zouk did it again

Got this from a forum somewhere. Initially I thought it was a hoax, or just another fluff thing. But then rajulkabir stated that he knew the two women involved, and had actually watched them go into a cab to go to Zouk that very night. And I (sort of) know rajulkabir, and I know he doesn’t fib about these things.

Gonna copy and paste the entire post from the Lonely Planet forum:

Alert – Hate Crimes Against Foreign Women in Malaysia

Recently, two expatriate women (US and Canada) were attacked in the middle of the dancefloor at Zouk nightclub in Kuala Lumpur. They described their attacker as an older Malay male (with bodyguards!) who claimed they were dancing “too close to the VIP area”. The women, both teachers at International Schools in KL, were celebrating the end of the school year and saying good bye as the American teacher was transferring to a school in Buenos Aires.

Sensing that this man may have been problematic, they moved away from the VIP area and continued to dance. What happened next brought tears to my eyes. Our Canadian friend said that the Malay man returned to the dancefloor and began shouting at them to “Go back to where you came from” and called them a variety of choice names. He then grabbed the American woman by the ears and head-butted her in the teeth. Stunned, the American started after the Malay man as he stomped off toward the VIP area. The Canadian woman followed her, and was cold-cocked to the side of her head by…the bodyguard!!

Meanwhile, Zouk’s bouncers as well as the club- goers did nothing. It gets worse.

The Canadian woman clears the stars out of her head to see the American woman being held – an arm by each bodyguard, while the Malay man kicked her repeatedly and savagely in the stomach – so hard, that she defecated on the floor. All the while, the Malay man uttered racial and sexist epithets against the women.

Zouk’s bouncers did nothing.

Oh, wait, yes they did. After the older Malay man with bodyguards finished pummeling the American woman, the bouncers grabbed the two women and threw them out of the club. Period.

They went immediately to the police and filed a report.

Following up two days later with the police, they were told that the security footage was too blurry and that they couldn’t do anything. Sorry.

Well, they may be sorry, but Zouk nightclub let all this happen. I had heard stories like this before, but this time it happened to two friends of mine and we’ve alerted our Embassies. People’s children go to Zouk; imagine this happening to an expat teen?

I will never step foot in Zouk again. The older Malay man with bodyguards may be some over-privileged sicko from the Royalty who will never amend his crime against the women due to the corrupt justice system here in Malaysia, but it happened at Zouk. And all travelers coming to Malaysia should know.

If you are a western female, be very careful here. Another incident happened to a German woman we know – racial and sexist epithets uttered while a brick was heaved at her head from a younger Malay man on a motorcycle – she had to have her face stitched up!

Be very very careful coming to Malaysia.

First of all, I think the title of the post is a tad misleading. Perhaps it should have been amended to specify that the venue of the incident was Zouk, then perhaps it would make more sense. Why? Well it’s not the first time such a thing has been reported to happen in Zouk.

Secondly, not all big wigs who go partying are bastards. One time we were at Rum Jungle, and the waiter shifted us to the next table because our table had in fact been reserved for a major big wig. The dude arrived with his bouncers and chicks, and they didn’t bother us at all. In fact they smiled and were friendly, and we partied on as normal. Our only grip was that our dancing space was significantly reduced, due to the sudden presence of so many people in that tiny area upstairs.

But I heard of big wigs who should be renamed big turds. Though this is the first time I’d heard of a big wig’s bouncers who abused random strangers that way. Turds.

Thirdly, wtf is with Zouk KL’s management?!

Spread the word, kthx.

Afterthoughts: Hmm maybe it’s a tad irresponsible to hold Zouk KL management solely at fault. My third point, that is. They can’t help who decides to go to their premise, let alone a big wig that wants to go partying there. If the big wig is well-connected, more the reason Zouk KL cannot offend the said big wig. Not that I know who the big wig is. But just saying, the bigger the wigs, the more connections, the more the management would be reluctant to sour any relationships with them. And I don’t blame the management if they think this way. It’s purely business after all.

