Random Monday stuff in numbers

1. So tired from tiring weekend. Babysat Ryan on Saturday and Sunday, he seemed to be content just doing nothing with me, so that was fine. Gave him lots of milk so he would sleep, so I could nap in between as well. Couldn’t locate the DVDs for ‘Cars’, ‘Monsters Inc.’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, so had to fob him off with ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which he did not like at all. Too bad, kiddo.

2. Kept thinking about the following line from the movie ‘The Painted Veil‘ ( nice movie btw ): “Women are always under the impression that men love them more that they really do.” Would elaborate, but that would be telling.

3. Harry Potter Book 7 was more rubbish than not. So blah that I don’t even feel like thrashing it. After Book 4, it was just not worth the effort.

4. Was looking for an entry on my phone contact list to call someone, and saw an entry for ‘JESUS CHRIST’. Wtf?! Clicked on it, the number was a multiple of 7s, and the URL was ‘www.heaven.com’. Was momentarily stunned, then began thinking of people who would pull this prank on me. SMSed buckie to ask if he did it, and he replied, “Yeah. Wasn’t mean to alarm until Christmas though…” Har har.

more photos from perth

If the photo is linked, it will take you to the 800×600 version on my Flickr.

A couple more photos taken at Wave Rock. This was my laptop wallpaper for a couple of days…

Scenic photo at Wave Rock

This road reminded me of the forest in LOTR. Sort of.

Scenic photo at Wave Rock (2)

Me returning from one of the many wineries along Swan Valley, yay!

Suanie with a bottle of wine

Was at Subiaco, looked up and saw this.. I just like it :)

Random photo at Subiaco

From left to right: me, buckie, Dabs, Kian and Cynthia.

Bloggers! (some at least)

Perth city at night from King’s Park.

Perth city from King's Park

I like this one… grandpa with his grandkids at Queen’s Garden.

Grandpa with grandkids at Queen's Garden

Black swans at Queen’s Garden… they looked mean :(

Black swans at Queen's Garden

Buckie at Mends Jetty.

Buckie at Mends Jetty

Looked up and took this along Mends Street… also my current laptop wallpaper.

Random scenic photo

Perth city from Mends Jetty.

Perth city photo from Mends jetty


being touched

I was thinking about my earlier post ‘cultural differences‘, and would like to expand on that a little…

Memories are like a deep, dark, quiet pool of still water. Then once a while a single drop of water would fall into the pool, and there would be ripples, and certain memories from your younger days awakened. Obviously I paraphrased this from somewhere, as I am not that clever as to come up with this analogy by myself.

Anyway I suddenly remembered that I went through a period when I detested human contact. This must have been during the rebellious teen years. I didn’t like to be touched. Skin to skin was disgusting and loathsome. I think it was brought on by a slight OCD case when I was younger. Yes I just self-diagnosed. But when I think about it now, it doesn’t seem right that I needed to neutralise every action. Think Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘As Good As It Gets’ multiple times of switching the light, locking the door and the importance of equal stepping when you walk. These and other little similar stuff, I am happy that I am off it now.

Back then, the human contact thing was like, if someone touched me, I felt an irrational desire to instantly wash or rub the spot where the skin has been touched. Otherwise I would feel dirty and uncomfortable ( though I was good at hiding it ). I remember how and why I got out of the neutraliser action phase, but not how nor why I got out of the skin touching phase. But I did. No, you still can’t touch me if you are a stranger to me.

It seems that this has nothing to do with cultural differences anymore. I think my initial points are that, I am not a natural touchy-feely person unless I really like you, which means you have to be either a member of my family, or my close friends, or my bf. I know some people have this thing of touching the other person everytime they speak and try to make a point. I understand that it’s their thing, but it’s a bit weird for me lor. Like how some people retreat to a corner when they are in an elevator; they are protecting their personal space as much as they can.

So my very digressed point is, please avoid the two cheek kissing thing with me, unless you have been brought up in an environment where it is the norm, or you really need to fulfill your daily human contact quota.

But if you go ‘lah’ at the end of every sentence and you still do the single or double cheek kissing thing with me, I shall smack you. You just wait and see lah.

why can’t all toilets come with water taps?!

Okay, I am a Malaysian right? A Chinese to boot. Having lived in Malaysia all my life, it goes without saying that I grew up in a link house with a squatting toilet that has a water tap equipped with a hose for easy water access. Water + toilet paper = clean and fulfilling. I don’t really need to spell things out right?

It took me some time to get used to a sit-down toilet. But I eventually did, because beggars can’t be choosers. Thankfully most of the sit-down toilets I’ve been to comes with a water tap, so that part was great. Awesome. Wonderful. Think cleanER.

So it really bugs me when I have to use a toilet that does not come with water taps within easy reach. This annoys the SHIT out of me ( pun intended ) and I usually wait and hold it until I could get to a toilet that has access to tap water that I could use. This is the reason why public toilets in Singapore are much cleaner than public toilets in Malaysia, BUT I DON’T CARE OMG I WANT MY WATER TAP!!!!

I can deal with the cubicle not having paper. It doesn’t matter because I can use my own tissue paper. But I can’t bring my own gallon of water everywhere I go!!

I wonder how you guys and girls deal with it …

some photos serving as an update lah

So I had to be in Perth, here are some photos.

Met up with Dabs, my most faithful blog reader and commentator ;)

Suanie and Dabido

Had dinner with my auntie, my cousins Eva and Yvonne, and Eva’s fiance.

Suanie and relatives

Went traipsing around Perth with Val. Here’s us at Swan Bells.

Suanie and Val at Swan Bells

The Road To Nowhere… Actually it reaches Wave Rock in Hyden.. 200++ km after this spot anyway.

Road to Nowhere

Me at Wave Rock. Yay million year rocks!

oO Teh Wave Rock..

Suanie on a rock

Perth is friggin’ cold. I am a wuss.