dadah musuh masyarakat

Note: This is by and large a self-serving post.

First things first. Just because I was one of the 5 bloggers who dressed up as pirates at the Nuffnang event, I won myself a 3D/2N trip for 2 to Singapore ( confirmation at Nuffnang’s blog ).


Unfortunately they decided to use the most unflattering photo of me to announce me the winner.


So here’s my favourite photos of the whole event, taken by SloppyChic.

PIRATES!!! KY, Suanie, Timothy, FA

Speaking of Tim

Tim: i’m everyone’s bitch
Tim: bitch bitch bitch
Suanie: yes
Suanie: down biatch
Tim: *gets down*
Tim: spank me mistress
Tim: i’ve been a naughty naughty man
Suanie: this is a disturbing conversation
Tim: hahahahaha
Suanie: i am going to cut n paste on my blog
Tim: NOO!!!!!
Suanie: too late bitch
Tim: fine… go ahead and do it.. but blank out my name
Tim: and don’t link to my blog!
Suanie: that defeats the whole point LMAO

Nyeh nyeh nyeh.


The snails in my garden are at it again, this time the more the merrier. There’s magic in numbers. Slime me once shame on you, slime me twice get a few more to join the crowd, and all that jazz.

Escargots in the garden

Last time I noticed the snail-lovin’ activity was in December.


Me, Paul and Ryan at Roadhouse Grill last Sunday…

Roadhouse Grill - Ryan and Paul

But I like this one better…

Roadhouse Grill - Paul and Ryan

Took photos of the food, but decided that it was nothing to shout about. The food, not the photos.


Was talking to an Aussie chap on-line, and he was going on about Maccas. As in, “I went to Pasar Seni Maccas to get sundae.” I spent quite some time trying to figure out what the heck he was on about.

Then I belatedly remembered he was Aussie.


Kim and me at an event last Saturday…

Kimberlycun and Suanie

… before we went off to get shit-faced.


What other similar slogans from the title do you remember from school? ๐Ÿ˜›



  1. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    For all NON-AUSSIES, Maccas = MacDonalds. [Why anyone would want to eat there is beyond me!]

    Best way to get rid of snails is to leave a dish with beer in it. Snails love beer, but they’ll fall into the dish and drown as theyre too drunk to get out. [Warning: Suanie, DON’T drink beer you find in a dish in the garden! It might be Snail-ekin or Snails-berg or Fosters! YUCH!]

    Tim and Suanie sitting in a tree! hee hee hee

  2. remember this er, ‘song’? goes something like this, “nyamuk aedes berbahaya, denggi pula mengancam manusia” ?? haha

  3. What does this have to do with dadah???

  4. One would think that life in Malaysia is just one big pirate’s party with freebies and hot babes.

  5. glad that you like the picture. If you want i could send a RAW format to u, then u adjust everything yourself. =)

  6. suertes says:

    Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah. It was actually painted on the three Hume concrete tubes in the playground of my school.

    Gee, I think this is the FIRST blogpost I’ve ever read that mentioned dinner at Roadhouse Grill. I was one of the last customers, ever, at the Bangsar outlet (we were the last to leave on its last day of business).

    OK, so, will I see you in SG then?

  7. lotsofcravings says:

    what is pasar seni?? how is it just pasar seni?

  8. One day, the snails will take over the world.
    At the rate they’re humping and at the rate we’re bombing ourselves to kingdom come.

    Its either the snails or the cockroaches.


  9. HAH! Tak ajak lagi!

    haha..major tim pwnage. i just realised we were talking about different tims lah.

    that photo of paultan damn cute….the baby boy.

  10. Pinky le Kan Ma says:

    as usual .. my godson .. so kiut one. (L) ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. why an online chat with suanie is sometimes not advisable. LOL.

  12. Dab: anything meaty is lost on you ๐Ÿ˜›

    chris: hahahah ! i loved that dikir barat song!

    mingsy: nothing whatsoever! ๐Ÿ˜€

    mad: you should drop by and see it for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    xin: har.. the one u sent me was good enough lah hahehaheahe

    suertes: didn’t know RG was in bangsar.. my sisters took me there once a few years ago. this was before chilis. don’t think i will be there before you come back?

    lotsofcravings: pasar seni = central market .. i don’t know how to answer your question leh

    spongefox: oh you should see my garden at night. i stepped on a few already, unintentionally of course.

    lainie: bwahhaha not that great lah. next time we go eagles nest ok

    pinky: in the words of liv tyler, if you want him, come and claim him! ๐Ÿ˜›

    din: lolololololol! tim loves it! ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. i lap you long time biatch

  14. Snails.. YUCKS. Urgh. Never seen them in one slimey yucky crowd like that! Orgies! Hahah, maybe this time around they are having swingers party? Hmmm…

    I like that second pic or our nephew and his dad? So cute like both close eyes, same face, same style… it reminds me og Japs comic! Cute lah!

    I dont remember any slogans liow. Err… ‘mengedar dadah membawa hukuman gantung?’ got right? hahah.. but maybe not slogan la, some weird voice over in say no to dadah campaign on TV. Ah! There! Say NO to Dadah. (got ah?)

    But I know u’ll remenber this…
    ‘Jgn monyettt… jgn makan buah tu’
    ‘Aku tak kira, aku tak kira! Aku nak makan jugak!’

  15. omg i am not a dad

  16. Shireen: ditto ๐Ÿ˜›

    Faieza: arrr paul is not ryan’s dad, LMAO!! but ryan does look like his dad a lot.

    hah! I remember the lines!!!

  17. oO ryan loves paul

  18. Hey there.
    Just saw this post from nicole. Lol.. I think tim is really pity lo… haha… But good job. Cut and paste the conversation.. haha…
    Let him scare scare.. kekekz..

  19. no lah accuatly we just play play only like phua chu kang dont play playah but then next time we type about dadah u have to give the things about dadah okey

  20. ok yuky. what kind of dadah related information would you like to know? i am all assistance.

  21. i want anti dadah

  22. what your name????can we be friend???????????my number is 0173333111

  23. yuky/ jess : A-Class drugs are bad. i am anti-drugs for recreational purposes. You should never depend too much on drugs given by your doctors too. Sekian.

  24. ok thanks…..what the f…….la play only ma… angry for what

  25. we are 1 of the leader for the anti dadah prasentation…
    we are finding about the pic. bout anti dadah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. whose jess???????????????????????

  27. yuky and jess both have the same email addresses, URL and IP address, are from Sibu, using a school network, have the same obsession, spelling, English usage, and posted at the same time on this blog post. Now go do your homework and stop bugging me .

  28. why suddenly never ans. for us????????????????hey u,i mean suanie please wake up….said something n let me tell u about secret computer i mean if u 1 lah

  29. wat la u…..wat the f…we now at relaxe la…. where got homework o…u is my mother meh…….dont be so 8

  30. DADAH MUSUH NEGARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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