how to select karaoke songs 101 by tigerjoe

Was chatting with tigerjoe a few days back, and the topic came to the things he misses, one of which is karaoke. Am just going to copy and paste our conversation, let’s see what you make of it. The art of karaoke song selection, I mean…


tigerjoe: you know what I miss though?
tigerjoe: karaoke
tigerjoe: proper karaoke lounges with all the works
me: holy crap. you are not a karaoke person, are you?
tigerjoe: heheh.. is that too uncle-fied for you?
me: you are more cina than me. I tak tahan karaoke
tigerjoe: hahahah.. what’s not to like?
tigerjoe: sing-song. check.
tigerjoe: booze. check
tigerjoe: women. check
tigerjoe: friends. check
tigerjoe: good time. check
me: women who turn out to be men. check
tigerjoe: also can
me: people who can’t sing who think they are the next kelly clarkson. check
me: dono la. just annoys me
tigerjoe: hah… I noticed that today’s youth don’t appreciate the same things. i blame the internet
me: heh what talking you… i appreciate a good beer at a cozy pub
tigerjoe: young ppl spend way too much time online these days
tigerjoe: cozy pub is one thing
me: karaoke is just one of my pet peeves. i don’t like to hear myself sing and i don’t like to hear other people sing badly
me: it’s like this small congregation… then one person picks up the mic, starts to wail. the others look on and listen and cheer
tigerjoe: erm… wait… i have a thing against group-singing. it’s against the rules
tigerjoe: karaoke etiquette demands solo performances and must make effort for quality. not ust any frog can pick up mic
tigerjoe: it’s the modern test of a man’s refinement
me: i wish i could see it your way. unfortunately it will just have to remain one of those things that we don’t have in common, lol
tigerjoe: and the songs that a man sings says something about himself
me: ‘country roads take me home’ ? Lol
tigerjoe: that one says – “i’m too damn old to be productive anymore”
tigerjoe: “my way” says “i’m too damned lazy to sing a proper song”
me: so what is a good song to sing ?
tigerjoe: peter pan songs say – “i hit on young girls half my age”
me: so song selection is a whole art by itself …
tigerjoe: yup.. all part of gentlemanly conduct. allows people to asses the people they might do business with
tigerjoe: robbie williams is usually a safe pick. not too lembut, not too hu-ha

kayangan the movie

I received an invitation from some lovely people to attend a preview of the movie “KAYANGAN“, a local movie that will be released in selected Malaysian cinemas come 9th August 2007. Being a supporter of most things local ( unless they are known to really suck beyond reasonable doubt ), I heartily agreed. Now I am regretting my decision a little, because… well, I belatedly found out that the movie had a whole list of Malaysian royalty involved. Dude, the producer of this film is the director of Antah Group, ok? He looked really nice, mild and friendly throughout the press conference, but well… if I write disastrously negative things about the movie, will heads roll?! I mean, RPK is not exactly in the best of situations now, is he?

Kidding lah. I thought it was funny. Anyway… like someone said during his opening speech, there are bound to be negative remarks alongside any positive ones, yah? Sekiranya patik silap tulis, patik mohon ampun. Daulat Tuanku.

Kayangan - Mas and Tengku Amir

Kayangan ( which means something like Mount Olympus, not really heaven ) is a romantic comedy, the first feature film by Raden Pictures Sdn Bhd ( assisted by Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd ), and directed by Y. M. Raja Ahmad Alauddin ( also director of ‘Qaisy dan Laila’, ‘Lurah Dendam’ and ‘Hati Bukan Kristal’ ). It tells the fictional story of Tengku Amir (Teuku Zacky Azwar), a prolific businessman and member of the royal family falling in love with a commoner, Masiera (Nur Fazura), and I think the official synopsis will serve to elaborate better:

When two individuals from different worlds meet by chance, life becomes a kaleidoscope of twists and turns. “Kayangan” sees the lives of Tengku Amir, a royal prince at the forefront of the corporate world (played by Indonesian sensation Teuku Zacky Azwar), and Maseira, a simple lass from a quaint little village in Negeri Sembilan (played by rising star Nur Fazura Sharifuddin) converging by way of a most unfortunate (and embarrassing) occurrence.

Maseira is then exposed to the glitzy urban world of Tengku Amir when she accepts his offer of employment with his family’s company. Despite her initial unease with new surroundings, Maseira slowly adapts to the bright city lights without abandoning her down-to-earth nature. However, both have to deny the romantic feelings developing between them. But why?

The film has abundant comedic twists and turns, impending tragedy, heart-wrenching despair and entertaining scenes. Supported by a soundtrack written by Ajai that promises to be a hit with viewers and listeners alike, both young and old, “Kayangan” is set to captivate and capture the imagination

Will differing backgrounds prove an insurmountable barrier? Or will love conquer all? Come to cinemas this August 2007, and be whisked off to “Kayangan”.

