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singapore trip report – part 3

We had lunch at Raffles Place ( siu long bao ), then walked around the place a bit. Saw a ridiculously long queue for doughnuts. I wouldn’t stand in line for 2 hours for a doughnut lol.

Went to Robinsons, bought two pairs of nice shoes at very reasonable prices. then waited around for FA to determine if she should get THAT pair of shoes πŸ˜‰

The last time I was in Singapore, my hot cousin and I ‘accidentally’ went to a shop in Centre Point, where they were selling almost everything at S$15. Coats and jackets and suits at $60 pet set, which was a damn good price if you ask me, considering the quality of the clothes. Well, we went to the shop again, but there wasn’t anything like that πŸ™ The closest to a price markdown was S$40 for two long sleeved shirts. I don’t need anymore shirts, so…

EL wanted to eat ( it’d been an exhaustive excursion so far ), so she took us to this place in Centre Point. Can’t remember the name to save my life. It was Japanese, their specialty was grilled yakitori. You could either grill them yourself or have the chef do the deed for you. Quite awesome, really. They also had this tomato thingy for starters.. fresh tomato with something like a honey spicy mustard sauce thingy..

Food food glorious food!

Everything was awesome! Later my hot cousin joined us so we camwhored a bit..

Girls out

Then FA and EL went to do more shopping and clubbing. Me and my hot cousin went back to the hotel, chilled out for a bit then went to a small pub next to the many backpackers’ hostels in Little India. Had a very lovely time.

Next morning, FA dragged me out of bed to makan breakfast provided by the hotel. Then we went back to bed, heh, only to be awakened by the receptionist reminding us to check out.

Took the MRT to Harbour Front, then met Pinky and Anzi in Vivo City. I had an inane desire for kuay chap, so they willingly obliged…

Suanie eating kuay chap

I’d NEVER seen kuay chap in KL.. Actually I didn’t eat it so much in Batu Pahat, because my dad always ordered congealed pig’s blood which I find eww. I only really liked kuay chap in Singapore when Pinky took me to a hawker stall near her place. It was AWESOME! I LOVE ME PIGS INTESTINES!!! Yes anttyk, I know what went though them, but they do clean it you know.

Here’s a photo of me lovelies…

Pig's intestines, yay!

After lunch, we walk walk a bit, and Anzi wanted to take us to a shop where they sell inexpensive clothes for work. Turned out to be Niichi, lol! But I think they have stuff in Singapore not available in Malaysia? Last I checked anyway.

Here’s a photo of my other lovelies…

Suanie, Pinky, Anzi, Fireangel

We were to leave at 5.30 pm, so we had a quick bite at a stall selling NY Pizza. Which turned out to be giant pizza slices, but IMHO Domino’s is way nicer.

Suanie eating NY Pizza

Said our goodbyes ( I love you all sniff mwah ) then boarded the bus, headed home. FA has a customs story to tell, you can read it at her blog later if she decides to spill, heh πŸ˜‰

Thanks Nuffnang, Tim, Ming, HuiWen, Suertes, EL, Hot Cousin, Pinky and Anzi for everything. Get well soon, Dr Buck and Cowboy πŸ™‚


singapore trip report – part 2

We woke up rather late on Saturday and missed breakfast provided by the hotel. So we headed over to the Indian restaurant next door ( not unlike your local mamak restaurant ) where I had their roti kosong set, and FA had their roti bakar set.

Suanie breakfasting in Singapore

It was not good. Imagine those frozen roti canai that you can buy from hypermarkets, and you thaw them in the microwave at home. It was teh sux. At that point in time, I realised how much I missed the mamak restaurant near my office. I made a mental note to appreciate the guys working there more, because they know exactly how I like my Nescafe ais kurang manis, and how I love to DIY banjir my own roti kosong. I know the last line sounds rather obscene, but that’s the way it is πŸ˜€

Two ridiculously chewy roti kosong and one nescafe ais cost S$2.90. FA’s breakfast cost more, but then she had a mountain of bread and two eggs.

After breakfast, we walked down the road, past all the cool-looking backpackers’ hostels, caught the MRT to Raffles Place and met up with FA’s friend, EL. We had to stop en route to camwhore a bit…

Suanie listening to da man

It’s quite fun being a tourist ‘cos you can do all these silly stunts and get away with it.

Suanie at teh Merlion

From the Merlion Park, we walked to the Esplanade straight to Max Brenner‘s. Pinky took me there years ago, I’m glad it’s still around. I was glad the stuff was still as good. FA took some photos, I’m sure she’ll blog about it later.

We heard some gunshots, and being the KPC that we are, walked a bit to check out wtf was happening. Turned out that the peps were getting ready for their National Day celebration. From a distance we could see neat soldiers and navy type of people in full livery practicing their marching. A bit funny lah but I malas to elaborate now. Just something to do with the loudspeaker and all the echoing bla bla bla.

After that we walked to City Hall because the real tourist wanted to camwhore. Went into City Hall itself, there was a photography exhibition so we look see look see a bit. One of the photos on display was a guy next to a bus with his dick out in the open shooting piss. Nice.

