shiver me timbers…

A preview of tonight’s Nuffnang outing…

Ryan is a pirate, arrrrrrrrrrr



  1. LMAO!!!!!

  2. Man… that t-shirt is so on topic!

  3. lololol best!

  4. miäö says:

    hummm…. deja-vu?

  5. LOL

  6. arrrrrrr~~!

  7. Hah. Your costume beat that!

  8. hehe great costume suanie! but i didnt see you with your sword yesterday!

  9. lol sin chan!

  10. suertes says:

    KL is so much more fun.. have a good night out!

  11. azmeen: So apt, kan? LOL

    miao: of?

    Dr Tan: hahah thankies

    xes: halfway out of the house, realised i forgot to bring the sword 🙁 then lazy to go back to get it

    suertes: lots of fun in singapore too 🙂

  12. myhorng says:

    OMG! this was so so so cool


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