thursday burst day

What? The sky did burst what… oO forgive me if I can’t come up with better titles. Always my shortcoming as a blah blogger :P

Sigh, when you start arguing with yourself, you know something is really wrong somewhere.

Also trying to keep up with updating my blog once every working day. But can’t think of anything to write. Actually I could; I have a whole lot of things to bitch about. But can’t be bothered to properly chronicle them at the moment. Would be interesting though, once I get my arse to it.

So here’s a camwhoring photo.

Suanie at work (again)

Massive glasses, chubby cheeks, zits popping up all over, half-assed attempt to smile so I’d look friendly.. yeap that’s me.

be a housewife ar?

The other day I was telling buckie that after I got married, I don’t want to work. Instead I want to stay at home and do nothing. Not that I don’t enjoy working, but I think I would have more fun to not work and stay at home ;)

Then thoughts came barging in. Stay at home and do nothing for a while is fun lah, provided your husband is more than willing to support you. But even in that lucky, lucky situation, then what? Assuming you don’t have kids ( or don’t want any in the near future ), you’d get pretty bored after… say 6 months. Hence the phrase “stay at home and rot” was born ( at least that’s what I think ).

Back in Standard 1, we were told to think of what we want to be when we grow up ( fuwah, ambitions at 7 years old, that’s rich ). Most of my classmates claimed that they wanted to be either doctors or nurses or teachers or singers or whatever a 7 year old at that time could think of. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I wrote that my ambition was to be a housewife. Also I suspect that I wanted to be different from other people ( as knocked into my head by another teacher when I was in Standard 5, “[insert my given name], you ar… always want to be different from other people!” when I asked for gold-coloured cloth for our cross-stitch project instead of the normal blue, red and green. To my defense, I honestly thought it would be a good colour for my cross-stitch project. Besides she didn’t specify the limitation of colours… ).

Anyway when it came to my turn ( one of those things where everyone takes turn to stand up and shout their answers to the entire classroom ), I said, “Cita-cita saya adalah untuk menjadi suri rumahtangga!” ( my ambition is to be a housewife! ). My teacher looked at me and said, “Suri rumahtangga bukan suatu pekerjaaan. Pilih yang lain!” ( a housewife is not a proper occupation. Choose another! ). If I had my 26-years old brains when I was 7, I would have gladly argued with her that yes, a housewife IS a proper full-time occupation, insert women rights debate here. But I was a tiny tot then, and I meekly replied, “Cita-cita saya adalah untuk menjadi guru” ( my ambition is to be a teacher ). My mother was one, and I thought the world of her. I still do.

Being a housewife is a tough job. I mean, if you are a housewife belonging to the middle/lower class, you are expected to cook and clean, and take care of your children if any.You can’t afford a maid anyway, since it makes economical sense for you to DIY and be superwoman. So hiring someone to come clean your house twice a week is also out of the question. So when you say that you stay at home, you aren’t actually doing nothing ( some people would be like, FUWAH YOU STAY AT HOME AR, SO LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! ). Also have to work one, you know.

Back to me ( yah little surprise, considering that this is MY blog after all ), I don’t really like to clean. Lazy mah. Ask my sister, she’d know. But there’s a priority for these kinds of things. Between cleaning the toilet and sweeping/ mopping floors, I prefer to clean the toilet. Almost static position mah. Between sweeping/ mopping floors and washing the dishes, I prefer to do the dishes. Same reason. Want me to clean cobwebs, sweep dust off shelves and what-not… TOMORROW LAH! If it were up to me, dust and dirt would be non-existent due a supernatural force that is fully sympathetic to beings such as me. Or we could kidnap Merryweather and have her do all the dirty work with just a swish of her wand!

Strike one.

( By the way that Merryweather part just revealed how old I am. Kids these days would be wishing for Mrs. Weasley’s wand )

So I can’t clean. Or rather, I don’t want to clean. Can I cook then?

My sister went back to our hometown for a few days, and I’ve been pretty much left alone at home. The evening before she left, we had home-cooked shabu-shabu. Plenty of leftover cabbage and mushroom and stuff. I didn’t want to waste them ( I can’t stand wasting vegetables ) so I decided to cook my own dinner. Vermicelli with greens and other bits and pieces… sounds easy right?

I called my mother and she didn’t answer her phone. So I called my sister instead, and asked for directions on how to prepare the stock for my bihun sup. She told me to grab a handful of anchovies (“but not too much, else the soup would be bitter”), boil it for about 20 minutes, scoop the anchovies out, add in a bit of fried onions that she’d prepared way before, put in the vege and then the vermicelli. Again, sounds easy right?

My problem, as I found out was estimation, or the lack of it. The vermicelli turned out really, I mean REALLY fluffy and fat and was less than good, let alone awesome. I felt quite miserable after my pathetic dinner, and later at night made more than a few trips to the toilet :(

At least at this stage I am only poisoning myself :(

I read my cousin’s blog and how she prepared baked pasta for her husband. Her only problem was that the dish slipped and fell to the floor, breaking into a million pieces, and she had to do it again. That’s not my problem — with me, dishes break with or without baked pasta. My problem is, how did she bake the pasta in the first place? How do you prepare pasta with all its ingredients to be baked? What goes it, and how is it supposed to come out? Arghhh rocket science!!

So yesterday something came to my mind and I decided to scour the net for baked pasta recipes. I didn’t realise that cooking can be so intimidating. I found this article on the preparation of baked pasta. If that ain’t daunting enough, check out this seemingly simple recipe for baked pasta, Mama’s Italian Bake:

- 3 lb chicken breast
- 6 Italian sausage links
- 2 jars spaghetti sauce
- 1 lb package penne pasta
- 1 large pkg pizza cheese
- 1 onion
- bell peppers all colors

1. Cook the chicken cut up, onions, peppers, and sausage cut up. Drain.
2. Boil penne pasta, then drain. Mix the pasta, sausage, onion, peppers, chicken and sauce.
3. Put it in a large, deep dish. Top heavily with cheese.
4. Bake at 325 for about 45 min or until golden and bubbly.