Also if you have been to Zouk especially on a busy night, you would know how the place can get. Lack of proper air-ventilation could make people do the weirdest things ๐Ÿ˜‰ I avoid the place if I could help it; unless there’s an event invitation or something or the other… but if this post gets around, I doubt I’d be invited back lah heh.

I disagree with the ‘be careful when coming to Malaysia’ bit. If on the basis of racial discrimination, then it happens all over the world. Perhaps if you are a tourist standing in the middle of the street holding the biggest map in the world trying to figure out where the heck you are, then yes maybe you are a target for petty crime. I heard Italy is huge on crafty pickpockets. My ex-colleague lost RM2000 in that country, in an ‘accidental bumping’ situation. Bummer. But yeah, not to credit Malaysians of being racially-blind (wtf are you nuts?!) but I don’t believe the majority of Malaysians would hurt another just because they are of a different race/colour. If you are not street-savvy anywhere, then you are just not street-savvy. Generally lah.

But if there a growing dissent of expatriates in the country leading to the alleged incident as stated above? I don’t know. You think?



  1. whoa….ganas…how come malay endded up in zouk? or they are just bodyguards?

  2. Zouk/Velvet’s a fire hazard. I wouldn’t go near that place on a weekend unless I HAD to.

    And that person who posted that on the LP forum is a dumbass. kthxbai.

  3. Suan, that Malay guy MIGHT not be a royal, but political-related-you-know-which-faction-I-mean. Hahahaha, it seems after so many “friendly” raid, zuok found some “ally” to “embrace” them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. (BTW, I say he is a dumbass not because he let the story out, but because of that last few paragraphs. Don’t go to Zouk, fine. but telling people not to come here because kononnya malaysians liek to beat up westerners is just a BRILLIANT piece of advice, dumbass.)

  5. Rice Blogger: arrr.. people of all colours and nationalities go to Zouk ar. You haven’t been there before ar? Heh ๐Ÿ˜‰

    eyeris: Yeah I always feel like I’m suffocating whenever I had to go there. And yeah I sort of guessed what you meant by the dumb-ass part, and agree.

    moo_t: Heh, gimme Zeta Bar in KL Hilton anytime (with the moolah to pay for the highly expensive drinks of course)

  6. aiyoh clubbing not good for health lah

  7. Clubbing is bad for health. Expensive too.

  8. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    I’m afraid to go to night clubs anyway, because I always get in trouble when I dance and my belly knocks 90% of the people on the dance floor over [and 10% of those not on the dance floor]. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I agree with moo_t,

    First “they” demonising bloggers, now the Royal? This got to do with the CJ isn’t.
    Ini sudah mau kena pancung ni…

  10. Zouk is a roughneck joint. You find roughnecks in a roughneck joint. You don’t have to be any particular shade of brown, white or yellow to be a roughneck.

    Zeta Bar used to be a tai-tai joint when it first opened. Apparently the club management have since relented.

  11. E-Series pwns the N-Series, kthxbai

  12. Paul: What’s this “Eseries pwns Nseries kthxbai” all about?

    Okay, now back to the topic, thanks. This is so maddening and saddening. You know, deep down inside (somewhere really deep) I actually feel proud to be a Malaysian. And that being as it is, I do want expatriates, tourists and general immigrants to like our country whilst they are here for their temporary stay.

    This sort of incident is just shameful and doesn’t help us at all. For these women, I do hope for one there’ll be some policeman with a heart and look into this matter.

    PS. for comparison’s sake, I was in Cambodia recently and we didn’t dare enter a nightclub. Rumor is rife that the big wigs in Cambodian night clubs shoot people they don’t like.

  13. Whoa, remind me not to go dancing THERE.

  14. Sharon N. says:

    Have ALWAYS hated Zouk. For some strange reason. Glad I dont go there. Never will again.

  15. Assuming that this report is true, the main point that should not go amiss is that Zouk managment / security did nothing to stop the violent treatment of the women (regardless of whether they are foreign or not). This is highly irresponsible and they should be sued for neglingence for allowing the incident to magnify.

    The second point is who is this big-wig whose bodyguards can wreak havoc when they want to. Is Zouk’s management kowtowing to this person for some reason ? Can my bodyguards do the same at Zouk ?

