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a pretend update

What I have been doing:

– Closed my RHB bank account because it has been dormant for years. No problems there, except the part where I almost LOL-ed after seeing the person behind the counter wearing this badge saying, “Bank ROMPAK Bonus Kami!”. Later as I went to several other banks, I realised that it’s not limited to RHB, but rather a union thing. Cute.

– Opened a new Maybank account, then discovered that I have another dormant Maybank account, which I apparently had opened in 2001 at the Puchong Jaya branch. This is MOST befuddling, as I have totally NO recollection of ever opening a savings account with Maybank. But the details were undoubtedly mine, circa 2001 that is. Still got like RM50 in the account also. So I have to drag myself all the way to Puchong Jaya to close it. Oddity balls.

– Had lunch with Jaime yesterday at D’lish, sister of Delicious. I had a cupcake…

Dlish vanilla cupcake
Almost too pretty to eat…

Okay here’s the thing with me and cupcakes:

1) I’ve never liked cupcakes
2) There’s been a surge of demand for cupcakes recently, and many bloggers posted photos of beautiful cupcakes
3) Some of the cupcakes are too damned pretty to be eaten!
4) Viral marketing + pretty-fication of cupcakes = me yearning for cupcakes
5) So I bought a cupcake
6) And found out that I still do not like cupcakes.

Summary: me = sucka.

– Went to Starhill this morning to collect my two FREE tickets to watch ‘TUNKU, THE MUSICAL’, courtesy of YTL. Yays! The thing I hate about Starhill is that they name all the different levels with friggin’ VERBS! Whatever happened to good ol’ numerical values?!

– Since I was in the vicinity and it was around lunchtime, I drove a short distance to Jln. Nyonya to have siu yok fan. Turns out that the dude doesn’t sell his femes siu yok until 12.30 p.m. so I had to wait 15 minutes for ‘opening time’. Meanwhile a kakak working there boasted to me of their employer’s excellent siu yok, and the hard work of constant poking the meat that goes into the preparation that commences at 8.30 a.m. every working day. At 12.45 p.m. my siu yok fan was served to me…

Jln Pudu siu yok
So awesome I could die!

Snapped a photo of the owner too:

Siu Yok chef
The one who pokes the meat everyday

– Took my car for servicing, yadda yadda yadda.

– Had my eyebrows threaded. Ouch.

– Bought a copy of Mastika. I love that shit.

– Had my car washed by hardworking foreign workers. And just so you know, it is raining now. It’s a conspiracy against me owning a clean car, I tell ya.

– Attending a farewell party tonight.

– Going to nap for a bit now. Byes!

piggy biscuits & ryan does spiderpig!

When we were kids, one of our favourite things to eat was the piggy biscuit. We would have it once a year, because… well, it’s a Mooncake Festival specialty thing, isn’t it? To this day I have no idea what the piggy biscuit is properly called, so I shall call it the piggy biscuit.

The piggy biscuits are made from leftovers of the dough used to make mooncake skin. They are then molded into piggy shapes, then baked, then placed in red and yellow plastic (some say rattan) in the shape of a cage. One cage for one pig. Sort of like the cages they put real pigs in before taking them to the slaughter house. For some reason it reminded me of the scene in an old Chinese movie where they forced a woman into the same cage then drown her for adultery.

The piggy biscuits are chewy, and actually I never thought that they were any good to eat. But we used to love buying them because of their adorable-ness, and the we collected the plastic cages for our playtime. My mother remembers it being sold for 20 cents each during her day. I remember it being sold for 50 cents each during my day. Rip offs πŸ˜›

So yesterday I was in SS2 buying a birthday cake for my sisters, and I chanced upon these adorable piggy biscuits for sale!

Piggy biscuit packaging

For a second, all my childhood memories came flooding back to me, and the first person I thought of was Ryan. I don’t think he’s had a piggy biscuit before, and even if he did last year, he wouldn’t have remembered it. So I picked one up and went to the counter to pay for it.

Guess how much it cost?

Piggy biscuit close up


Okay to be (slightly) fair, this piggy biscuit was nicely packaged, and seemed fatter than the piggy biscuits I used to have. My mom later told me that the piggy biscuit I bought has some sort of a filling… lotus paste I think. BUT STILLL!!!!!111111 RM4 can pay for an awesome plate of zhap fan!!

