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the pursuit of happyness and others who can’t spell

First thing I thought when I saw this title at was that some people can’t spell and now they are making a profit out of their inability to do so. Reminds me of the chick from Destiny’s Child who came out with a song named ‘Stole’, with the erroneous chorus line of ‘Life was stole…’ HERRO ENGLISH GRAMMAR 101?!?!??! And this coming from a person who readily admits that she has a serious grammar problem?!?

(no jokes about the problem being me anal, thanks…)

Then I watched the movie last night and realised the reason for the misspell. Okay, all is forgiven. But I still can’t get over the ‘life was stole’ shit. Makes me curl inside every time I think about it.

The Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith. His son, real life and on-screen. Damn sad. A little inspiring. Very Hollywood. The end.

The problem with movies ‘inspired by a true story’ is that after a movie, you go home and wiki the guy whose life story the movie was based upon. Then you get massively disillusioned because Hollywood being Hollywood, exaggerate and romanticise anything and everything that walks on earth. Even dinosaurs and King Kongs were portrayed with a soft and romantic side, so you know something is seriously wrong there. The lesson to be learnt is that you cannot at all times put 101% of your emotions on the characters, because Will Smith don’t get paid millions and millions of American dollars just for being tall and black.

But I know the feeling of being broke. Well, not the extent of homelessness, but the frustrating agony and the battle within yourself to loan someone $5 and wanting $14 back asap because your bank account runs in the deficit… (p/s: being broke and being poor are two different things).

So I was quite touched by the movie lor. I’d heard good stuff about it, tales of how some peps were reduced to tears in the cinema, that it is so good and so real and so on…. ok lor whatever rocks your boat. Great acting though, and overall a good movie. But something is amiss and I can’t pin-point it. I guess you are going to have to watch the movie to judge for yourself lor.

The Pursuit of Happyness at
Chris Gardner at

p/s: Thanks to hot babe for the tix ๐Ÿ˜‰

stuff i am not happy about

1. Cringe-worthy, OTT ‘berbilang kaum bersatu-padu dalam masyarakat muhibbah dan penyayang, negara aman dan sentosa’ advertisements

Give it a rest already, why don’t you…

2. Missing MUSE

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know who they were before their concert tickets in KL sold out…

3. StarWorld not showing the Oscars

Instead I had to rely on NTV7’s evening repeat. Ten minutes into the show, I realised in horror that NTV7 actually snipped out acceptance speeches! WHATTT THE FUCKKKKKKKKK?!?!?!? If you are going to do seriously horrible editing, might as well don’t bother airing the damn programme, kan?! Bloody hell, wasted my time..

4. Production houses who STILL hold movie previews on working afternoons, much to my disadvantage…

Looks like I have to give ‘Mushkin’ a pass tomorrow ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I really x10000 don’t want to…. can I just assert how awesome after-working hours are?!?

5. Bad American Idol contestants

I didn’t quite get it how Antonella Barba could have gotten the last spot over the other chick (whom I think could sing better, albeit was less model-pretty). After she massacred Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ (not that I think it’s a great song to begin with), I thought she should have been booted out, along with the girl with the ‘personality of a candle’ (OUCH LMAO!).

But noooooooooooo…………….

BUT BUT BUT if these leaked photos are real, then she is kthxbai. The American Idol peps have a history of liking their contestants with their clothes on.


bloody camwhores, i tell you…

I took these when I reviewed the Microsoft Lifecam VX6000, based on the templates that came with the software. I didn’t bother trying to look presentable and naturally the pix didn’t make the cut. So here they are for your visual, erm… delight ๐Ÿ˜€

(Besides I am out of blog ideas this week. If you like the wordy bits, come back on Monday kthx)

This is a very boring one. Flowers, wtf?!? This template wins ‘the most boring of all most boring templates, evar’ award.

Clover Power

Then there was the snowman. All very harmless…

The Snowman says hi

And floating pizza…

I love pizza, not too sure about the floating part tho...

Followed by dessert…

Gluttony atop one another

Aliens come a-calling…

We iz eating j00 babiez

In the form of a puddy tat…

Pussy scares Suanie

Well this is just a fake scuba mask. D’oh…

Scuba me!

Sekian, tgif.

the cny ’07 report


I am back. Quick update before I go to bed… well I am already in bed, just willing myself to get really tired so I could fall asleep just like *snap fingers* that.

