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this is a non-update update

Not going to update on my blog until next Monday, I’m busy with other stuff, and also playing on Wikipedia.

But you other bitches better update YOUR blogs so I have things to read πŸ˜€

Yeah, life is unfair. Deal with it πŸ˜‰

the no-name meme, again

A meme from le Erna.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

1) The Adventures of Super Wife
2) Exordinarily Ordinary
4) Wondering As I Wander
5) As Suanie Sees It

(Yes, I know that was link-baiting, but whatever πŸ™‚ )

Select five people to tag:
1) Fireangel so she’ll update her blog
2) Dr Buckaroo so he’ll have something to blog about
3) Izad ‘cos he’s another update-less beeyatch
4) Kenny Ng so he’ll stop bitching about REDtone
5) Serena ‘cos I just want to know

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Erm, I was 16, and in Form 4… enjoying the ‘holiday year’ as it is known.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
According to my blog, I was in the midst of Rockstar: Supernova fever, camwhored in a car trunk for the first time, emo-ing about Merdeka, fucked up a dish of bacon-wrapped asparagus, ate at Paddington House of Pancakes, went to watch Jim Brickman at Genting then bitched about Fauziah Latiff, watched the play ‘Endgame’,

Five snacks you enjoy
I am not a snack person.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
Belaian Jiwa, Moon River, Burung Kaka Tua, Ke Ren Lai, Isabella

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Be clear of debts, give everything else to family. That’s two, but that’s all.

Five bad habits
Reading in bed, eating in bed, procrastinating, messiness, eating too much

Five things you like doing
Reading in bed, eating in bed, procrastinating, messiness, eating too much

Five things you would never wear again
Tight tops, miniskirts, T-shirts 3x my size, 4-inch high heels, watches

Five favourite toys
My wombat, my platypus, my penguin Wally, my blog, Ryan

in other news…

Brad Stone, a New York Times reporter ousted Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes mag to be the author of Fake Steve Jobs[1], a blog that I have been enjoying for months prior to including the link on my sidebar.

The FSJ blog will continue to be updated, but it will be transferred to Forbes property or something or the other.

It just won’t be the same anymore; the sanctity of anonymity on Blogspot has been breached.

Don’t talk to me today. I am completely and utterly shattered, and am looking for puppies to kill[2].

[1] Story link here:
[2] Don’t be silly. I only desecrate rabbits

saya anak bangsa malaysia

Here’s a rhetoric: What is a Malaysian?

What makes you a Malaysian? How do you define Malaysian-ness? Is there a difference between being a Malaysian and a ‘warganegara Malaysia’? If you cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia, does that make you less Malaysian? How about not being proud of products and culture made in Malaysia, not because they are deemed Malaysian but because they are just not up to standard? If you criticise those at the helm of the country, does that automatically mean you are being unpatriotic, and according to some people, is un-Malaysian?

Ahh headache think of so many labels. It’s a bit like high school, where your status within the four walls of your school is determined by the company you keep. Stand out like a sore thumb (exception of academic achievements) and welcome to a life of social outcast. Until graduation anyway.

Here’s another one — does flying Jalur Gemilng up high before and during Merdeka Day automatically renders you a Malaysian? “Fly the flag if you are Malaysian!”, “Be patriotic and display the flag!”, “You ain’t Malaysian if you ain’t got no flag, yo” and other silly nuances like that. That is something I never understood — why hiking up the Jalur Gemilang is deemed a necessity for one to be patriotic or Malaysian. What are we, 5?

Since Asian values are purportedly to be of tremendous value here, why not be done with the PDAs and sayang dalam hati saja? Heh…

Anyway, I thought mob1900 created a bunch of lovely banners, proclaiming ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’, and here’s one of them:

mob1900's Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Now, THAT is something I would display.

weekend and stuff

Slept too much over the weekend. On Saturday evening, took mom to Mines to attend a Dharma talk by Ven Master Chin Kung, then watched The Simpsons Movie at the cinema next door while waiting for the talk to end. Spiderpig, spiderpig bwahahahaha!!!!!

Exiting Mines after the talk was a horror — imagine more than a thousand cars trying to go out at the same time! But it was ok.. mom really enjoyed the talk.

“So what did he talk about?” me asked.
“Filial piety…”

-_-“. Cute πŸ˜›

I also watched 200 Pounds Beauty yesterday. The beginning and middle parts were really funny, but I thought the ending was too rushed and a bit blah. Still miles better than a lot of stuff made locally *coughs*. I think all local actors/actresses should be made to star in TV series before they could go over to the big screen. Some of my favourite local actors/actresses do not headline the movies, but most of the time they’d stand out, thanks to all the ‘Cerekarama’, which I’d consider damn good training.

But maybe this rule also applies. The G&G folks are doing a good job, the Datin Diaries not so much (except for Norkhiriah), the Senario stuff are only good for slapstick that does not equal good acting on the big screen. Hmmm…

Thankfully our music scene far supersedes our movie scene. Paul let me listen to some really good local songs yesterday (one was Estranged’s Itu Kamu), they were rather awesome.

