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cars over and over and over again… repeat infinity

When we were little, mom used to rent tapes for us to watch. In the eighties it was Chip ‘n Dale and the assorted Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons. My first big screen experience was ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ in 1991; it was wonderful.

With that in mind, I have been introducing cartoons to Ryan in hopes that he would have similar memories when he grows up. He is used to watching Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic, and he seems to have a distinct liking for animals. My mom and his mom have also been introducing different animals to him — elephants, tigers, lions, rabbits, fish etc.

So one day I thought he would appreciate Finding Nemo, with all the fish in it and all that. FIfteen minutes into the movie, I realised that it was a bit too violent for a nearly 2-year old kid, and switched to Bambi instead. Needless to say, Ryan got bored out of his wits and began jumping around, doing everything but watch the damn movie. An auntie’s good intentions thwarted.

Later on, he seemed to enjoy The Incredibles with a 65% rapt attention span. That is a very good percentage for a hyper active toddler. It also indicated that while he likes animals ( his mother took him to the zoo and he had a heck a good time ), it does not necessarily means that he enjoys watching them in cartoon forms for more than an hour.

So I bought Cars because I liked the movie, and I thought Ryan would like it too.

I was right, and this is a snapshot of him watching Cars on my laptop in my room.

Ryan watches CARS

In fact, I was too damn right. Since then whenever he looks at me, he would demand, “CARSSSS CARSSS CARRRRRRRRSS CARRRSS CARSSs carrsss … ah yii… carssssssssss CARSsssssssss CARRSS yao yao yao yao yao yao yao yao yao CARSSSSSSSS Carss carsss AH YI cars!! yao kan yao kan yao kan yao kan yao kan yao kan yao kan CARSSsssssss !!!!!!!!!!!111111”

( ah yi = auntie; yao = want; yao kan = want to watch )

Now I know every scene, every character, every line, every colour, every anything there is to know about Cars. While HE possibily thinks that it is a movie that goes on forever. And he does not want to watch anything else. No Toy Story, no Lion King, no Monsters Inc, just CARS, CARS and even MORE CARS.

Anyway, here’s a 45 second video clip of Ryan watching Cars.

He better appreciate me when he grows up, that’s all I’m saying.

so pissed off that i forgot to insert a title earlier

I have a bone to pick.

This country is seriously fucked up.

I mean, I’ve known that for the longest time, but I only felt compelled to put it down in words after an incident last night.

We had the shittiest of all shitty weather yesterday — rain, rain, rain and even more rain. It was like a scene out of a bad Hollywood movie with lots of rain and water and Kevin Costner. Come night fall, I was between a state of wanting to be emo due to the excessive rain and exasperation thanks to the fucking rain. Not a healthy place to be, especially if you are a ticking nuclear bomb like me.

Maybe I lied. I am not a ticking anything. But see how all these mental disturbance caused by the weather is causing havoc to my usually warm and sunny personality?

Gotcha again. ANYWAY, I drove to Williams to meet Spongefox last night because the latter had not eaten the whole day. I think he’s one of those folks who store instant noodles by the cartons next to his bed for easy access. Something I used to do when I was not living with my sister.

It was during the short journey when something scared the living breath out of me. Almost anyway, because if I were dead, I wouldn’t be writing all this crap now.

Or maybe you lot would prefer a ghost penning all these words? No doubt it would increase this blog’s popularity by leaps and bounds. Might even get Slashdotted.

Right. The point to this Monday whining. Ghosts. Spirits. Lost souls. Hantu. Lembaga hitam. Jelmaan syaitan.

I hate them all. They are unsettling to whatever’s left of my inner peace.

But even more so, I hate driving at night in the rain along a lonely road and stop at a traffic light to see a giant billboard advertising the latest horror movie being shown in town.

I hate movie distributors who think it’s a good idea to buy prime billboard advertising spaces and install the largest horror movie posters with the sole purpose of scaring every single road user that passes by.

