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I was writing a blog post earlier today, then there was just too much to write that I have decided to postpone it.

So damn tired today.

Went to Curve earlier to get doughnuts from Big Apple Donuts because my boss was semi-craving for it. Two days of doughnuts in a row, because we were at the Curve yesterday as well. I wonder when I’d be sick of doughnuts.

Ryan hit his head against a wall. Now he has a massive bump on his forehead. Kesian the budak. Dahlah his head damn big. Now with the bump on his forehead, he looks like a flowerhorn fish.

Current tune playing over and over again: BT’s Force of Gravity.

By the way, Datuk Nazri kirim salam.

“YOU HAVE NO BRAINS! STUPID STUPID STUPIDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111″

hotels and stuff

Recently, something work-related had me visiting several prominent hotels in the city. I swear that this happened every time the sales peps took me to check out their hotel rooms — they would either knock on the door, or ring the doorbell or do both before putting the key in to open the door.

How do I begin to explain it? Right — it is semi-believed that hotels are full of spirits ( not the drinkable type ), and there is one in every hotel room. Long-term residents, if you will. So before you enter the hotel room, it is best that you knock on the door first, as if asking the spirit for permission to enter. If you do that, then the spirit would not bother you at night.

Some people believe it, some people don’t. Some knock, others don’t. I do believe in the supernatural, though not having had the misfortune to encounter one. And I generally do not give much thought to it until some hotel personnel go knocking on the room door before entering. The assumption that there was a spirit in the room that we were about to enter, made me cut short my room inspections. Just my imagination working overtime in my head, and there’s not much I can do about it, read third sentence of this paragraph.

I don’t suppose I am the very intuitive type then. A couple years ago, I was on holiday with two other friends. At that time, one of them could strongly ‘feel’ the presence of spirits and such ( which I believe to be genuine due to some stuff that happened, whom shall remain anonymous ). After we checked out of the hotel, my friend told me that there was a spirit in the bathroom the whole time we were there. My friend just tried to ignore it, and didn’t want to tell us beforehand in case we got freaked out. On my side, I thought it was a pleasant hotel room and spent the 1 night there peacefully.

My favourite hotel in Malaysia is the Mutiara Beach Resort in Penang. What’s yours?

cultural differences

Ok maybe just one cultural difference. Fuck the ‘s’.

This is going to be a quick one because I have lots of things to do. I was chatting with FA on-line, and the subject naturally came to the norm behaviour of Asians and non-Asians. So I related to her this story, which I am about to tell you now.

I come from a small town, right? Well it was small when I left. Now I hardly recognise it when I go back home. ANYWAY, I was not very exposed to non-Asian cultures. Sure I watched them on telly, read about them in books, but nothing could prepare you for the real world.

In 2002 or 2003, I got to know this European dude. My friends called him Peter Pan Spiderman, so those present at that outing would remember this story. It was at a now-defunct pub in Bangsar, we had lots of beer, conversations and giggles, then Peter Pan decided to leave the party to go home and crash.

So he stood up, said his goodbyes, then bend slightly over to me. Oh okay, this is one of the non-Asian way of saying goodbye, right? So a kiss on the cheek it is! After all I’d seen it on telly, shouldn’t be a problem, no sir!

I turned my face for him to kiss one of my cheeks, and thought was done. What followed after was a hilarious confusion as he moved to kiss the other side of my cheek as per his customs, and I didn’t know what to do. It was kinda embarrassing; either he thought I was an ignoramus or he thought I didn’t want to be friends with him anymore.

My friends laughed at me of course. But I am getting used to it :)

The end, now back to work.

spongefox vs planet earth

Over yum cha session…

Spongefox: I have a suspicion that this planet is conspiring against me.
Suanie: Huh why do you say that?
Spongefox: Now that I finally could make time for jogging in the afternoons, it bloody rains every freaking afternoon!
Suanie: Erm… it’s the monsoon season mah…
Spongefox: No, the monsoon season has yet to begin.
Suanie: Then it’s the whole global warming shit that is fucking up our weather thus fucking up Earth! Green house effect, pollution all adds up to global warming and now we get unpredictable weather all the time!!!
Spongefox: It’s a very elaborate set up.

it’s friday, so…

Ask me anything. I’ll answer every question I get. Bloggers’ honour[1].


[1] which doesn’t really say much, but someone’s gotta bring integrity back to blogging[2], eh? Heh… ;)
[2] which in reality is not going to be me, but yes, I will still answer every question I get.