camwhoring with maya karin

Do you think I would let such an opportunity slide me by? Of course not! πŸ˜€

My Little Bird James invited me to a TVC shoot he was involved in, starring Maya Karin. It is for a service to be launched soon, and the storyboard seemed rather cool. Seemed to be a lot of work involved, especially the post-production part. James said something along the lines of, “Well, a lot of things we do for money. This we do for love.” Awwww touching betul πŸ˜›

Maya Karin TVC - Behind The Scenes
Behind the scenes

Maya Karin - TVC rehearsals
Maya Karin rehearsing her role

Suanie with Maya Karin
Me with Maya Karin




  1. ARGH! What I wouldn’t do, who I wouldn’t kill, for a photo-op with Maya in leather….

  2. is it me or she looks quite chubby in that suit? and she’s not that tall either is she?
    face is lovely though

  3. Mmmm…..I’m married, so I can’t say more.

  4. Sharon,
    Suan is tall.

  5. DID sHe SMELLL??

  6. sashi: heahehae envy!

    sharon: why you talk about me liddat πŸ™

    davidlian: what’s wrong with wishing for something that will definitely never happen in this lifetime? πŸ˜›

    KY: you are so funny

    mows: not when i was there πŸ˜›


    just playing πŸ™‚

  8. Mm… Maya Karin is hot..

  9. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    So, red leather is in. Must remember to buy some next time I’m in Malaysia to show off my curves. πŸ™‚
    Anyone want to pose with me? πŸ™‚

  10. I agree with cheesekeerian..
    le sigh

  11. she’s so hottttttt

  12. Doomlord_uk says:

    Mmmm, hot… :p

    (Maya’s not bad either πŸ˜‰ )


  13. Is it me or Maya looks like she’s gonna pull a pre-crazy Britney on us? There’s this one video she was dressed in red leather wan =) Maya’s sweet.

  14. Oh… how lucky u are. Love Maya Karin. I think she is just awesome & gorgeous. but wait, her in this attire looks really like Britney Spears in one of her music vid.

  15. lainie: it was where it should have been πŸ˜€

    cheesecakeerian: she is very photogenic

    dabs: i dread the mental image

    doomlord: LMAO

    reta: she has a lovely smile

    erisha: heheheh i know which music video.. the pre-kfed pre-kids pre-crazy one

  16. Im confused, which is Maya Karin, left or right? LoL.

    She looks shes in britney’s suit, the vids of Oops I did It Again.

    Special effects huh.. looking forward for the outcome!

  17. wow. she’s a reall hottie. lucky u!

  18. oh Maya…


  19. the suit should be a little tighter on the waist.
    she’s beautiful anyhow anyway..
    Maya Karin, give me a call ok?

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