I hate the ad agencies who allow movie distributors who think it’s a good idea to buy prime billboard advertising spaces and install the largest horror movie posters with the sole purpose of scaring every single road user that passes by to have their ways.

But you know what?

I don’t hate them as much as I hate whoever is effing responsible for putting up/ installing the billboards in strategic spots and sell them to ad agencies who allow movie distributors who think it’s a good idea to buy prime billboard advertising spaces and install the largest horror movie posters with the sole purpose of scaring every single road user that passes by to have their ways.

You remember the big ass Ju-On or Grudge movie poster along the LDP?

And you wonder why so many accidents occur throughout the highway. They weren’t driving irresponsibility — they were scared out of their wits and simply lost control of their senses and cars.

But movie posters are not the only culprits.

If you are driving towards the Rothmans roundabout at night, and you turn to go towards SS2, you will see this big ass billboard of a chick advertising some product that I can’t recall to save my life.

Why can’t I remember the name of the product?

Because I was too busy averting my eyes from the ghostly lit-up face of the chick who stares at you as if she was going to possess your body anytime soon so give up your rights or else.

I think I should make it a point to remember the product and the company. Should I be involved in an accident at the roundabout ( but touch wood ) I am so going to fucking sue the pants out of the company leaving them no change to take the bus home.

Dumb fucks.

friday blah

I was in KL the past couple of days to get something done. Suffice to say, I didn’t like it. The city, not the job… well maybe the job just a little ๐Ÿ˜›

KL beats PJ when it comes to pubs and clubs ANYTIME ( I am developing an affection for Bar Ceylon as it is ). KL has the BEST siu yok my family and I ever had, KL has a functioning bus station which is useful if you do not wish to drive back home ( Johor for me ), and… that’s about it. Everything else, I can easily get in PJ. I don’t even need to go to Low Yat for tech stuff — Computer War and Digital Mall serve my purposes just fine.

It just that the journey gets to me. Add in the traffic jam and crazy motorcyclists ( especially along Jalan Sultan Ismail near Kg Baru ), I always end up with a headache if I have to go to KL during the day. I get irritated. I get pissed off. I get so fucking bored out of my mind especially if someone is in Myanmar and can’t accompany me for lunch at KLCC. The other two people I know working in the Golden Triangle were also busy leading their own lives and couldn’t meet up. So what’s a girl to do but to drink a couple of lonely beers while waiting for an appointment scheduled for 2 hours later… ๐Ÿ™

So I have a new-found respect for those who trudge the daily route to work. Okay maybe definitely no trudging involved but you get the idea. To my sister and brother-in-law who work along the two busiest roads in KL, I salute you.

Just felt like whining a little. After all it’s not as if anything spectacularly exciting happened since I last updated this blog. Oh yeah, no joy for Lina Joy. But you can talk about it over at Xpyre‘s — he’s better at these kind of stuff than me.

Over at a certain embassy, I was fuming at their ridiculous operating hours. Then I finally got the stuff done and was in the elevator going to the car park when a man stepped in. Nice, jolly-looking middle-age chap. You know when you are in an elevator and if there are three or more people in it, you try to keep your distance to safeguard your personal space? Well sometimes when there are only me and another person, and I am in the mood, I try to catch the other person’s eye to begin a conversation. I am friendly like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Besides uncomfortable silence between two person in a restricted area for even less than 10 seconds is still uncomfortable. If the other person is looking everywhere else but you, then you know when to keep your mouth shut and continue to dwell in your personal space.

But this chap looked at me and smiled. He looked serene and happy. He was holding 3 or 4 passports, presumably with the visas he wanted.

“Final burden in my life,” he said.
“Oh when are you going?”
“Next month. My whole family is going.”
“Well, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ ”
“Thank you!”

I’ve been thinking of that encounter for a couple days now. I guess I am slightly jealous that some people know what they want in their lives, and go for it. And also that they know exactly where they can get that peace of mind.

But then… some things I don’t know well, or don’t know at all. I am pretty certain that I wouldn’t be able to get it even if I go to Bodh Gaya or Kusinara. And I envy those who can.