Oh well.

I brought it home and gave it to Ryan. He was ECSTATIC!!! Heh okay lah the money was well-spent.

Ryan with a piggy biscuit

Dude wouldn’t eat it though. He thinks it’s a toy.

I also very sneakily gave him the idea that the piggy biscuit was a spiderpig. So now it’s spiderpig to him!! Heheh so much fun molding innocent kids’ minds… πŸ˜€

Here’s a video of him singing spiderpig… with me and my mom’s help!

Early education… what can I say? πŸ˜€

13 signs the general elections are near

Was sending Erna home after a yum-char session. The road directly outside her place (where I used to live) was beautifully paved over. It was the first time in so many years that I’ve seen that road without it being uneven or not filled with potholes. My immediate thought was… “ELECTIONS KAMBING SOON!!!”

Apparently that was her first thought as well; just one of the more obvious signs that Malaysia’s GE will soon be upon us. How soon is soon? I don’t know… soon enough lah!

So here are 13 signs that the general elections are near… compiled with the help of my sister, Kelvin, James and one ‘psycho killer’ who shall remain anonymous πŸ˜€

(Disclaimer: this post is meant for laughs. Don’t take me too seriously. I can’t tell you the exact date of the upcoming general elections, because usually I am the last to know)


13 Signs The General Elections Are Near

1. The roads outside your house, or anywhere else within the BN constituency are newly paved over. Various potholes that have been there forever are nicely filled. Roads and streets in Malaysia have not looked so good since 5 years ago.

2. Rumours of elections are rife but the government vehemently denies them, or plays coy.

3. Potential election candidates pop by your house for a cuppa and a friendly chat, accompanied by frenzied media. Most of the time, you would not see them again in real life for the next 5 years.

4. Newspapers go out of their way to publish nation-building articles.

5. The stock exchange heats up for half a year.

6. There are no price increases anywhere, OR the government suddenly reduces the ceiling price of a commodity item.

7. Civil servants get increase in salaries, or hefty bonuses.

8. MCA suddenly holds extra free tai-chi classes at each branch.

9. The Prime Minister and his deputy read from the same script of fairness and unity.

10. Pak Lah sends you a snail mail thanking you for being an awesome Malaysian, and to remind you not to take the country’s peace for granted.

11. Printing suppliers for T-shirts, badges, caps and umbrellas are swamped with hush hush orders.

12. You can’t buy a single bloody ticket in advance to balik kampung because bus companies suddenly get massive bookings on that date.

13. When the PM is in the country for more than 1 week at a stretch… voila!!!

For more, check the Comments πŸ˜‰

happy birthday to my twin sisters!

Couldn’t find a latest photo of them together, so here they are with Ryan πŸ˜€

Sisters and Ryan!

Happy birthday!

royal selangor’s autumn ’07 collection launch partayyy!!

Last Tuesday, we were invited to the launch of Royal Selangor’s Autumn 2007 Collection. To cut a long story short, the Royal Selangor dudes really know how to throw a party!

Now on to the long story…

The party was held at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak. Initially I was a bit hesitant to go, because Setapak is like Cheras to me; multiple roads leading to unfamiliar places that would give me panic attacks. Luckily Mack sat in my car, and he knew how to get there, so we ended up reaching the place on time.

Royal Selangor Autumn 2007 Collection Launch - Visitor Centre
The party, Turkish-theme

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you, malaysian driver, way to go!

You know, one of the things that never cease to amaze me is how Malaysian drivers would help each other on the road.

I am not talking about your car breaking down and shizzle like that. If you don’t have AAM, consider yourself well and truly fucked, unless there are some honest-to-goodness Samaritans left in this world who would actually stop and help you with your car troubles. Then you would have to go buy the lottery the next day, because in this day and age, this practice is almost extinct, possibly fearing for their own lives and what-not. I mean, even if you were the recipient of this kindness, you can never know. Didn’t you watch Zodiac?

No sire, I am talking about the unspoken practice of flashing your car’s headlights to inform drivers on the opposite side of the road of speed traps and police road blocks ahead.

It is one of the things that make me go warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me feel very Malaysian, and much love for our fellow countrymen/women. A small thing like that makes me feel more united than any national service could ever hope to achieve.

After all, we are only tolong-menolong bekerjasama mencegah jenayah rasuah. That is a good thing, no?