On the way to the MRT, we walked past St Andrew’s Cathedral. It was quite awesome. There was a wedding going on so we didn’t go inside. I took a photo of the main steeple, and photoshopped it a bit. TBH I added the flare in using Photoshop, but the photo below was what I saw and felt when I stood there…

St Andrews Cathedral

Just that my camera and skills are not that pro to capture the moment, that’s all πŸ˜‰

singapore trip report – part 1

So we went to Singapore last week, courtesy of Nuffnang ( thanks to us dressing up as pirates for a Nuffnang event ). It was a 3D2N stay, so I asked Pinky if we could crash at her place for a night, then transfer to the hotel the next day. She being the lovely, awesome creature that she is, agreed.

The journey to Singapore was ok lor. Not like I’ve never taken a bus there before, heh. But this was the first time in a bus where we were served food, fruits and a hot drink. So this was me camwhoring with the food, for oddity reasons.

Camwhoring with Aeroline food

We arrived at around 11.30 p.m. at Harbour Front. Attempting to get a cab at that time in that area was tedious, tiring and not awesome. A cab driver finally took pity on us and allowed us to share his cab ( he was waiting for a regular customer ), and took us to Pinky’s house. Showered, bla bla bla, crashed for the night, and woke up early ( for me ) to leave with Pinky ( cos she has to work mah ).

Tim said earlier that Ming wanted to belanja us makan etc, so earlier we made arrangements to meet Ming for breakfast. He showed up with HotIntern Hui Wen ( who was wearing Nuffnang colours, heh ). Took us to the Nuffnang SG office…

The Nuffnang SG team

Then took us to have bak kut teh, Singaporean-style. The reason why it can never be confused for anything other than Singaporean style is because, the soup was laced with tonnes pepper! If you did that in KL or Klang, you’d get weird looks. Heh it reminded me of the black pepper pig stomach soup that my mom used to make… damn a lot of pepper… Ming loved it though, said it was his favourite BKT place evar. Oklor… 5 hours bus difference and tastes in food changes by leaps and bounds πŸ˜‰

Singapore bak kut teh with Nuffnang Singapore team

Thanks Ming for breakkie, heh πŸ˜‰

Then Ming took us to our hotel at Perak Lodge. It is a quaint little place along Perak Road ( d’oh ) in Little India, beside Tekka Mall, opposite Sim Lim Square… see, I know my geography πŸ˜‰ This is Ming posing in our room…

Ming in our room at Perak Lodge

After he left for work, we snoozed until 3 pm, then FA woke up ‘cos she was damn hungry. We had lunch at the food court next to Tekka Mall. One of the things that I like to eat in Singapore is pieces of braised duck and pig’s intestines… YUM!

After lunch, we took the MRT to Clarke Quay to Brewerkz, where Suertes was already waiting for us in the shortest possible pants of running shorts…

Suanie at Brewerkz with Suertes

Summary: Golden Ale is still awesome, though not as awesome as the first time I had it. Cherry ale sucked ass. Dr Buckaroo had high fever so he couldn’t make it. Sicky bugs suck ass. Overall Brewerkz was still awesome. I heart Brewerkz.

Then camwhored a bit along Riverside Point, walk walk a bit, look see here and there…

Suanie at Clarke Quay with Fireangel

Then FA went to meet her friends and I headed for the hotel. Too tired, tak tahan, old already…

before i cabut to singapore…

I didn’t know this until a friend brought it up to me earlier. Apparently, traffic management at the M’sia FA Cup Final last Saturday was insanely terrible, that the Sultan of Kedah had to leave his car and walk 2 km to reach the stadium. It was a good 45 minutes walk. The crown prince was better off — he hitched a ride with a police on bike.

My first two thoughts were:

1) Eh, this is darn cool, because royalty being royalty, you’d expect them to be pampered and spoilt and stuff, right? But the Sultan was willing to walk all the way in order to show up at the football match. He could have just skipped the whole deal and went home, pleading old age and not feeling well and all that jizz, kan? So the 2-km walk was a great investment because I now think of him in a much nicer light. The Sultan is for and with his people and all that.

2) Bad traffic management should not have happened at all, because it was a big event and everything should have been well-prepared.

Then on Monday, the 79-year old Sultan was warded at the hospital for flu. The Kedah state secretary said he believed that the two incidents were unrelated, i.e. the Sultan falling ill after the 2-km walk. According to him, the Sultan was already not feeling well before the match. Kesian.

So on TV last night, they were showing bits and pieces from an earlier parliament session. Apparently some backbenchers got themselves all worked up over the issue, that it was outrageous that the Sultan had to walk, that it was Penang’s fault, that adat was broken, that Penang should formally apologise, bla bla bla.

Hence I loved it when the Sultan’s secretary went on to say, “The people are trying to associate the SultanΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s hospitalisation with the long walk. But we do not think Tuanku fell sick because of all that walking.”