Kayangan - Tengku Amir cajoling Erina
Tengku Amir cajoling his spoiled and materialistic girlfriend, Erina

The Bad in a nutshell:

1) The first 5 minutes (after the montage of how important Tengku Amir was) were rather torturous. It was like being slapped with Murphy’s Law, and everything in the beginning too! It is one of the movies where good money is not spent on proper sound production, so you have the actors sometimes speaking out of sync. I later learnt that Teuku Zacky’s Indonesian accent was too strong, so they had to use another actor’s voice to say the former’s line. But the sound thing is a thorn in my arse lah.

Sorry that this had to happen in the beginning of the movie. But the opening scene was too pretentious for my liking lor. Maybe what transpired was inspired by real life, and maybe it was my problem for not being able to relate to the scene, but that was how I felt lah.

2) Overacting seems to be something that we have to get used to. But sometimes it gets OTT, especially with Dynaz Mokhtar’s role as Erina, Tengku Amir’s spoilt girlfriend. Another reason why I fully support sound to be recorded on location is that the actors would not have so much time to overact, over gesture, over anything because they would have to deliver convincing lines as well, and if they can’t do both, they would have to skip the over performing part.

3) The ludicrous stage performance by Dee and Opie during a proper dinner function. Was that supposed to be the comedy part of this movie? I feel that they could have done well by forgoing this slapstick, which came out from nowhere, and everyone present was supposed to be enjoying it so much that the whole scene was very unconvincing.

4) Tengku Amir’s attraction for Erina. Maybe it is to Dynaz’s credit for her ability to portray such an annoying role, but come on lah… you the handsome prince with both looks and money can get any girl in the world, and you settle for this annoying piece of trash (the role, not Dynaz)?! Makes me geram want to slap someone. Well I have a reaction, so maybe that’s a good thing…

5) Tengku Amir’s original PA who was pregnant = not funny at all and OTT. Sorry.

Kayangan - Erina and Suraya
Erina and Suraya eyeballing each other

The Good in a nutshell:

1) After a while you get acquainted with the characters and focus on the story, so the whole bad sound/ voice over thing passes you by. That’s a good thing, right?

2) I liked the performances by Fazura, Eja and all the kampung folks. In most local movies, I find that the performances by the kampung folks to be the best, maybe because they are veterans and have starred in one too many ‘Cerekarama’, which I actually enjoy. The only irritating part of Fazura was when her role latched on to the whole ‘KL is the state of capitalism’ bs. Har har. That’s comedy.

3) Costumes were rather awesome! Rich and colourful. Me likey.

4) Positive portrayal of blogging in the movie! That is so refreshing in this country ;) You’ll have to watch ‘Kayangan’ to see the role of blogging here. Reminiscent of ‘The Perfect Man‘ though.

5) The little side stories, and everything else not mentioned.

Kayangan - Tengku Alyssa reading a blog
Tengku Alyssa reading a blog on her laptop

And now, for the Most Awesome Part:

THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!111111 The theme song, “Kayangan”, written and composed by Ajai, sung by Ajai and Tunku Mimi ( who also came up with the story of the movie, who was present at the press conference and looked rather hot ) is very catchy, pleasing, and I can’t wait to buy the album so I can listen to it over and over again and again and again.

I also really like the rest of the songs on the album. You can listen to clips from the soundtrack here, then you should really go out and buy the album because I think it’s awesome ;) Ajai, you are hot.

Kayangan - Blossoming romance
Tengku Amir and Mas discussing on how to spend RM2 million…

I guess this is the part where I tell you to go watch the movie. Well, only if you want to, beginning 9 August 2007. But I must stress to you not to get your expectations up, and just go with the flow, so to speak.

Overall KAYANGAN is idealistic, but maybe that is not a bad thing. Some funny and heartwarming parts here and there, and will definitely be a hit with those who enjoy romantic films. There will be a ‘Kayangan The Roadshow’ in Penang (5th August at the Seberang Perai Carrefour), Selangor (11th August at Mydin Subang Jaya and Selayang Mall), Seremban (12 August at Terminal One) and Johor Bahru (18 and 19 August at City Square, Plaza Angsana and Danga Bay). Go catch the stars of KAYANGAN at those dates and venues, and to end, here’s the trailer for the movie ‘KAYANGAN’…

ryan and his mohawk days

Just located a photo of Ryan when he was a couple months old…

ryan mohawk

*should* i get married someday..

I was browsing through a couple’s wedding photos that they posted on-line, and was telling Erna that out of the 60+ photos, I only liked one. One single photo out of so many, and that was only because that particular photo did not reek of fake-ness.

