A most memorable trip to Chiling Falls, Selangor

A few friends and I decided to go on an outdoor activity sort of thing to level out the unhealthiness in us. From Waterfalls of Malaysia, I decided on Chiling Falls. The site listed its accessibility as ‘moderate’ aka some trekking required not as easy as parking your car right in front of the waterfall. Sounds fun already!

Since I have absolutely no idea how to get to Kuala Kubu Baru/ Ulu Yam/ Selangor Dam (aku orang Johor, ok) or what the trail would be like, I thought it would be wise to get a guide for the trip. Wrote to ‘Happy Yen’, he was available and we decided on a date for the activity.

On the morning of Hari Raya Aidiladha, we got together at a meeting point @ Damansara Jaya, had a light breakfast then headed for our destination. We had an extra person with us; an Ethiopian dude who was in the country for business, bound to leave for home later that day and had wanted to do something ‘different’ on his last day in Malaysia. I guess at some point, tourists in KL do not want to go on endless shopping mall trips.

Yen’s itinerary included a short visit to a Buddhist temple in Rawang where we had an interesting discussion on what is ‘real’ or ‘fake’ Buddhism (if there is such a thing). Then it was off to Kuala Kubu Baru for an early lunch of wantan mee, followed by a visit to the Sungai Selangor Dam.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 01 - Selangor dam
It was a beautiful day. Quite windy at the dam, very picturesque

We spent about 10 minutes enjoying the breeze, admiring the scenery and taking photographs. Then went on our journey, reached the entrance to Chiling Falls at around 11am. Yen advised us to leave some stuff in our cars (i.e. change of clothes), then our adventure began!

The beginning of the trail to the waterfall was marked by a suspension bridge. After that it was more than an hour’s trekking (for beginners) along a defined but narrow trail. Within the first 15 minutes, the sole of ShaolinTiger’s Reebok came off. Yen was grinning all the way, telling us that he bought his ‘kampung Adidas’ for RM6.99 at Jukebox and how they’d served him well. I wore my Teva slippers (I usually do anyway) was happy with my decision.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 03 - tricky trail
We plodded along the muddy trail, wrestled with thick jungle growth, yeah!

Yen proved to be an informative guide. While waiting for everyone to catch up, he would point at something interesting and tell us about it. For me I knew certain things already, so his commentary would benefit those foreign to the country, or a particular breed of urbanites who would excitedly point to a goat and exclaim, “eh, kangaroo!” It was a few years ago, he was my ex’s cousin, and boy did he get ribbed that day.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 04 - Yen the waterfall guide
Yen telling interesting stuff, KY looked on

Since the last time I trekked was more than a decade ago, I had to pay extra attention to the trail as so not to hurt myself (really bad) or fall over (worse). Occasionally we’d stop for a few seconds to take in our surroundings, and we’d be rewarded with scenes like this:

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 05 - bottom part of the river
Bottom part of the river where it’s still shallow

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 06 - should we or shouldn't we
Yen allowing us to catch our breaths

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 07 - Suanie with Fireangel
Me with FA. You can sort of see how fast the water was flowing, judging by the splashing at our feet

Being an unfit sort of person, I kept thinking to myself “this wasn’t what I signed up for”. Don’t get me wrong; it was one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve had in a while but I was expecting something… easier? Yen laughed and said that this was an easy trail for him, but first-timers would do well to engage a guide unless they are old-hands at trekking.

Much later I was telling my bro-in-law about the trip and he scoffed at the idea of a guide, saying that he used to go to Chiling Falls with his friends, crossing the rivers and what-not without guides. Then I told him that at some point, the water level was rather high, there were rapids, and the river was gushing, and… and…

Still, he was not impressed. Bah!

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 08 - trekking the trail
Following the trail

Yen brought safety ropes with him and used them to guide us across the river (5 times each way). Sometimes it was difficult especially when the water was coming down really hard and fast. Sometimes we’d slip a bit, no thanks to the treacherous river rocks. At the 4th crossing, we had to wait around a bit because a fitter looking guide borrowed Yen’s ropes so his group of 17 kids (by kids I mean late teens – early twenties) could cross the river. Heh, it was a case of ‘my guide is better and more prepared than your guide even though your guide looks fitter hence proving the age old adage that physical appearances mean shit’. Later we found out that it was the same group who’d bought some cheap ass shoes for this trip. When the soles came off, they simply did not bother with them; instead they left the damaged shoes all along the trail, which Yen picked up (all of them!) on our way back. I hope they hurt themselves, those irresponsible ass wipes.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 10 - ShaolinTiger and Kim crossing the river
At an early crossing

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 09 - Suanie crossing the river
Me using the rope to cross the river while Yen looks on, probably laughing to himself at us noobs

After 1+ hour, we reached the main waterfall.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 11 - the magnificent waterfall
It was rather magnificent, really

There were only 6 other people there, including a group of 3 who brought some beer with them. One of them who was rather inebriated tried to pick up Kim, lol.

There was a small pool before the waterfall with plenty of fish. Yen brought some bread so we could feed the fish, though reading this comment at KY’s blog, it probably wasn’t a good idea. Yen also brought a disposable stove/ burner with him and made us hot drinks with water from the river. Don’t ask, don’t tell, right? Heh. It was lovely anyhow, and quite an unexpected gesture from him.

When KY saw all the equipment that was coming out from Yen’s magic pocket, he jokingly remarked to him, “It would be so perfect if you had a hammock as well…” To which Yen replied, “But I have a hammock!” and proceeded to pull out a rolled-up hammock from his backpack. “I just don’t have a string for it!” Jaws dropped, laughter ensued. Goodness gracious!

