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pimpage: jangan togel by nike football

I was 16 years old when I was seriously into football. I could give you the various footballers’ names, teams, country of origin and how well they did in this or that match. Now I can’t really be bothered but once in a very blue moon, I’d catch the occasional game while not knowing what the heck was going on. But some matches are better than others, in the sense that they are more gripping, and frustrating ( in a good way ), and I rather watch these than some half-hearted performance by a top team against a rookie team so way out of their league.

One thing I remember vividly was that the footballers would remove their shirts when they have a victory… like this…

Yummy footballers

What? It’s not a sin to admire from afar… ๐Ÿ˜›

Then comes along Nike with their ‘Jangan Togel’ football campaign. Half-naked booties as well, but this time the rules are reversed. Apparently:

1) You remove your shirt and play the rest of the game topless when the opposing team scores the first goal; so
2) You don’t really want to be one topless; and
3) It is a long-time Malaysian tradition.

nike football - jangan togel 2

Seriously, I had NO idea what togel meant. Bogel I know lah… so I thought this was Nike’s attempt to be ‘cleaner’, heh. So I asked my Malay friends, and one told me, “… the arse part exposed…”. Heh, ok ๐Ÿ˜› According to Nike, it means ‘incomplete’ or ‘tail-less’, so…

And yes, I am pimping the Nike football ‘Jangan Togel’ campaign ( while not getting paid for this pimpage ). In line with that, I must recommend that you check out the website, where you’d be impressed by the nifty flash work and cartoons against a lovely backdrop of KL. Don’t know who the cartoonist is ( or are ) but the whole thing was pretty well-done.

The only problem I have was perhaps the lack of a purpose for the campaign. Maybe there is one, but I failed to realise it? Or maybe I am the type of person who must have a product association, maybe Nike just wants to pimp the street football culture in Malaysia, or highlight awesome local artists and bands… then is it awfully nice of them or am I just naive?! Heh ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway the song in the background is ‘My Generation’ by a local band, Seven Collar T-shirt. The song is available for download at the website, and part of the lyrics goes:

“In this field I’m weightless, clinging on to my shirt,
Clinging on to my shirt
We can break their fortress, fighting on for the score,
I believe there’s more.”

nike football - jangan togel 1

But I think the more awesome stuff is the comic… In the ‘Download’ section where you can get wallpapers for your PC or mobile and ringtones, you can also download the comic in PDF format. Volume One is ‘Buang Padang’ which is roughly about a bunch of kids being thrown off the field and arrested for playing football. Volume Two is ‘Kebangkitan Terakhir’, about the evil dude who banned football, who decided on a FINAL football match to determine if the prisoners should be released… Heh, well I like them, and I await Vol 3 and 4.

So… check out the ‘Jangan Togel’ by Nike Football website, like NOW! ๐Ÿ˜‰


weekend report, sort of

Uhhh… why is it Monday already?! Why can’t we have 5-day weekends and 2-day work days?! I Heh I love my job, but I think it’s more fun to just sleep all the time…

It was a bit of a blah weekend, because mom took Ryan back to BP and I was kinda bored shitless. The little tyke has become such a big part of my life, that it feels weird not to have him knocking at my door at all hours of the day (and night), screaming ‘AH YI AH YI AH YI’, then wailing when I deliberately ignore him, heheh. Then when I try to make amends later, he would ignore me. I’m glad my sister had the foresight to give birth to my future entertainment.

Another Ryan thing is that he gets insanely jealous whenever I touch ‘his properties’. For example, his mom AND my mom. I love to do that just to rile him up. One time we were hanging out at the porch and I hugged his mom, then called his attention. He sulked, took one of his mom’s heels and threw it down the ground hard as a sign of protest. Then last week I hugged my mom in front of him, so he sulked and smacked my mom. Apparently in the Ryan world, it was HER fault that SHE allowed these hugs by another person to happen.

I am always the back-up plan, unless I have the Cars DVD in my possession.

Oh well, I think the kid’s funny as heck.


Went for the Estee Lauder Model Search finals with FA on Sunday at MV. The 10 girls were very young, slim, with great legs. The girl I was rooting for didn’t even make it to the top 3. Can’t remember her name, but her face was a bit manly, and she wore a skimpy gold dress that showed her outline when she stood on the floor light. She had the most awesome ass I’d ever seen in real life… She didn’t win, but oh well.

I’d conveniently forgotten to bring along the memory stick for my camera, and only shot some pix using FA’s camera. Didn’t take much also; didn’t feel like it. Sundays in a major shopping complex with so many people around bug me. Maybe FA will upload the photos, but knowing her, it will probably take forever.


Val‘s leaving for Perth this weekend. I won’t be able to see her off because I’d be in Singapore. Oh well… had dinner with her and some fuglys (well, she’s hot so everyone around her are fuglies, me included) on Saturday.

Btw Val had a photoshoot with Mr Potatoe some time back. I think they were beautiful photos, and she is very photogenic and she looked gorgeous. You can view the set here, and be sure to check out Mr Potatoe‘s other photos as well; he takes good photos.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Val ( without make-up and all the glitz ) and Ryan ( when he was much younger and more manageable )…

Val and Ryan


Speaking of Perth, say hi to Buckie.

Buckie tourist

Buckie’s from Perth ( right up your alley, Dabs! ), he was tourist-ing in KL last week and I took him to Sg Wang to buy some stuff for his friend’s kid. Which turned out to be a giant Winnie The Pooh soft toy with a heart in the middle that says ‘Happy Birthday’ being sold at a ridiculous price ( much cheaper for him ). Things you do to please kids these days …

Anyway the salesgirl was giggling and asked me in Cantonese ( to which I replied in very broken Cantonese because that’s what I do ):

Salesgirl: This guy your boyfriend ar?
Me: Huh no.
Salesgirl: Hehehe very handsome hor!!
Me: Hahaha lengjai ar? You take lah!
Salesgirl: Hehehehhehehe no lah, I can’t speak English.

Buckie foodie

Then at Starbucks later that night, the female barista was giggling and asked me in Malay:

Barista: This one your boyfriend ar?
Me: Huh no.
Barista: Hehehehe VERY HANDSOME HOR!!!
Me: Hahahaha handsome? You take lah!!
Barista: HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111

Buckie unaware

I think it was funny.