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I turned 18 in 1999, and here’s the list of monthly #1 on the Billboard chart that year:

Dec 5 – Jan 15: I’m Your Angel – R. Kelly & Celine Dion – I hated this song.
Jan 16 – Jan 29: Have You Ever – Brandy – I hated this song as well.
Jan 30 – Feb 7: …Baby One More Time – Britney Spears – I loved this one.
Feb 13 – Mar 12: Angel Of Mine – Monica – I loved the original better.
Mar 13 – Apr 9: Believe – Cher – Awesome!
Apr 10 – May 7: No Scrubs – TLC – Awesome!
May 8 – June 4: Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin – Bloody awesome!
June 5 – July 16: If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez – Hated it.
July 17 – July 23: Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child – Whatever.
July 24 – July 30: Wild Wild West – Will Smith ft Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee – Whatever.
July 31 – Sept 3: Genie In A Bottle – Christina Aguilera – Hated it.
Sept 4 – Sept 17: Bailamos – Enrique Iglesias – Whatever.
Sept 18 – Oct 8: Unpretty – TLC – Awesome!
Oct 9 – Oct 22: Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey ft Jay-Z – Blah.
Oct 23 – Jan 14, ’00: Smooth – Santana ft Rob Thomas – Bloody awesome!

And to mention some of 1999’s greatest hits:

1. All Star – Smash Mouth – When Smash Mouth exploded into the scene, I was hooked. “HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALL-STAR, GET YOUR GAME ON, GO PLAYYYYYYY!” I loved it.

3. Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega – Fun at that time, irritating as hell now.

23. Miami – Will Smith – Am I the only one who thinks that Will Smith should stick to acting?

26. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! – Venga Boys – Man, you have NO idea how this song was worshiped back at home…

28. Back At One – Brian McKnight – Despite people going on about how romantic this song is bla bla bla, I hated it. It’s fucking corny as hell, even at 18.

31. Slide – Goo Goo Dolls – Loved it, loves it, will continue to love it.

32. Blue – Eiffel 65 – Refer to Venga Boys.

35. My Own Worst Enemy – Lit – Eh, one of my favs.

40. I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden – Refer to Brian McKnight.

44. Cowboy – Kid Rock – Don’t like Kid Rock.

50. everybody’s free (To Wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrmann – This has GOT to be one the weirdest song evar.

57. You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins– I hate Phil Collins.

58. Never There – Cake – I love Cake.

69. Jumper – Third Eye Blind – One of my favs.

I’m not feeling much love this Monday.



  1. I was 18 in 1999 too!
    Woot! LOL.

  2. I was 18 in…..

    oh remembered, I’m not 18 yet! 😀

    My bro worships “You’ll be in my heart”, one of his favorite songs.

  3. ‘: I’m Your Angel – R. Kelly & Céline Dion – I hated this song.’

    You hated it cause FA is your angel! 🙂
    [I was going to say ‘I’m your angel’ but decided I needed my nuts attached to my body! 🙂

    ‘Baby One More Time – Britney Spears – I loved this one.’

    I thought it was ‘Shave me one more time’ !!! 🙂

    ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin – Bloody awesome!’

    Bloody awesome film clip! Wish he was still making videos with raunchy ladies shaking their booooties! 🙂

    ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! – Venga Boys – Man, you have NO idea how this song was worshipped back at home…’

    Worshipped? In my neck of the woods it was laughed t, along with most Bender Boys songs.

    ‘Slide – Goo Goo Dolls – Loved it, loves it, will continue to love it.’

    All Goo Goo Doll songs remind me of Megugu! Especially Iris … [You do remember Megugu from AE Suan?] lol

  4. pelf: same same heh

    ashish: nothing awesome about being underaged 😉

    dabs: i just hate r. kelly. and not even for the child pornography shit. but i hate celine dion more. araghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh makes me blood boil just thinking of the two names

  5. When I was 18 you weren’t born yet I think.

  6. the dark child remix of jlo’s if you had my love reminds me so much of dv8 in 1999… lololol wtf ever happened to that nasty place? anyhow rindu you la girl

  7. Ooo, I must really live in a dark cave on Jupiter. I didnt’ know about R.Kelly’s ‘child fetish’. You mentioning it lead me to consult Wikipedia. What a weird guy! I’m amazed anyone still boths to buy his albums.
    I can understand you hating Celine Dion … her choice of music is so … blah! I wonder who buys that stuff!

  8. When I was 18:

    1) Celine Dion was still a young chickoo who was learning English.
    2) You could change RM 100 and get around SGD 100.
    3) Blogs hadn’t been invented yet.

  9. Mr. Benny says:

    99… damn… was busy preparing to face the Y2K bug…. missed that year’s New Year celebs.

  10. “Hit me baby one more time” was a great song, and remains one of my favorites to this day. I wish Britney would make more energetic songs like this again.

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