I was telling Paul that it seems a bit of a waste that local music only caters to the Malaysian and Indonesian market. Big lah the market (considering Indonesia’s size but they have their own awesome singers and bands), but who else in the world speaks/ understands this language? I’m talking about (almost) everyday usage. In comparison, the Chinese market is much, much bigger than the Malay market and also more profitable (for the artists concerned).

But also good lah, at least saves us the embarrassment of unleashing mawisux to the world.

Another (selfish) reason I like Malay songs is, I like listening to something that no one else except my countrymen and women understands. Dunno, it’s like a secret handshake or something. Plus like Paul says, there are some stuff in BM that just sound better. I have to agree. One of my favourite word is ‘sayang’, and I still can’t properly translate it to the exact sentiment of how we feel about that word. Takpe…

This is me, taken with le Paul‘s new MacBook Pro… via the built-in webcam, that is.

Suanie ghostly

I think it’s awesome πŸ˜€

With the country’s 50th Merdeka Day approaching, we’ve been overloaded with news and articles of trips down memory lane, how terrible this country suffered, repetitious ‘keungkitan’ of May 13 and how grateful we all should be, you know the drill. I don’t feel anything leh. Does it make me less Malaysian? But I am not even excited over my own birthday anymore. What are you going to do on Merdeka? BTW it’s a Friday.

I think it was two years ago when a bunch of us ‘celebrated’ Merdeka Day at Rum Jungle. It was rather fun — at the stroke of midnight, there were cheers and stuff, and the DJ played Sudirman’s Tanggal 31 Ogos and the crowd went nuts and started singing along. If there ever is a definition of feeling like a Malaysian, that was it.

I think I’ll sleep in…

Okay, quick question before I end this post: How did you land your previous/ current job? Through referrals takpe lah, but I’m talking about recruitment agencies and platforms, like Jobstreet, TheStar etc. Which one do you think is more effective? Mind sharing ar? Kthx!

ryan turns two!

Two years ago today, a star was born.

Actually it was more like a tiny crying wrinkly thingy wrapped in a bundle…

Ryan on the day he was born - Aug 05
Herro world!

It is still amazing that a 3.35kg baby can pop out of my sister’s belly. Anyway I’d spent a lot of time with Ryan, and it is difficult for me to say this because I still do not believe in divine power, but if blessed fits what I feel, then so be it.

Ryan one month old - Sept 05
One month old

I was the one who chose the name ‘Ryan’. I’d asked my sister if I could name the baby, and she said yes. I don’t know where the name ‘Ryan’ came from — sister was opposed to ‘Bryan’, but she agreed to ‘Ryan’. The reason I chose it was because I thought it was a nice sounding name, and at that time I didn’t think it was one of the popular names around. In fact, I don’t know anyone in real life named Ryan.

Ryan 5 months old - Jan 06
One step for mankind – first time Ryan holding his own milk bottle

Then later I found out that there was a whole bunch of babies and toddlers being named Ryan. My ex-housemate’s nephew, my ex-housemate’s newborn babe, the bright-eyed boy who used to be our neighbour, Stupe‘s baby…

Also found out later that ‘Ryan’ means ‘little king’. Uh.. what have I done…

Ryan 6 months old - Feb 06
Michelin Ryan at 6 months old

Despite all the crying that he is prone to, Ryan is actually quite a good kid (at this point of writing; shouldn’t be too sure about the future). It’d been quite interesting to see most of his ‘firsts’. My sister would gladly fill me in with what he has done, and would nudge him to do it again just so I could see it. His first time crawling, holding his own milk bottle, swaying to music, sloppily feeding himself, attempting to walk, walking, utter gibberish…

Ryan and Suanie - March 06
Ryan and auntie, March 2006

I’d been afraid that he wouldn’t like me. There might not be a reason not to like me, but you can’t be sure of how chemistry works. Thankfully he does like me, only when my mom is not around, that is…

See, the hierarchy goes this way: my mother, his mother, his two aunties.

Ryan 8 months old - May 06
Ryan at 8 months old fiddling with my laptop

Ryan one year old - Aug 06
Hari ini dalam Sejarah – 2006

Ever since I moved in with my sister, I’d been more involved with Ryan’s upbringing. Despite the period where he would cry or force himself to cry and wail non-stop, he’d basically been a breeze to look after. These days it’s even easier — just watch his favourite cartoons with him and he’d be contented. No, we try not to let him watch too much TV. Or take him out for a short ride, he loves that. Problem occurs when he doesn’t want to go home…

Ryan with grandparents - Feb 07
Ryan with his grandparents, CNY ’07

Ryan with his mama
Ryan with his mama, should be sometime after CNY ’07

Oh well, he turns two today πŸ˜€ My parents are in town, probably going to go for dinner later. My sister bought a cake and made some jelly for him to share with the other kids at his play school, she also prepared some goodie bags filled with healthy and nutritious tit-bits that I told her the kids wouldn’t like, because it’s not fattening πŸ˜›

Happy birthday, big boy!

Ryan is TWO

how well do you know suanie?

Probably won’t update anymore today, so here’s something light in case you are looking for something new…

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By the way, many happy returns of the day to le Fireangel. Maybe you should update your blog as a birthday present to yourself…

Heh, happy birthday, biatch. Mwah!