Cook how?!? Pan fry? Boil? Grill?!? Boil pasta for how long?! What do you mean by ‘top heavily’? Define heavy?!?!

All these are words lah. I’m sure if I were in the kitchen doing all this, more questions would come.

Suanie. Can’t even bake pasta.

park at your own risk

Perils of double parking

who do you think will make it big?

I helped to create a page for Patrick Teoh on (for fun, no profit, needs some clean-up or maybe lots of it), and in the process got him involved. Erm, I mean I have to right, seeing that there’s no available similar documentation available that chronicles his previous works. I didn’t listen to him when I was growing up, mostly because I was so engrossed in Singapore radio (from Johor mah). But I’ve heard of the man, know enough to know that he is a local celebrity of some sort, then got to know the man via TV Smith, he’s fun.

Anyway I staged a mini-interview with Patrick last week (that included a damn funny short clip of him claiming not to know why he was fired from TV3 for Wikipedia citations ;) ). It was really interesting to learn of his work in radio, seeing that he’s a radio legend in Malaysia throughout the 70s, 80s and mid-90s. Seeing him rack his brains trying to remember details for questions that I asked (especially dates) was funny.

I also googled a bit to get more information on Patrick (again, for citation purposes). Some articles that are available on the Net mentioned his various works, including being owner/ manager of a pub and inviting a singer to perform when very few people would have him. I also learnt that he started ADDaudio, a post-production house that I greatly like today. Little bits and pieces such as the reason for his leaving radio and termination from TV3… well all the interesting stuff.

While adding stuff to the Wiki page, I was thinking of Patrick’s past, and what he is today. Sort of like, wow how fun it would have been to know him back then, at the height of his career, just to keep track of it. I can’t describe exactly what it is, other than a moment of wishing I was there when all those stuff were happening. At the very least, I wished I had listened to Radio 4 ;)

But throughout this whole reminiscing thing, I thought of Swifty, a.k.a. The Great Swifty Speaketh, a.k.a. Edmund Yeo, a.k.a. a film director/ producer who also blogs. Honestly the dude irritated me at first — I mean, the amount of narcissism on his blog! Fuwah, felt like slapping him, kan? Heh.

Then I began to talk to the guy on MSN, and he kept bugging me to watch his short films. I was like, err.. no. Then I was invited to watch ‘Love Conquers All‘, and so I asked him to come along, knowing that he is an indie/ independent (well not so much now) director/ producer and would probably enjoy this kind of artsy local stuff. That was my first time meeting Edmund in real life, and I found him a rather enthusiastic chap whose informed thoughts and opinions on the local movie industry came tumbling out faster than he could speak :P

He also presented me with two DVDs of his short films — Girl Disconnected and Vertical Distance. I watched Vertical Distance first because it was more fun. It’s about a guy who feels insecure because he’s shorter than his girlfriend, and I really really liked it. Fun and sweet.

I’d put off from watching ‘Girl Disconnected’ for a myriad of reasons, even though it was more popular than ‘Vertical Distance’. Then last week Edmund gave me a DVD with the final cut of ‘Girl Disconnected’, and last weekend I decided to plonk my arse down to watch it.

I was mesmerised at how talented the fucker is.

Dude’s only 23 years old too.

So yeah, I think he will be big. And I’m glad to know him while he’s still relatively unknown, and here’s looking forward to tracking his career.

ratatouille a.k.a. the rat movie = awesome!

Suddenly I realised that I have been using the word ‘awesome’ in almost every part of my life. How awesome it is that such an awesome word is created to express the joy of someone or something that is totally awesome? Baffles me too.

Anyway this is going to be a very short one. Last Thursday, we were invited to a screening of Ratatouille; hosted by Intel to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Intel Core Microarchitecture. Quite a nifty idea — the premise of the movie that something so small could do something so great. I thought the introduced connection was smart :)


By the way I’ve been calling it ‘the rat movie’, because I can’t spell ‘ratatouille’ without looking up the dictionary. I know how to pronounce it though, since it’s splattered all over the promotional posters. But since I can’t spell it without making some extra effort, I’m not gonna, so when I have to type it out, I’ll just refer it as ‘the rat movie’.

Basically, the plot lifted from

Remy is a young rat in the French countryside who arrives in Paris, only to find out that his cooking idol is dead. When he makes an unusual alliance with a restaurant’s new garbage boy, the culinary and personal adventures begin despite Remy’s family’s skepticism and the rat-hating world of humans.

So here’s my verdict:

Animation: Pixar outdid itself again… AWESOME!
Voice talent: Bunch of unknowns who are often always better than famous type celebs… AWESOME!
Storyline: Your typical family relationships, some humorous parts here and there… AWESOME!
Everything about the rat movie: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

My thanks to Intel for the tickets (nice cake by the way, too bad we never did get to sample it ;) ) because I HEART HEART HEART the rat movie! I am getting my entire family to go watch it, and will get a copy on DVD for Ryan as soon as humanly possible. Hopefully that will get him off the CARS phase because to be honest, I am pretty sick of CARS by now.

Mini update: 0_0 I got sent a photo of the cake… see how awesome it is :D Actually not a good idea for me to be looking at cakes now… kempunan.

The Intel Core2 cake

The rat movie is my current favourite.. until we get to watch Bourne Ultimatum. Fuck Rush Hour 3, go watch the rat movie!