  16. shite…

  17. oh dear oh dear oh dear…wtf! mensiasuikan!

  18. Under any normal state of affairs, the police should have immediately been called. There would have been enough material witnesses present to identify the attackers. CCTV footage should be clear, sort of the reason for having CCTV! Zouk management are charged with negligence for that, and for allowing Grievous Bodily Harm attacks on their premises without sufficient security to maintain order. The assailants are arrested – it is more difficult to arrest the supposed person who was being “guarded” as there is no evidence that he requested the action be taken, unless someone “squeals”, not likely – security guards are called as witnesses… and then it goes to court for another infamous 5 year drawn out trial with no written records. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Case dismissed.
    And everyone who doesn’t try to make things better is complicit. Me, you, all of us, foreigner or local. Big-Wigs? Royalty? 21st Century already folks!

  19. i’m a malaysian living overseas, and this news really makes me angry (if the report is true).
    first of all, it doesn’t matter if the women are foreigners, they are WOMEN, and this is battery and abuse!
    I understand that Zouk wants to layan its big wigs, but that should not cross the line of letting their VIPs beat up whoever they want or hurling abuse at us ‘normal’ people!
    the fact that the police and zouk are just dismissing this case makes me not miss malaysia at all. tho i love the country, these political mishabits are really offputting. really sad, cos msia is a great country.but these vip or royalty or whoever they are need to realise ‘other ‘ people live in this country too, and their actions reflect on all of us.

  20. KY: I hardly go these days what

    anttyk: agreed. but once in a blue moon is nice lah ๐Ÿ™‚

    dabs: heh you exaggerate

    beefstew: not confirmed if the bigwig’s a royalty, or one of the datuk tan sris in abundance. could even be their offspring. sometimes it’s the offspring that are the trouble makers, and not their parents.

    tigerjoe: i only been there twice when it was fairly new. wonder how it is now. but can’t afford to go to that place la

    paultan: nuggets!

    davidlian: oh i haven’t posted the one about the american navy dude in malaysia yet, lmao! then you’d be really pissed ๐Ÿ˜› oO take note to avoid cambodian night clubs.

    mad: will do ๐Ÿ˜‰ do you dance, even?

    sharon: wannabe-elitist feel? heh

    gnasher: i think anyone with bodyguards can already do it lah. you’d be scared of the guards ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Grant and lin: actually after this was posted, a dude posted a statement from Zouk regarding the matter. Sharon Bakar posted it on the lonely planet forum thread above, you can go read. In the other forum, I asked the Zouk guy if the statement was official, and if it is obtainable from anywhere else. He said he’ll update the follow up to this incident as soon as he gets more details. in the statement was said that they have clear cctv footage…

  21. echolalia says:

    I dunno, I feel it’s a little harsh to compare getting beaten to the point you defecate, and petty crime. Sure, if you’re wearing big hawaiian shirts and waving a huge wallet in a foreign country, you could reasonably expect to be a target for thieves. At the same time, I’m not sure you could say that ANYONE, let alone foreign women in Malaysia, could “reasonably” expect to be beaten to the point of defecation in a nightclub. Granted, I’ve never been to Zouk, I’m guessing this isn’t some sketchy club down a side alley completely out of sight from the general public. I’m guessing this is a pretty well-established club, with some kind of legitimacy. Therefore, I don’t you could say that the women should have been “street-savvy” enough to expect anything near what they received. And honestly, should anyone have to be in a position to reasonably expect treatment like that? This is Malaysia, not Iraq. Rule of law isn’t fantastic, but it’s there, somewhat.

    And as for the racial discrimination bit, and Malaysians probably not starting mass race riots against each other… While I’d agree that there aren’t huge racial tensions, I do feel that things getting a little less secure when you’re not one of the 3 main races. There’re probably even fewer support groups if you’re a foreigner. For example, it’d be hard for Indonesian and Phiilippino domestic workers to rally for each other if a domestic worker was severely abused, because of inherent power dynamics in Malaysia. Likewise, the two women at Zouk were probably in a similar situation. What I mean by a “similar situation” is more about the attackers’ frame of mind: “hmmm, if I attack/wrong them, I’m not going to have a huge mob after me. Ok, I think I’ll go for it”.