Which led me to thinking about the common sense ( or lack thereof ) and economics of weddings. Which after so many years of seeing family members, distant relatives and friends getting married, still does not make much sense to me. Growing up, I don’t recall planning my own wedding and walking down the aisle like some girls and guys do. The past couple of years, I began to realise and accept that maybe I would never get married, and that’s really fine by me. Erm… try not to mistake ‘not wanting to get married’ with ‘not wanting a companion’ ;)

Don’t get me wrong — it’s nice to see couples in love so happily posing for their wedding photographs — the indoor and outdoor settings. I guess it’s a nice ( albeit expensive ) momento if you think of it that way. And regardless of my blog post, people will continue to have the photographs taken, be host for expensive ( subsidised later, if you are Chinese ) wedding dinners, et al. Go ahead if that makes you happy. You should be able to do what you want to do for your wedding on your wedding day :)

But it’s MY wedding, well… I planned my own funeral so I guess I’ll plan for my own wedding day here…

If there comes a day when someone wants me enough to marry me and vice versa, I don’t want the megabucks wedding photographs. Use your own digicams, after all everyone’s a camwhore these days and should own their own digital cameras/ mobile phones for this purpose. I’ll just get the photos from you guys later.

I guess there should be a simple Chinese tea ceremony, I’m Chinese after all, and I think it’s a sign of respect for my elders. No need to give me any heavy gold jewelry and stuff though, kthx. Signing the marriage contract is essential too; after all that’s the whole reason for getting married…

IF THERE WOULD BE A WEDDING LUNCH/ DINNER: No Chinese wedding dinner style. Most likely to be buffet, lots of laughter, silly bits and pranks, everyone eat and hang out for a bit then go home. Then we go clubbing after, or to a pub where there’s lots of alcohol yay!

IF THERE WOULDN’T BE A WEDDING LUNCH/ DINNER: I’ll just send an e-mail telling everyone that I got hitched, sekian.

Now, off to look for a groom…

am i going to be in trouble? lol

Anyone who has been on-line since the late 90s can tell you that the Internet is not what it used to be. At least not in the Malaysian scene anyway. If we didn’t like someone on the Net, we’d thrash them out on the Net. If we disagreed with something on the Net, we’d reply back with fury and seemingly convictions informing the culprit of what we thought went wrong. Everything that happened on the Internet, stays on the Internet. Applicable to IRC, forums, websites and much later, blogs. This understanding worked, and it was a very good system because everyone could bloody well go on with their lives in the real world. Just ask a few of my close friends linked on my sidebar who have been on-line since the mid-90s and they would tell you the same. Me? Well 2007 is only my 10th year of using the Internet, so what do I know, right?

You would notice that I don’t really talk much about what’s happening to other bloggers and the blogosphere in general these days. What is there to talk about anywhere? My enthusiasm for the growth of the local blogosphere is unfortunately waning, so I just concentrate on my own blog and those that I still read frequently or from time to time. Too much have changed into the direction that I personally do not like, but c’est la vie. Maybe it’s gone good for some, worse for others, same to the rest of them. Not to say that I do not keep up with what’s happening in the blogosphere, but it is hard to keep up especially when real life beckons. I do keep myself updated from time to time, just that I do not talk about it on my blog.

Gone are the days when you can talk about anything and everything under the sky on the Internet, and get away with it. Not that this is a bad thing — some people do need to keep their traps shut. But I am not the authority to tell them that, so I keep quiet lor. The age old wisdom of mind over matter ( I don’t mind, you don’t matter ) applies. It is only inevitable after all — Internet access is becoming increasingly affordable, people are making their marks on-line their own ways, fine by me. Perhaps I was just thinking of the old days when people who knew how to use the Internet were more savvy people, and come with their own sets of intelligence and humour that I appreciated. Those days too are (almost) gone, and that makes me more thankful to be hanging out with people who continue to retain the same mindsets.

Also gone are the altruistic days of campaigning for the rights of the trodden, without being tarnished (?) by any political parties or agendas. Blogs written and maintained not for the sole reason of making money? Earth calling Suanie. Unscrupulous people making use of blogs and bloggers for their own selfish means? A dime a dozen, take your pick. People who don’t understand the nature of the Internet actually using it? People who don’t understand the nature of the Intenet lodging police reports against the people who don’t understand the nature of the Internet who are using it? These, my fellow friends and bloggers, are the days of our lives.

I am not in full support of RPK and his site’s commentors. Frankly speaking, I think a lot of stuff there are crap. But they are not without their merit. When you reside in a country that has severe lack of press freedom (I said lack of, not totally without) and people cower in the face of authority (never mind that we are the ones who supposedly voted them in), the disgruntled are bound to find other means and avenues to deposit their thoughts and what-not, never mind if they have a cause to be disgruntled with in the first place. When this happens, how then? I would personally recommend that those in authority (or those who lodge the police report) state their rebuttals where it all begins — on the Internet. I would like to believe that people are born stupid, but along the way to adulthood, they manage to gain intelligence and the ability to judge for themselves who is right or wrong, or whether they should care less in the first place. Freedom to choose after being presented with both sides of the story, no?

But that’s me. Hi, I am Suanie.