all i can think of now is…

Once in a while I take a step back from my blogging awesomeness and graciously allow others to shine. I am generous that way. Besides, one can’t expect me to write about anything and everything and expect the blog posts to be awesome all the time!! I mean, I understand the high expectations the adoring public has of me, but still.. like Michael Jackson said, I am only human. Well, minus the multiple nose jobs, skin bleach and millions of dollars.

So I found a really awesome blog post today. This one is more awesome than the others because it made me think — it brought me back to a mere couple of years ago when I relished well-written blogs with isi-isi penting that inspires you to come up with somewhat similar spiel ( or at best, a few hundred rungs down ). I’ve lost some of that zeal ( real life and laziness beckon. Priorities, my friend… ) but I am glad that people still write stuff like that. For FREE, mind you.

The opening paragraph of Is Beer the Key to Remarkable Blogging? by Brian Clark @ Copyblogger reads:

Many people feel that their blog topics are too common and mundane to be remarkable. The truth is, most businesses and topics are viewed as commodities, so it’s crucial to find an angle that sparks interest and separates you from the pack.

That was when I stopped reading because I’d have to scroll down, and that would make the heavenly image of the ice cold golden nectar of life disappear.

No, I’m serious. Go read it for yourself at the URL provided above.

I think my point ( before I got so distracted ) was something along the lines of, while it’s a revelation that ‘everything there is to say has been said’ is a myth, not everybody is a word smith, nor possess the ability to think out of the beer… sorry, box. In fact, only a handful are able to see, or perhaps are meant to utilise the thinking lightbulb. Most would be oblivious to the damn bulb even if it stripped naked, flaunted its lit chest and danced the salsa in front of them.

Or perhaps I should have more faith in people, and myself.

Perhaps I should go finish that last can of beer in the fridge. Bye.



  1. So, the point being don’t post unless you’re shitfaced. Works for me!

  2. for the none alcoholics, try melting half a slab of chocolate over sliced bananas and glaze the dish with honey. you either die from all the goodness or stay up all night and be dead the next day anyway. minus the hangover.

    btw, hi suan! 😉

  3. ah damnit, i’ve just ruined my sly exit in promoting my out and proud blog. left the wrong link! how clever is that? there, fixed it.

    i would be shameless and type it in the comment box as well, but i wouldn’t want to raise high expectations for myself and then fall with a resounding thud thanks to all my fats. not a pleasant sight, no sirreesuanie.

  4. i’m sleepy.

  5. mad: you are the ultimate guru!

    Soli: non-alcoholic? I don’t comprehend…. 😛

    KY: me too

  6. Haha, I didn’t know you read Copyblogger too.

    Anyways it’s RED BULL FTW!

  7. Quote: ‘everything there is to say has been said’

    Where got? I haven’t told ALL my midnight stories yet what…

    Perhaps I should compile all my short stories into an anthology and call it “The Shaggy Side of Midnight”. No?

  8. iesneK : in reality, nescafe ais kurang manis for me. 3 a day will do more than good 😀

    tigerjoe: oh i look forward to seeing you at the malaysian writers thing bla bla 😛

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