    I’m not saying avoid Malaysia if you’re not Malaysian, but like you said, be street-savvy. Only thing is, depending on where you are, I think unfortunately “street-savvyness” might have to go beyond considerations of petty crime.

  22. Statement from Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur

    Monday 27th August 2007

    The safety and welfare of our customers both female and male is of the
    utmost importance to us.

    On the 27th June at approximately 2.00 am on a very busy trading night, a
    scuffle broke out on the dancefloor of Zouk Kuala Lumpur between a group of female and male patrons. According to our internal investigation there was no further evidence of an alleged prolonged attack in the club and the parties involved were escorted out of the club where a further scuffle was seen to take place.

    Allegations that the Zouk Malaysia security team were seen to do nothing are hugely unfounded. We have clear CCTV footage of the security not only actively diffusing the fight but also being preventive at their own expense in allowing the situation to inflame any further.

    Zouk formally lodged a police report in accordance with procedure at the end of that trading session. Full cooperation has been given. We can also confirm that no CCTV footage of the incident has been withheld. We believe that this has showed our commitment to being transparent and eager to resolve the matter. Results from the police investigation
    are pending.

    Zouk Club KL acknowledges the incident taking place and takes this matter
    very seriously. We fervently believe the appropriate measures were taken
    with everyone’s safety in mind. This is an isolated but unfortunate incident
    between two parties having a disagreement. It has no bearing on bias toward any sex, race or nationality as has been claimed.

    We would happily invite the women involved to an open and frank discussion with ourselves and the relevant authorities present with regards to the allegations that we were unfair or biased in our actions.

    We would also like to say that we have not had any formal complaints from the women involved nor their appropriate embassies regarding this situation. Again we would like to fully cooperate with any interested party in helping to fully resolve this matter.

    Zouk Club KL has enjoyed having huge success mainly due to loyal patronage from people from all walks of life. Any regular patron would attest the happy melting pot of cultures both local and international on any one night. Why would we want to jeopardize that situation by compromising this or any situation?

    For any further queries or comments with regards to this matter please
    contact yean@zoukclub.com.my or adam@zoukclub.com.my .

  23. well, thanks to the article, now there’s an awareness on the issue on safety when clubbing around kl. This are all useful info for all foreigners Before coming to M’sia.

    btw, davidlian: u’re comparing M’sia AND Cambodia?? WTF??!!
    why don’t we suggest implementing the Khmer Rouge Regime into our ruling system eh? that’ll put us in a fair competition with Cambodia..

    ‘bla bla bla bla bla bla bla (see zouk’s (ZLK) statemt above for coherency & more BS)… Why would we want to jeopardize that situation by compromising this or any situation?’

    Dear Zouk, Why would you want to compromise ya? Hhmm, let’s see, coz the whacko malay dude is a high paying client, have all the right connections & u can’t/won’t do anything abt it but write a measly Acknowledgment (not even an apology) statement to plaster a ‘minor’ wound to ur reputation?

    dear SOME malaysians,
    what if u’re in australia, & u came to splash ur money, boost the economy, spread ur knowledge & resources to the ppl, in return, get whacked by some dickhead in a club, club & police close one eye to the incident and finally, compensate u with an ‘open & frank’ discussion.
    Don’t know abt u, but i would go WTF? screw ‘open & frank’ discussion, i want Justice, i want the dickhead to be jailed, charged AND sued.

  24. This have nothing to do with being ‘street savvy’ as you put it.

    Getting beaten up on the dancefloor of a club for apparently dancing too close to the VIP section in a club is not about not been street smart.

    Yeah, be ‘street savvy’ and don’t walk down dark alleyways by yourself, be ‘street savvy’ and don’t get into an unlicensed cab etc etc…

    I am English and lived in KL for 15 years and never have had a problem. I live in East London, which is quite rough at times -but this happening in Zouk, which is considered somewhat upmarket is disgusting!!

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