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During lunch, we were browsing the dailies, in particular Utusan Malaysia. One of my colleagues highlighted the following front-paged news:

Jutawan Sendayan menghitung hari untuk tinggal di banglo

SEREMBAN 28 Mac – Selepas menerima durian runtuh wang pampasan kira-kira RM500,000 lebih setahun lalu, jutawan Felda Sendayan kini menghitung hari untuk tinggal di banglo mewah yang dijangka siap penghujung tahun ini.

Bagi mereka, segala janji yang dibuat oleh kerajaan negeri telah ditepati, malah banglo yang berharga RM250,000 itu dijangka siap lebih awal dari tarikh sepatutnya […]

The article was accompanied by a photo of one Mohd. Yusof Ismail with his thumbs up, standing in front of his near-completed bungalow. My colleague proceeded to launch into a tirade:

“Inilah masalah orang Melayu…”

“Har why?”

“Orang Melayu mudah terpengaruh dengan harta benda. Nilai rumah tu RM 250,000 tapi kos pembangunan tak sampai RM 250,000. Kat situlah developers save their money; duit yang sepatutnya dibayar kepada settlers, dia convert it to house.

Kenapa tak ambik yang RM 250,000 untuk buat banglo, kemudian beli 2 rumah teres. Satu duduk sendiri, satu bagi sewa. Rumah banglo kat Felda, nanti kalau nak jual, ada ke orang nak beli?

So basically settlers tu bukan millionaires. They are being duped and conned into thinking they are millionaires.”

“Why you feel so strongly about this issue yah?”

“Because Malays don’t learn from history and their mistakes. They keep being conned; skim cepat kaya, ABBFund, fake MLM… and they don’t think about multiplying their money. They are just happy with the money they have now, and this money will lessen in value in just a few years. Then after that they will merempat again, applying for another Felda land.”

“Isn’t this a bit too generalistic?”

“Yup. Malays in general… They do read it in the news, but they don’t learn.”

“Why are you so different from the general Malays then?”

“I read. And I learn. I don’t want to be the same like them.”

There you go.



  1. Rather than using that 250k to buy a banglo lumsum, i’d rather invest them in building businesses.. The return i get can buy me 4 bungalows and gimme 4 wives.. awww… hahah

  2. thre is a whole scam going around to con some felda settler…bascailly for RM40k, they can own a single storey house with about 1200sq feet build up.

    only collateral is just 1 hectare of their land.

    the cost price for the house is actually 25k. the balance is for the contractor and the consortium…

    some datuk tried to hard sell the contract to me and boss…each contractor supposed to get only 500houses to build…you can claim as the house finish.

    we thought if it’s too good to be true, chances are, it is.

    so, that’s RM20k saved from paying some datuk the introductory fee….

  3. Reading is very the indeed good to learning new experiences and improving the masteringness of language.

    *cough* Engrish-ing aside, I am not surprised at the article. It takes all sorts, regardless of race. Just wondering how they’ll bail the sinking ship this time only.

  4. very well said…
    not too many are willing to take the first step to be set apart as the norm..
    thats why only in malaysia the malays are flourishing. MALAYsia boleh.

  5. I’ve noticed that most of the educated Malay guys diss the so-called ‘lower class’ Malay guys the same way most of us Chinese guys diss the AhBengs.

  6. Sharon N. says:

    As much as I TOTALLY agree, this is SO la opening a can of worms 😀

  7. ZeMMs: I would buy offices!

    stupe: blah anything like that sounds sneaky and shouldn’t be entertained

    iesnek: just some angles from the people who want ’em land quick

    weeks: hmmm i think a lot of people are now brave enough to take the first step. never mind race, it is a dilemma that strikes ALL races. it’s how you were brought up, and very much exposure to everything else around you i guess. for more information, read robert kiyosaki / kiyasaki/ kakiseni

    vincent: i don’t think it’s dissing. more like haplessness? a lot of seemingly educated malay peps do not think like this, likewise a lot of seemingly educated chinese/indians.

    Sharon N: har? I’m just sharing something ar 😀 i mean, i have lunch almost everyday with my collegues, sometimes we talk about stupid stuff also 😀 most of the time actually…

  8. just look at the “bungalows” at damansara perdana for the orang asli.

  9. Jamil Bond says:

    Orang Melayu masih buta dengan agenda orang lain untuk menjatuhkan mereka.Tulisan saya ini mungkin tidak akan menyenangkan orang yang tidak mengambil berat tentang arah tuju orang Melayu. Ia mungkin bagai cili yang terpepak atau pahit bagai hempedu tetapi seperti kata orang, yang pahit itulah ubat.

