movie: jangan pandang belakang – not that bad leh!

What’s with me and Malay movies? Heck I don’t even watch that many Chinese flicks anymore (but that is because I think no one can replace Stephen Chow as the slapstick mastah, and Zhang Yimou keeps making artsy-fartsy movies with weak storylines and weaker actors — erm, Jay Chou, wtf herro!!!!!).

Anyway, I caught Jangan Pandang Belakang last week because I didn’t fancy waiting 40 minutes for another movie. Sort of like a spur-of-the-moment purchase. The title is basically the age-old warning not to ‘look behind you’ if you feel that you are not alone, especially since ghosts and spirits are stereotyped to be sneaky beings who would only approach you from behind.

The movie began with a traditional Muslim exorcism, as seen in the photo below:

Jangan Pandang Belakang - traditional exorcism

The evil spirit was captured and put in a bottle (to be thrown into the sea), but the victim died. Fast-forward to a couple months or years (no idea) later, Darma (Pierre Andre) received news that his fiancee, Rose had mysteriously passed away. I kept waiting for the part when he was really grieved, but it never happened. Dude, the woman you are about to marry and spend the rest of your life with just fucking died, show some emotion can or not?!

Anyway the circumstance in which Rose died was mysterious, so Darma and Rose’s twin sister Seri (Intan Ladyana) decided to do some CSI to find out what the fuck happened. Again, Seri perplexed me. Woman, your TWIN SISTER just fucking died, omg show some STRONGER emotion already!!!!! At least Darma cried later a bit, but Seri… omg takde perasaan ke?! Death?? Never coming back?!?!?!?!

But that was the extent of my grip. Mostly kayu acting by the main protagonists, but the rest of the cast were good, if not brilliant.

Moving on… Darma and Seri found a voice message by a terrified Rose, that she thought ‘something’ was bothering her. Soon Darma realised that whatever was bothering Rose was bothering him as well. Weird noises in the middle of the night, something knocking furiously at the door and stopped when Darma reached for the door knob, the typical shock shock horror horror suspense suspense stuff associated with ghost movies.

Jangan Pandang Belakang - scene from movie

So Darma made a trip back to his hometown to seek help to rid the ‘gangguan’. Along the way, some stuff happened, pretty good even with my eyes closed…

Okay, lazy to write more. So overall of Jangan Pandang Belakang:

The Good: Khatijah Tan, the nenek (opah), nice lighting, shock horror setaraf dengan adegan-adegan yang menyeramkan yang terdapat dalam filem-filem seram Jepun dan Korea…

The OK:: The script and storyline. Sometimes they make sense (good), sometimes they don’t (bad).

The Bad:: Pierre Andre and Intan Ladyana’s acting, or rather the lack of it. Maybe Pierre Andre has found his other calling — he co-wrote the story with some other fella.

Jangan Pandang Belakang - hantu, arghhhh!

Jangan Pandang Belakang is showing in nationwide cinemas now. If you have seen the movie, did you disagree with my thoughts, or you have other opinions? Share lah.



  1. Storyline could be better but on the whole, acting was good and cinematography was excellent. Better than the usual stuff they dish out. I watched it with the GF at Mines two days ago.

    – MENJ

  2. You know what I really hated about the movie? the forced suspenseful music in the background that they play everytime the hantu is supposed to come out. And then there were also the cheesy melancholy sentimental music which really irks me. Typical David Teo punya style. The storyline was okay in parts, like you said. The one part that was really scary was when the scene where Opah greeted Darma back at the village.

    IMO Chermin is so far more superior than this. So you’re watching Zombie Kampung Pisang next? LOL

  3. hmm.. ok lah the movie..

    quite scary due to relevant hantus and superstitions..

    hmm.. maybe i should leave the light on when i go for on-calls in the middle of the nite..


  4. zZZZzzzZZzzz ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZzz.

    The income tax form give me more than any horror movie.

  5. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    ‘the age-old warning not to ‘look behind you’’

    Don’t look behind … Suanie is watching you!! 🙂

    ‘the woman you are about to marry and spend the rest of your life with just fucking died, show some emotion’

    He’s gay!!! Or just has a lot of GF’s. Maybe he was like, ‘Rose? Rose? Which one was Rose?’

    ‘Woman, your TWIN SISTER just fucking died, omg show some STRONGER emotion already!’

    Or maybe everyone just hated Rose. They were all glad the biatch died in the end! 🙂

    ‘At least Darma cried later a bit,’

    He realised the free sex was over!

    CAPTION for the final picture: Darma, it’s me Rose, I’ve come back to give you free sex.

  6. Jamil Bond says:

    Wahai Suanie yg kiut-miut,

    Wayang nie gue takleh gi tengok pasal gue telah berjanji ngan ayah gue akan sentiasa tengok belakang. Dulu waktu gue masih muda, gue selalu tak pandang belakang sehingga berlakunye satu “tragedi” yg amat mengerikan. Maka dari saat itu, ayah gue paksa gue berjanji untuk sentiasa berwaspada kepada apa yg ada di belakang gue. Dalam keadaan yg takut, gue telah berjanji, berjanji akan memandang belakang sebelum membelakangkan(gostan)kereta dan tidak merempuh dia lagi.

