in a cameo role in his first movie, an indie short flick that he wrote, directed and produced called WEB OF LIES. Of course I said yes. So one day he picked me up, took me to his house where he was shooting, got Eunice to apply make-up on my face, gave me a script containing my lines and told me to memorise them… fast. Basically I was a blogger named Suanie (sounds familiar?) with certain information regarding a mysterious person.

Also met Alfred (main naked actor), Sarah (main curvaceous actress) and Grace for the first time. Also found out that I should never opt for an acting career, ever.

So Chewyx had a mini screening of his movie last week. I was invited along with Edmund (who was credited as co-producer), and had dinner prepared by Chewyx. Then he screened the final product… and I had some cringe-worthy moments…

There were some parts that I felt were not so good, but actually it was not bad considering that it was Chewyx’s directorial debut. I think he knows the negative bits that we discussed after the screening. Well, good job, keep it up 😀 And thanks for asking me, it was quite an experience 😀

Edmund had with him a copy of his latest work, KURUS (co-written and directed by Woo Ming Jin) and so we got to watch that. It’s a tele-movie for NTV7, due to be broadcasted sometime end of March. If you’ve read his blog raving on and on about Carmen Soo and how gorgeous/ jaw-dropping bootiful/ patient/ extraordinary/ superwoman-like qualities bla bla she is, well this was the movie she was in. And honestly, I liked most of it, except two parts and I’ll tell you why:

1) Independent/ not-enough-money/ artistic/ mind-boggling/ what’s-the-point shots. You know what I am talking about. In some movies, it could be 10 seconds of coconut trees swaying in the breeze, or a boy walking down a narrow road for 20 seconds, or green paddy fields or dilapidated houses… Reason they exist is because these shots are deemed to be ‘artistic’ or highlighted to be the mark of ‘independent’ movies but to me they are no more than self-wanking moments. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they do not have enough money to rewrite the script to include more meaningful dialogue, or to pay actors for extra screen time. Luckily I could only detect one such self-wanking shot in KURUS, and that was acknowledged by a grinning Edmund.

2) The ending. So many things I want to say about it, but I’d rather you watch it when NTV7 broadcasts it.

But there were many good things about KURUS, and the one I liked the most was the chemistry between the actors. Some of the actors were first-timers, but they seemed as if they had years of training. Mislina Mustapha (who was Mukhsin’s auntie in Yasmin Ahmad’s MUKHSIN) was simply delightful. The script was funny, and… well, you’ll just have to wait to watch it. I’m sure come March, Edmund will pimp KURUS all over the blogosphere 😉

For more info about Edmund, please read a previous post of mine here.


Random MSN conversation with Reuben:

Reuben: Hey I upgraded to the Nokia N95 8gb because you loved your N95!
me: You are kidding me?
Reuben: No, serious.
(bla bla bla)
me: Sing my praises!
Reuben: Suanie is better than a block of Stilton cheese, a bottle of port and a sunny afternoon.
me: So me + a block of Stilton cheese + a bottle of port + a sunny afternoon = you + boner?
Reuben: Yes.

Or something like that. I was sleepy and didn’t save the conversation. Reuben, speak up! 😀


I loved you, Heath 🙁



  1. Darn it. Now so many people coming out to say they love Heath after the RIPs. I was first ok?

  2. heath was a great actor!

    davidlian, I loved him since 10 things about you. Such charming character, sometimes I feel its not fair for such person to exist. LoL

    n95 8gb? is that necessary. funny, thought of getting one 😉

  3. Worse than wanking shots:

    Man drives car with background music.

    Man gets out of car to open the gate of a house. Gets back in the car and drives it into carporch. Gets out of car and closes gate.

    Oh, wait. Before he gets out, he remembers to turn off the car’s lights.

  4. Ahhh…..Down Under…I loved the song when it first came out in the 80’s… it still. Yes I can hear it over and over again. You MUST also hear Overkill by Men at Work, also one of my favs!

  5. Giant Sotong says:

    Ahh… “I come from a land down under…!!!” Neat song. I also liked “Who Could It Be Now”. Those were the days.

  6. Ohohoh, thanks for the plug. Just got back from the KURUS press conference myself, so will be posting up photos soon.

  7. NoktahHitam, I also loved him since that show. Haha… just the most charming gentleman you’ll ever meet.

  8. Listen to T-Rex’s ALL THE YOUNG DUDES!

  9. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    ‘I heard Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’ and David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’’

    Can’t believe you’ve lived this long and not heard either of these songs.
    Do you know Bowie’s, ‘The Man who Sold the World’ ??? I think that might be his best.
    ‘I’m afraid of American’s’ is also a good one and ‘The Heart’s Filthy Lessons’ [just to name a few]. Not sure how much you were into Bowie, but ‘Rebel Rebel’ is off his 1984 album [recorded about 1974 if I remember], and was a good album all round if you can pick it up.

    ‘Down Under’ is practically our national anthem [after Cold Chisel’s ‘Khe Sahn’].

    ‘Basically I was a blogger named Suanie’

    Art imitates life … imitates art, imitates life.

    ‘certain information regarding a mysterious person.’

    You promised not to tell anyone!!! 🙂

  10. wtf isnt it chewxy

  11. yahoo suan listening to david bowie:-) check out ‘changes’ and ‘oh! you pretty things’ if you like rebel rebel. seu jorge did a portuguese jazz version of rebel rebel which is also really, really good (it got mr bowie’s 2 thumbs up oso) xoxoxo

  12. davidlian: don’t perasan. heath was almost universally loved

    noktahhitam: well i am happy with my n95 with the 1gb memory card. never seems to run out of space. but the 8gb screen is bigger

    suertes: korean dramas have the most wanking shots. actually i hate korean dramas.

    in: hehe ok will check it out on youtube 😉

    GS: which also discloses how old you are 😛

    Edmund: hehe i want to hug your main actor 😛

    Andrew: but i’ve heard World Party’s version

    Dabs: oh well. there are many songs that i have not heard. actually i’ve heard ‘down under’ before, i just didn’t know it was ‘down under’. ‘rebel rebel’ was after it was played to death on howard stern show and i finally searched for the title. Bowie’s ‘man who sold the world’ was covered by Nirvana on their mtv unplugged album, that was the first time i’ve heard it. having heard bowie’s version, i like nirvana’s better 😛

    paultan: it is indeed! 😀

    delia: you are so old skool hehe

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