    Malangnya orang Melayu suka digula-gulakan, dipuji berlebih-lebihan. Biar menang sorak kampung tergadai. Biar papa asalkan bergaya.Sampai bila kita hendak dodoikan orang Melayu dan anak Melayu dengan kejayaan yang palsu. Kita mahukan durian tapi benih tomato yang kita tanam.

    Mungkin Hang Tuah akan geleng kepala melihat orang Melayu hari ini menyalahgunakan kebebasan yang diperoleh. Mungkin Melayu tak hilang di dunia tetapi jika ada bangsa Melayu yang layu apalah gunanya.

    Layu dengan lagu yang mendayu. Layu di pusat-pusat serenti. Layu di atas jalan raya yang serba moden. Layu di peringkat pengajian tinggi.

    – Ahmad Nasir Mohamad,
    Alor Star, Kedah.
    (UTUSAN MALAYSIA 29/08/2002)


  10. vincent, i agree with suanie. it’s not dissing. the thing is, even the highly educated ones are also being duped into all these schemes. Personally I do know lawyers turned MLM agent.. geologist turned MLM agent. I mean, what gives? Those who studied and travelled abroad, came back home with the same mentality. Wasting govt money only I’d say, sending them there.

    i guess i am lucky to have good role models i.e. my parents. Successful yet true to our roots.

  11. Okay, seems like we’re reaching a borderline discussion here. Errr…don’t want Suanie to be shut down and investigated, right?

    I’ve always held firm to the believe that race has nothing to do with it. Background, culture and upbringing has everything to do with it.

    It’s amazing, but true. I remember doing a course on sociology and discovered that, apparently, in Africa, there is an entire race of people where Women are the rulers (take that, Husband!). Transplant a kid from that society to a more patriachal one, and that kid grows up all patriarchic (is there such a word?)

    What does this say, then? I leave it to your imagination.

  12. KY: i used to see them all the time 😛

    Jamil: that was published in Utusan eh? I wonder about the response.

    Arifah: Not all MLMs are bad though. But it’s true that they do not have a good name in Malaysia due to one too many bad apples. While I think MLM is workable, it is not for everybody. Depends on the approach. But I guess you meant the skim cepat kaya MLMs lah. That one, avoid at all cost 😀

    davidlian: It’s open for interpretation I guess. I merely published a real life conversation 🙂 Race is generally cultural, hence the strong link. You are also talking about hoardes of those who migrated and broke through their race+culture related mentality and behaviour. For example, the China Chinese and Malaysian Chinese are all Chinese, but mostly with different mindsets.

  13. Nothing wrong about being content.
    But …..
    Did he pay TAX!!!!? Is the compensation exempted from tax? How much did he pay for the annual properties tax of his RM250K banglo?

    suanie : Don’t buy offices, oversupplied. Unless you buy office in urban hot spot(but then the price….)

  14. If I get RM250k.. i will drop everything and travel around the world for a year. Hahaha.. yeah I AM one of those Melayu Mudah Lupa ones.

    But at least I never fall for those stupid skim cepat kaya MLMs. lol

  15. EastMalaysianInKL says:

    Very true what Dr M said: “First world infrastructure, third world mentality”

    And this is why despite all our resources and manpower, we’re lagging behind Singapore 50 years after independence.

    I guess when you grow up with everything handed to you on a silver platter (apply loan/land sure can get, don’t pay back also no problem), you don’t bother to keep anything for a rainy day. Can always apply again what…sure get on…

  16. There’s a huge problem with the paper itself, which presented as if the FELDA settler was made a milionaire and received “durian runtuh” thanks to the government. It’s all oh-so-rosy by just taking the official value of the house without checking. Not only the FELDA pakcik is duped, readers could also be duped into believing that government is generous! To East MalaysianInKL, the phrase was first coined not by Dr M, but by Datuk A Kadir Jasin, a veteren newsman.

  17. EastMalaysianInKL says:

    Pisces said on March 30th, 2007 at 7:41 pm
    “To East MalaysianInKL, the phrase was first coined not by Dr M, but by Datuk A Kadir Jasin, a veteren newsman.”

    Oh, didn’t know Dr M is a plagiariser…

  18. Hah! I can’t agree more, really. Wealth is always measured by how big a car the person is driving. Typical. Say, opened a business, the money is not even in yet, but the office will be beautifully furnished with a secetary to boot, a beautiful one mind you. First thing to buy is a car. An important one of course. Then maybe… a second wife.

    Received compensatory money because suddenly your land was taken to built the highway, splurge on a BIG BUNGALOW in the middle of nowhere.

    RM250,000 could buy about 10 low cost terrace houses. It could be rented easily. At RM300 rental each, easily RM3000 fixed income per month.

    Ah, talk so much also no use. We are indeed a proud race. Pfft.

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