    Maka, demi keselamatan manusia sejagat, gue harus sentiasa memandang belakang so takleh tengok wayang² seram jenis nie.. Yg jenis hantu muncul dari depan tu, tu bley.. 🙂


    Jamil B.

  7. menj: yeap the movie turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. i didn’t like the main actors’ kayu acting, but other people were brilliant.

    izad: hahahaha i thought that was cute! it’s the same in every japanese/korean ghost movie also!! when the tv screen went fuzzy, i half expected something to crawl out, hahaha… but yeah the tunes were quite forceful, not natural lor. i saw the trailer for zombie kg pisang… think i will pass 😛 next is sumo lah!

    naz: yeah i thought it was rather scary.. and i watched the scary parts with my eyes closed! 😛

    moo_t: bwahahahah e filing?

    Dabs: lmao!

    jamil bond: hahahah but the jangan pandang belakang bit applies to all cultures! even the chinese

  8. Suanie, I LOOOVVEEEE horror movies. But I am one hell of a chicken shit hahah! Esp when it’s Asian Ghost movies, urgh! It’s too close from home. Yikes!

    See, the main reason I don’t want to watch local movie is the actors. I mean, if they suck, the movie suck too, don’t you think? I know this Pierre guy from Cinta. Dia mmg kayu kan? I thot that was his character in Cinta, haha!

    But I think he kinda hot bit bit. :”>

  9. Miss Typo says:

    Oh, I didn’t know about the advice. I heard a weird noise one night (after midnight) while sneaking online at my sister’s place and after a few seconds of gathering my courage…looked back and … nothing. Which was spooky too, because what I heard were rollers (the wheels of the computer chair type thingies) travelling across the floor, right behind me! Clear as day, I heard it. So to see that nothing moved (and actually, the only thing with rollers there was the chair I was on). Well, not one to tempt fate, I quickly went into the room to sleep. And it’s been established that that room is the one with the ‘visitor’. Imagine, a bar of soap can disappear and then reappear in the middle of the night (no one else with access to it). The house is in the Kajang Prison complex. They hung Mona Fandey there…and my bro-in-law witnessed the event.

  10. hey hey…
    i seen the movie recently,yeah i like it, but i do not understand the part where there was 3 stupid asshole ghost inside the lift. what the hell is that n whats the things doin in the movie?? is it jus a decoration or somethin???? plus, one more thing, stupid fucking ghost won’t do the hand moving things…especially the part when the ghost appears at rose’s door when she was fainted or sumthing after taking medicine. is she doin some traditional dance or anything?? but anyway, the overall, BRAVO!!

  11. Heh if your GF is fucking behind your back ……. I dare you not to pandang belakang to see who that fucking guy is.

  12. I watched JPB on a treatfrom a senior partner. Damn it!!!I dislike watching ghost movie at cinema.
    Critical success factors of JPB: good story line (mcm citer hantu zaman kecik2), excellent supporting actors and actresses esp Mak Mah , Pierre’s best performance as actor, takde la watak mamat jiwang yg lembik n mengayat pompuan aje &the scary elements (the tricks on how the ghost mengamuk and kacau)
    Critical failure factors (if so lah, but the collection amounted to RM 7 mill): Intan Ladyana, a wooden performance – I think she’s another pretty face in the industry. Her previous movie, Tipah Tertipu pun mcm kayu.Don’t u learnt something from your previous movie? She cared on how she looks on the screen despite improving her acting skills!. Then the hantu’s make up, the technique…u can see how hantu is flying with cable..heheheh..plsssss y dont use CGI.kan nampak lbh halus n real.

  13. princess says:

    jangan pandang belakang…
    mmg best giler….

  14. seram sangat citer nie..
    sya yg dulu brani trus jd si penakut..
    mmg best ar!!!!

  15. Movie Analyst says:

    This “HORROR MOvie” is not really a Horror Movie, I hope next time Malaysian’s who wants to do Horror Movie, please, please, please, make it as GOOD as POSSIBLE…..This is like a comedy movie…….Next time try to make it a REAL HORROR MOVIE….sorry to say but, it’s only the TITLE that makes the movie HORROR, but the movie itself…..COMEDY.

  16. If you like to see an equally scary but more brilliant film about a guy having serious trouble overcoming the loss of his fiancee, with horrific consequences (much like Pierre Andre character in JPB) – then I’d recommend Spoorloos aka The Vanishing (the original 1988 version, not the American remake).
    No spooks, gore or even freaky CGI in the aforementioned movie – but it offers a more skin-crawling yet humanistic lesson on why not to keep “pandang belakang”.

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