My friend observed, “wong tai mm kap , tai kam kap.”

But looks like Penang will lead a delegation to visit the Sultan and to formally apologise to him. I guess the tai kams will get their way after all. My question is, don’t we have more important things to get upset about? Don’t sweat the small stuff, dudes.


Hey look, I’m Nuffnang’s featured blogger for July πŸ˜‰

It’s pretty easy to get featured, I guess. Just bug Tim everyday about it until he ignores all your calls and blocks you on MSN. You can do it too! πŸ˜€


For some unexplainable reasons, I damn want to write an emo post. But I am not emo at all. But I feel like I want to be emo. How ar? Here goes anyway…

Night time. Sky so dark. Got stars. But the brightest star is not mine. Elusiveness. Pangs of loneliness envelops my being. Lucid dreams of seventh heaven but trapped in the stark reality of eighteenth hell…

Cannot make it lah. Maybe when I am really emo…


More short takes:

1) What to do on the bus to Singapore that will take 5+ hours ar?
2) Tiesto’s 2003 Nyana is a superior album. I hate his latest crap
3) No updates until next week πŸ™‚
4) I wonder if I could bug someone to recover from an illness. DrB is my first experiment.
5) I am going to miss Ryan.

Oh. And you too πŸ™‚

poke anwar, anyone?

When JO added me to his Facebook this morning, I browsed through his networks and friends. Saja mah.

Among his friends are the usual buggers (Kid, Wingz, Tony Pua, etc). Then I saw one that caught my eye… it was Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook profile! Heh this man gets everywhere.

But the thing that got me LOL was this…

Facebook - Poke Anwar

Bwahahahhaa!!! Priceless πŸ˜€

yay/ huh/ w00t

If you are American, Happy Fourth of July and all that. May your Budweisers flourish forever (as long as they don’t flourish in Malaysia) πŸ˜€


If you have not heard, it was reported on Monday that Umno recruiting team of writers to fight ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‹Ε“cyber warΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’. The first thing I did when I read that was to LOL. Then… I don’t know.

Seriously, what would you expect from the counter site? If you have nothing better to contribute than ‘lies lies all lies omg’ then don’t bother commenting lah πŸ˜‰ Because from where I stand, it’s a good thing if they are willing to embrace this whole cyberspace thing. If the proposed site is a blog, then hopefully Malaysian blogs would ceased to be painted in a negative manner in local media, because part of the ruling coalition is doing it too (maybe MCA already has one but I wouldn’t know).

But I think it will be a problem for UMNO. You see, if one wishes to counter ‘lies’ and whatnot, one would have to produce all threads of evidence to prove that such an incident didn’t happen, or s/he bought this or that with his or her own money, or s/he was seriously misquoted because [..]… Already it is evident from news reports that BN may not really be united (e.g. people under the PM contradict each other, or the PM). To be more credible mah… unless that is not part of the strategy, then I have nothing to say… heh πŸ˜‰

I am not trying to stir furor before the upcoming elections (before someone from UMNO wishes to counter my thoughts πŸ˜‰ ). I just think that the counter site or blog may not work in UMNO’s favour after all. They would have to really try darn hard to prove everything, and I don’t think some members would be willing to reveal everything. Lack of transparency seems to be working fine for them, so why fix something that ain’t broke? πŸ˜‰

Unless Datuk Azalina means to refute everything in the local print media. But then it won’t be a fair fight right… ? I don’t mind some (or lots of) spinning, I think it would be interesting and enlightening as long as (a) it’s a fair fight, i.e. blog vs blog, and; (b) the situation does not end up like our parliament ‘debates’.


OK, on to more serious things… I have been thinking some stuff lately, and I came up with these conclusions:

1) There is not much sound quality difference between legit and pirated music CDs
2) It doesn’t matter which petrol station I go to — my car can’t tell the difference between Shell, Petronas, Esso, Caltex etc
3) Ferry Corsten’s mix of BT’s Force of Gravity is better than Tiesto’s
4) My bosses are awesome
5) Familiarity breeds extremely slow service, e.g. mamak down the stairs from the office
6) When I am happy, people around me are emo, and vice versa. Am I the female version of Evan Treborn?
7) The suckier the Harry Potter books, the better the movies
8) Ryan is growing taller
9) Mandriva is nicer to use than SuSE


what i did last night…

A few days ago, Wingz taikor sent out an e-mail asking a few of us to have makan, the reason being young Penispupz bound to leave our shores to marry Prince William. When THE taikor ‘request’ your presence, takkan you don’t turn up, right?! Heh… So yesterday evening I found myself in awesome company having steamboat dinner at one of the many steamboat restaurants in Sunway Mentari.

Penny and Suanie
Don’t be sad, she’ll be back…

wingz kawaii
I was laughing so hard while trying to take this photo.. hence the shakiness

Kenny kawaii
Ode to teh FA

After dinner, Lisan, Kenny, Dale, Wingz, the two Golf Nicks and me went mamaking for a couple hours. It was fun, let’s do it again!! πŸ˜€