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death of fashion: leggings

First off, I readily admit that I do not possess any semblance of excellent fashion sense. Sometimes I wear stuff that I get laughed at, sometimes I don’t so it’s pretty safe to say that I am no Anna Wintour (lol, the very idea!). Nowadays I just wear T-shirt and jeans — there’s not much to laugh at T-shirt and jeans.

Yet despite me being unfashion-worldly, the one thing I do know and very well at that is this:


Leggings just so happen to be one of fashion’s worst mistake. It was fine when Jennifer Beals wore it in ‘Flashdance’, because she played a dancer and well, it was the early eighties.

But leggings are definitely not for everyone; in fact when André Leon Talley or someone of that stature was on Oprah, s/he said, “no one should wear leggings”. So I am not making any of this up (never mind that I can’t remember who said it).

All the Hillary Duffs, Lindsay Lohans, the Hilton sisters of the world can wear leggings for all I care. I don’t see them in real life, so it does not affect my daily business in anyway. Images from entertainment gossip sites can be easily dismissed. Celebrities like that are not real anyway πŸ˜‰

But it is hard to ignore leggings when it flaunts and bounces itself right in front of your very eyes. Even more so when the perpetrator has no business anywhere near leggings in the first place, let alone short denim skirts (which seems to be the ‘thing’ to go with leggings these days).

Like last week I was in a restaurant and was innocently enjoying a rather scrumptious dinner. Then it rained stones and the locusts came, and a lady strolled in and plonked herself at the table right next to us.

Allow me to wield the power of your imagination the scene I had to endure for the rest of the night, with the following image so beautifully illustrated by my talented and esteemed colleague.

Leggings are so wrong
I actually look like that. Do I wear leggings? Hell NO!

And when she bent over…

Sigh. Maybe they should ban leggings instead of iPods on the streets. Public safety is after all at a rather serious stake here, aka for the love of God!!!!!

photo essay for lack of a better title

As I was sorting out my photos yesterday, I found a lot of previously unpublished photos (publishing, cewah…) so here they are in their random state.

The photo of the awesome bumper sticker below was taken (with permission) at a rest stop along the North-South highway.

Awesome bumper sticker


Bwahahahhaha! Sure beats the sassy-wannabe bumper stickers that are let loose around the country. Too many of them suck, then you find a gem.

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no ships :(

Last Sunday after a hearty breakfast of Klang bak kut teh with my childhood friend Richard, we decided to venture out into the wilderness for a bit πŸ˜›

You see, I’d always wanted to see ships. When I was little, we came to KL to stay a couple days with my mom’s ex-school mate. She and her family lived in the biggest house I’d ever seen, complete with a swimming pool and Super Mario (the version after the cassette tapes). She also took us to a boat trip (they owned a small private yacht) and it was superb!

So it was with that warm fuzzy memory that me and Richard drove out to the Klang ports. After 3 hours of driving round and round and round, the warm fuzzy memory was severely crushed with immense frustration and wanting to tear Paris Hilton’s head and violently swing her around with a limp doll. She’d probably enjoy it anyway.

We drove up to North Port. Because it’s a famous port, right? So illogically it should be filled with ships and yachts and ships and yachts, right?

Of course not. The roads were as confusing as hell, and we almost swerved into a wrong road. Luckily a driver in a humongous lorry honked to alert us that it was an outgoing road.

Needless to say, we couldn’t go into North Port at all. The closest thing to a ship was the massive numbers of contennas in many warehouses.

So, we headed for the West Port. It was a half an hour drive, went past Port Klang town, went past the turning into Star Cruise terminal…

And of course we couldn’t get anywhere remotely near the port. We asked a policemen where we could see the ships, and he said to try the Star Cruise terminal…

… where we were blocked from entering at all.

There goes my hopes of looking at ships and yachts ala CSI: Miami.

So if you are feeling adventurous, forget the North and West ports. We found it out the hard way for you.

p/s: Anyone knows where we CAN see the yachts and ships and boats?

intel + bmw sauber f1 team @ pit lane park, kuala lumpur

We were invited by Intel (together with BMW Sauber F1 Team) to a cocktail reception at Paddock Lounge, somewhere between Darby Park and at the edge of the KLCC park. Luckily we didn’t park IN KLCC, unlike James πŸ˜‰

The sky that day was a real pretty blue dotted with white fluffy clouds, and it was friggin’ HOT. I guess I’m too spoiled by air-conditioning πŸ˜‰

Intel-BMW Sauber - Paddock Lounge

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the declining kuala selangor fireflies

I’d always wanted to go to Kuala Selangor to see the fireflies, and when the Gallivanter announced that he was organising a trip to do just that, I asked if I could tag along πŸ˜€

Eight of us drove down (well, two did the driving) to Kuala Selangor. The old road took us past the Sg Buloh prison (which I kept looking out for) and was dotted with rubber and palm trees. And lots of rich kampung folks living in massive (perhaps illegal) houses. It was almost like scene right out of a bad Hollywood movie, where the characters drive through an almost deserted town where there are quaint shops with funny names, then the characters get murdered by odd serial killers. Heh.

We reached Kampung Kelip-Kelip around 8 p.m. It’d been raining before and so we delayed dinner to get on the boat first. It was RM10 per person, 4 to a sampan and below is a video I’d taken on the boat…

Yes, couldn’t capture shit. So no fireflies photos for you. But they looked something like this or this, minus the immense number of fireflies. Like decorated Christmas trees, 3 flashes per second.

The guide told us that it was the rainy season, hence the limited fireflies. Plus the river is kinda polluted and is killing the pokok berembang, which is the only species of trees the fireflies would buzz around. I’d say there were about 2 or 3 trees that had a lot of them, and 7 -8 with not as many. Nothing like in the photos though.

But it was still a good experience — the sampan ride was rather peaceful and calming, though I found myself thinking of crocodiles. I didn’t dare to ask the guide though, as it was night time and there’s this whole superstition about not mentioning buaya pusaka stuff at this time of the night, bla bla bla. I do scare myself sometimes.

Mosquitos I can mention. Mosquitos literally suck.

We took a group photo, here we are, stolen from Daniel’s blog:

Kuala Selangor fireflies visit
Cely, Hong Kiat, Chelva, Wong, Lina, me, Lee Yee and Daniel.

We had seafood dinner at one of the restaurants in Kuala Selangor. Nothing really spectacular like in Teluk Gong, but ridiculously cheap.

Then back to KL for some alcohol lovin’ πŸ˜€