dree’s open house a.k.a. we love laksa johor!

Bleh modem at home died, so no Internet at home until that bit is fixed.

Last Saturday, Dree invited us to his pad for Raya open house, claiming that his mother makes the best laksa johor around. I never had laksa johor by his mom before, but KY said it was fanfuckingtastic, so we went around to Dree’s even though me and KY just had a hearty lunch a couple hours before.

Dree's open house - Dree looking macho
Dree looking all manly and tough. Yeah thanks for inviting us AFTER we had lunch, biatch.. Next time wake up earlier ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

Dree's open house - KY
KY tucking in

Dree's open house - Laksa Johor
Chopped bits of this and that makes up laksa.. gravy not added yet here though

Dree's open house - Suanie
I couldn’t resist the power of the laksa

Side observation: you know you are fat when William, whose sole mission in life is to transform PJ-ians into baby elephants look at you in a sort of discouraging way and says, “you gained weight.”



  1. dree..am not speaking to you till next raya. kthxbai.

  2. best laksa johor ever!

  3. Come join me for a run! I am so hungry-i-could-eat-a-horse-and-still-lose-weight right now because of running…

  4. you’re lucky got invitation for raya open house… i was sitting home doing nothing… so sad loh…

  5. suanie its my dad who makes it not my mom..!! but its a family affair.. LOOK AT ALLL THE CUTTING AND CHOPPING!! no food processors ya!

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