CNY at home was a bit of a blur. Like most people I spent most of my hours sleeping, eating, some visiting, that was it. Probably would have done much more if I wasn’t so zoned out.

I don’t even remember if I went out on the eve. Probably not.

Anyway the first day of CNY kinda sucked for a bit. My specs frame snapped, so I remained blind until my folks took me to Carrefour (hey we have Carrefour in BP!!!) and I got me some contact lenses (the reason why I’ve been zoned out. I don’t really like wearing contact lenses, they make me feel v. tired). Then it got better especially with all the ang pows I received at my grandmother’s … bwahahah!!

Actually I am getting kinda shy about accepting ang pows. Tradition is that the singles get it until they are hitched, and it’s embarrassing when you get older, you are earning your own money, you don’t have the slightest inclination of getting married anytime soon (or 10 years down the road), and it feels like cheating the folks out of their hard-earned moolah. One of my uncles just informed me that he would give me annual ang pows well into spinsterhood.

My theory is that the older you get, the more this tradition is a complot to shame you into getting married and start your own family, bla bla bla. It’s the ultimate Chinese conspiracy and everyone is in it.

The next day was a big family lunch to celebrate an uncle’s birthday. Discovered that I have a new niece thanks to my cousin. She’s beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€ The day after that was mostly spent at my auntie’s house, taking ridiculous advantage of her hospitality ๐Ÿ˜‰ p/s: awesome wine.

Gambled a bit. I’ve never had much gambling luck, but it was fun nonetheless.

Hung out with my high school friends for a bit. It has been 9 years since we left Convent,it’s quite surreal reflecting on the past. I’ve known a few of these girls since kindergarten, and since the one in blue next to me is my cousin, I’ve known her my whole life ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chinese New Year - friends gathering

Was nice ๐Ÿ™‚

The most exciting thing that happened was probably the following: yesterday at around 3.30 a.m. I heard a really loud, short bang. At first I thought my dad had accidentally slammed his room door (he woke up to pee and to give me looks of disgust for still being awake). Or it could have been the next door neighbour who slammed his room door — link houses; noise travels.

Then for some reason I remembered the policeman who was gunned down in my neighbourhood when I was a kid, and I thought that this could be something to that effect. I rushed to our door to look see look see, and I saw this blazing orange-y reflection a couple houses down.

Turned out I was not the only curious cat — my other neighbours were also awakened by the explosion and were either hanging out in their own porches or tottering to the crime (?) scene.

Long story short, a neighbour’s car caught fire. The husband and wife were frantically pouring buckets of water onto the car, the fire was contained, there was heavy smoke etc. Then the police came, then the firemen came, and I think their story was that the car caught fire by itself. Load of bollocks. Definitely something to do with gangsterism.

Well, that concludes my exciting Chinese New Year report. How was your CNY?

Now, I am going to remove the troublesome contact lenses (I keep poking my eyes), then sleep. Ta.

xin nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi

Suanie CNY

Blog on a short break for the festivities.
See ya all soon!

things to do before cny

1. Dye my hair
Look, it’s not like I asked for white hair, okay. I wonder if The Maker mused to himself before dropping my tattered soul into the reincarnation pot, “Oh, here’s someone who is going to be Suanie, I bet she will be pleased with having loads of white hair while still in high school, hmm let me just tick this box…”

2. Brace myself…
… for the barrage of “do you have a boyfriend”, “when is your turn” queries. I know it’s the third ice-breaker after ‘how are you’ and ‘what are you doing now’, but it’s just fun to bitch about it. Never mind that I would be asking my friends the same ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Get laundry done
I just realised yesterday night that I have a load of dirty clothes that needs to be clean by the time I am back in BP.

4. Locate the brightest, most colourful clothes in my closet
Big hurdle, this. I am a black fan. More black after black after black? Yes please, load ’em up. I look ridiculous in many shades because I am so fucking fat. EEEEEEEeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhHHH!!!!!!!!!

5. Change my bedsheet
I was doing something for boss in Amcorp Mall the other day, and had time to kill, and saw a huge ‘SALE’ sign, and walked in, and came out with 2 brand new bedsheets. Now all that’s left for me to do is to actually change my bedsheet…

BTW don’t wish me a Happy CNY yet… wait for the next post lah ๐Ÿ˜‰

my perfect valentine

Valentine's Day sucks