smirnoff launches 2 new flavours… let’s partyyyyy!!!

A couple days ago, we were at The Sanctuary at The Curve to celebrate Smirnoff‘s launch of two new flavours — green apple and vanilla. It was happening, it was FUN, here are some photos and bits and bobs.

Smirnoff party - Showcase of Smirnoff's 2 new vodka flavours in the Ice Bar in Sanctuary
Green apple, vanilla, green apple, vanilla and green apple Smirnoff…

(There will be regurgitated photos because… well only a few people I know were there mah…)

I reached The Sanctuary about 8.20 pm, and there was a line of invited guests waiting to go in. Then one of the organisers saw me, and I was whisked to the Media/Bloggers registration counter. Heheh, what perks 😉

I went straight to the table where Kelvin was already seated. He was accompanied with a guy who won the contest by Coconuts. Sorry can’t remember your name dude, but he was friendly and nice, a bit quiet because apparently this was his first time going to ‘something like this’. Har, no clubbing before? Not really.. heh good luck in Netherlands dude!

Later ShaolinTiger arrived, and JoeyG took the stage and said some stuff, then there was really good music spinning…

Smirnoff party - ShaolinTiger, Suanie and Shirley, Smirnoff's brand manager
ST, me holding a Smirnoff Green Apple, with Shirley, Riche-Monde’s brand manager

Smirnoff party - Cocktails mixed with Smirnoff vodka
We had different cocktails mixed with Smirnoff vodka!

After a while, we were whisked into the Ice Bar (where the temperature was -15 degree celcius but no wind, thank goodness) to sample the different Smirnoff flavours…

Smirnoff party - Suanie freezing in the Ice Bar in Sanctuary
It was cold….

Hot Kim (better known as kimfluttersby) was there… I think she looks a bit like Uma Thurman…

Smirnoff party - kimfluttersby posing with a Smirnoff Green Apple
Kim wore the same colour as the bottle…

Kim is also one of the contestants of StarCeleb, a reality TV show on the search for 2 multi-talented individuals ready for stardom and more. StarCeleb will air on NTV7 every Sunday at 6 p.m., beginning this September. Go visit the StarCeleb website to find out how you can be part of the Live Recordings… Go Kim!!!!!

In comparison, here’s me posing with a Smirnoff Green Apple bottle…

Smirnoff party - Suanie kissing a Smirnoff Green Apple

Cannot make it lah 😛 But the new flavours were nice lor. We had lots and lots of Smirnoff Green Apple… 😛

Smirnoff party - We downed these and more
We downed these shots and more!

Xes was also there… Stewie was there… kinkybluefairy was there…

Smirnoff party - Suanie with Xes, Stewie, kinkybluefairy and Kelvin

Kimberlycun was there.. Xaviera was there… Jack was there….

Smirnoff party - Suanie with Shirley, Kimberlycun, Xaviera and Jack

Smirnoff party - Suanie, kinkybluefairy and Kimberlycun

Smirnoff party - Suanie, kimfluttersby, ShaolinTiger and Xes

My hangover lasted 24 hours. But it was really fun, and I haven’t had this kind of fun for the longest time! I also helped a girl crying in the toilet back to her car, but that’s another story.

Thanks for having me!!!!!!!!!!

Others blogged about it too! :: kimfluttersby, Xes, ShaolinTiger, kinkybluefairy



  1. wah cool post with lotsa pics… yeah it was fun! i avoid clubs but this one was uber cool!

  2. wahseh, i’m lobster red!

  3. huh? no fireangel? how can? she’s the vodka queen mah..

  4. whoa, i saw major cleavage! woot!

  5. ya la… nice funbags babe!

  6. Kelvin: hehe of cos got fun.. uncle mah 😛

    xes: so noob! 😛

    spiller: hmm

    pinky: oO iShy

    delia: oO mwah

  7. Shirley says:

    thanks for joining us in the party. 😉

  8. hah…my friend rach made it through starceleb but decided not to go for it after all, didn’t like the idea of selling stuff to get votes. but she told me kim ong got through, so now i’ll support kim 😛

  9. Shirley: gracias for a gr8 party!

    lainie: actually i am still in a blur on how it works, heheh

  10. thought smirnoff had this green apple thing for years already.

  11. Ront: the flavoured vodkas range has been around, but in Malaysia, Vanilla and Green Apple are new add-ons in the market. Apparently, the party is the official launch :). Whereas, previously, u will only get to see them in Duty Free Stores in the airports.

  12. KimOng StarCeleb says:

    lainie: i miss rachel…. was so good knowing she’d be with me in it.

    suanie: hey, my middle name is suan too btw. hehe. it’s kim ong suan kim. twas nice meeting you for the first time. ok, my mata got more and more sepet in the last pic. 😛 thx for supporting babe.

  13. Alexis Martin says:

    i seen Uma personally and she is quite a tall lady,.~.~


  1. w w w . x e s . c x says:

    Smirnoff Two New Flavours One Launch Party @ Sanctuary, The Curve Shopping Centre.

    It was another mabuk (drunken) party. Many thanks to Kimberlycun for the invites and Mypartners Communications and Riche Monde for the free bottle of Smirnoff Green Apple. Initially I’ve no idea who will be attending and why I was invited….

  2. […] Hence, I have got to commend Smirnoff. They pick up a bunch of “A-list” bloggers, invite them to a party (a launch party for new Vodka flavours), and by the virtue/nature of bloggers, there are blog entries before the party, and what’s really important are the blog entries after the party. The lifestyle, is being sold. Drink Smirnoff, and you’re going to be having as much fun at similar parties (and maybe, you’ll be an “A-list” blogger). […]

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