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 12 - Suanie with Val
With Val

The water was cold, but I swam for a bit anyway. At one point near the waterfall, I lost my footing because the ground suddenly went deeper. Could have drowned if I didn’t know how to swim. Dangerous, dangerous. Yen later told us that he believes there is a mini cave near the waterfall. A few years ago, a couple of people drowned there — one had accidentally fell off, and a couple others dived in to rescue the first person. Their bodies weren’t found until a couple of days later. Yen said that he once threw a ball into that direction; the ball disappeared for 10 minutes before resurfacing.

There are two other falls just after this one, but Yen said that the trail was closed as it was too dangerous. But this one was more than good enough. Yen’s itinerary included a trip to the Batang Kali Hotspring, but we decided to spend more time at Chiling Falls.

Chiling Falls, Selangor - 13 - a happy group

It was a one-way-in-one-way-out deal. Of course it was more tiring, and during one river crossing, FA’s slippers were swept away. So she had to trek the rest of the way bare-footed. I heard she got bumps and bruises later. Sang songs along the way to take our minds off our lackluster psychical conditions, and finally made it back at around 4 something p.m. We had a good meal at Ulu Yam, then went home.

I had difficulty walking and moving my limbs for the next two days, but it was all worth it πŸ˜€

If you would like Yen to be your awesome guide to Chiling Falls, you can drop him an e-mail at happyyen [at] gmail [dot] com or call him at +60173697831.

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  1. sniff. sakit okay. πŸ™

  2. Best trip! Worst shoes….ftw

  3. *hugs* Lets do something similar in July!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    More interesting than Wave Rock I take it! hee hee πŸ˜€

    ‘It is awesome being a dictator. You should try it sometimes.’

    Only if I have permission. πŸ™‚

    ‘I guess at some point or the other, people do want to NOT visit more and more shopping malls.’

    Remind me NOT to tell you what I did today! hee hee! πŸ˜€

    ‘a particular breed of urbanites who would excitedly point to a goat and exclaim, Ò€œeh, kangaroo!Ò€ ‘

    Nah, it’s a wombat! πŸ˜€

    Actually, it’s a little reminescent of when I was doing my Geo Degree [uncompleted of course] and we were in the Warrambungle Mountain ranges and it was 40 C degrees every day. The two guys I were with insisted I go check out this large white mound we could see in a field. They both insisted it was a huge chunk of quartz. I disagreed and thought it was a dead sheep, but to prove it I had to walk all the way out to where it was. It was a dead sheep … and it smelled. lol

    ‘You can sort of see how fast the water was flowing, judging by the splashing at our feet’

    I thought you were wearing glass socks.

    ‘including a group of 3 who brought some beer with them. One of them who was rather inebriated tried to pick up Kim, lol.’

    Oh, Aussie yobbos from Cronulla Beach! πŸ™‚

    ‘equipment that was coming out from YenÒ€ℒs magic pocket’

    Is Yen a magical blue cat at all?

    ‘I just donÒ€ℒt have a string for it’

    Two thoughts … 1. what did you say about him being so well prepared? 2. why not use the safety ropes?

    ‘Would have drowned if I didnÒ€ℒt know how to swim.’

    Would have been irresponsible to go swimming at a waterfall if you can’t swim. πŸ™‚

    ‘Yen later told us that he believes there is a mini cave or something near the waterfall.’

    Most waterfalls have a backwash area where things are easily caught in for days. The water hits the bottom of the falls and washes back towards the rock face eroding it till there is a gap there. In white water rafting trips it’s fun to use the backwash to get the raft caught so that it fills with water and the raft is in equilibrium, neither going up nor down the river. πŸ™‚

    ‘one had accidentally fell off, and a couple others dived in to rescue the first person.’

    Ropes are needed in those situations and people strong enough to haul whoever dives in out of the backwashes current. ie. person falls into waterfall backwash area, second person ties rope on themselves and dives in to get the first person, all others haul on the rope to make sure second person doesn’t also drown [and hopefully they’ll have the first person]. If the current is too strong though, don’t try it.

    ‘during one river crossing, FAÒ€ℒs slippers were swept away.’

    The glass ones you guys were wearing earlier? πŸ™‚

    ‘Sang songs along the way’

    I can imagine.
    The internet is for Porn. The Internet is for porn.

  5. the first pic looked like a mini Niagara Falls!

    the water was probably a couple of hundred meters deep fr where you took the pic.

  6. Sang songs for FA?!?!

    Thought you do not ? Karaoke??

  7. Dab: Glass socks, ahahaha. I like that.

  8. wow. now i wish i went there after my hosp postings there last year.

  9. Hi! Suanie,

    Wow! You can write and your photographs are beautiful.
    Thank you for promoting me and Chiling Waterfall.

  10. i miss it! happyyen’s awesome

  11. Notty Gurl says:

    WAHHH!!! Like best!! I also want to go… I also want to go all these adventures.. Sigh… move my ass a bit la… getting fat!

  12. im very impressed how some of u manage to manage water activity wearing shirts and thong (as in flip flop)

    ganbate, sembayang kuat kuat.

  13. fa: heh banyaknyer complain πŸ˜›

    ST: heheh kampung adidas ftw

    valz: okay! trekking again? heh

    dabs: we did sing that

    js: heh it was too far for us to have a better look. but the whole place was lovely to look at, and to be at

    suertes: i sing horribly, not with a mic

    lishun: not too late to go anytime

    happyyen: oh herro! hehe you are most welcome πŸ™‚

    Notty Gurl: the waterfalls of malaysia website is quite good

    aeroplane: teva slippers rock

  14. Carrmun says:

    Thanks for this insightful blog as I’m planning a trip there soon. πŸ™‚


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