pork chop @ wendy’s bistro

I’ve been waiting for KY to blog about Wendy’s Bistro since forever (at least since we went there), but it doesn’t look as if it’s happening anytime soon. So I blog lor…

Btw good English and grammar tonight tak main.

I was flipping through some magazines when I saw an advertisement of succulent pork chops. Mmmm…. sounds irresistible, so I made a mental note of the restaurant.

Wendy’s Bistro was not difficult to find, it’s in Sunway Mentari, just opposide the famous steamboat or the other. (Will get a link from KY’s blog when I am not so lazy to search)

The first time I was there, it was a wonderful experience. I ordered a starter of portobello with bacon and melted cheese. Honestly I prefer William’s version — Wendy’s was all too mashed up together.

Then there was the pork chop, which I ate 1/3 of before remembering to take photos…

Wendy's Bistro Pork Chop

House specialty — pork chop rubbed with salt ‘n pepper, served with black pepper sauce and apple sauce. The sides were mashed potato and side salad.

Wendy's Bistro Pork Chop-close

A few days later 5 of us went back to the restaurant. It was really disappointing, mostly due to the service or lack thereof, KY was mighty pissed about it, FA had gastritis, no one was really happy lah.

Speaking of pork, William said that Anthony Bourdain introduced bak kut teh as a Malay specialty. Noob.



  1. “Speaking of pork, William said that Anthony Bourdain introduced bak kut teh as a Malay specialty. Noob.”

    HAHAHA!! Is it true? Which episode?

  2. “Btw good English and grammar tonight tak main.”


  3. Beefstew in his new book “Nasty Bits”. I also chuckled at the same thing.

  4. o_O”

    maybe he meant to say “malaysian specialty”. my parents told me that bak kut teh is the only dish malaysians can truly claim to be 100% malaysian. it was created in malaysia.

  5. LOL at BKT as a Malay specialty.

  6. I have a different pt of view abt Wendy’s, didn’t think the food was good as the last time I ate there with a group of friends, the meats were tasteless. They just didn’t marinate their meats enough hence the pork belly and pork ribs were bland even though they were grilled so beautifully. The pork chop was not too bad since it had the sauces. Only thing I liked was their sausages which was juicy. Portobellos weren’t too great either as it had too much liquid.

  7. ROFL.
    The pork is cook using Chinese herbs and serve with Chinese tea. I don’t see any “Malay” part of it.

    BTW, actually bak kut teh is “fusion” of lor-bak (卤肉).

  8. a-non-e-mouse says:

    hey sweetie, what happened to your diet?

  9. BTW it’s probably a leftover from when the country was called Malaya, so anything from Malaysia is Malay or Malayan.

    People often called Malaysians as Malay as they are unaware Malay is a race not a nationality.

    It’s a forgivable mistake 🙂

  10. u eat so nice nice one ah.. got octagon shape hehe

  11. Beefstew: dono, i heard only la

    FA: oO

    ST: gotta check that out 😀

    lishun: i am guessing he meant the country and not the race. too many ppl make this mistake lor. but it’s still kinda funny… plus he went to singapore and had the best ampang yong tau foo evar 😉

    piffles: heheh

    boo: on the other hand i didn’t think much of the sausages… haven’t tried the other dishes yet… the second time we were there, a lot of things no stock ar.. sienz

    moo_t: huh lor bak and bkt quite different leh!

    anonemouse: it’s there

    ST: i guess so, i’ve had many experiences correcting ppl 😛

    oxymoron: hahahaha just cut out the side first 😛

    Paul: LMAO

  12. ShadowFox says:

    As discussed before, i’ll take the meaty parts.

    You can take the veggies.


  13. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    ‘no one was really happy lah’

    Least of all the pig who got turned into the pork chop! 🙂

  14. Giant Sotong says:

    Page 233, third paragraph. He spelled it ba ku the. He calls it a Malay specialty – in Singapore. Some one should take him on a whirlwind tour of the fair Peninsula and set him straight. KY?

  15. Anthony Bourdain? HE said he had the best AMPANG yong tau foo in Singapore? Oh my. The irony.. is priceless.

    And if Malaysians ever willingly went to war, it’d be all about good food 😛

    Who’s him anyway =.=?

  16. He called bak kut teh, nasty bits? 0_o

  17. Not Klang Valley castrated version of lor-bak.

    The originial lor-bak stall will sell cooked marinated pork. The marinade soup for lor-bak has lots of spice in there. Just tweak the herbs combi, you get barkkut-teh soup lor.

  18. –“Speaking of pork, William said that Anthony Bourdain introduced bak kut teh as a Malay specialty. Noob.”–

    On one hand… I am a little disappointed… maybe pissed. But then again, if the world sees that our malay speciality is made up tender khinzir meat… that would be something… hehe…

  19. serving looked small la. how to fill my big tummy?

  20. SF: no bleh

    Dabs: pigs have feelings?! omg !

    GS: hahah so noob!

    julianME: some old geezer 😛

    anttyk: BLASPHEMY!!!!!

    moo_T: oo got to try that one day

    zewt: the joke’s on him mah

    stupe: order two!

  21. Dabido(Teflon) says:

    Suanie – Not just pigs. All men. Even the non-pig ones. 🙂


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