see ya at the other side, saddam!


Your monkey friend’s gonna join ya! Happy or not??



  1. rest in peace, saddam

  2. I feel sorry for Saddam. :(

    Rest in peace.

  3. Obviously a proponent of the death penalty – my, you *are* a good Malaysian, aren’t you?
    He deserved to go through trial after trial for the destruction and death that he wreaked on his, and other, people, but then life imprisonment as his sentence – *no-one* has the right to take life.

  4. Intensecure, no, generally I don’t believe in death sentences. Didn’t think I’d have to spell it out loud 😀

  5. Since you have spelt it out loud, which I appreciate (and I apologise for my sarcasm), I just can’t see how you qualify “generally.”
    But that’s a personal choice. Perhaps I am too simplistically “pro” or “anti”, but that is my firmly held belief.

  6. damn girl, sounding real ‘kbsm’ here…

  7. Intensecure: Generally because while I don’t think humans have no right to sentence fellow humans to death, the baddies will get their death sentences by acts of [choose your own god or karma]. that also count what. a nice bolt of lightning will do 😀

    Actually I was going to write a whole thesis on how hanging Saddam will not save the world. It’s just a wank fest and now we have another dictator, that some people willingly allow and put on throne, because he promised freedom. Too bad for the people who will have to pay a one-time price for ‘freedom’.

    But then I got lazy.

    ripped: ar??

  8. what do you mean “Your monkey friend’s”?

  9. emptyspace: exactly that.

  10. I’m not a supporter of Saddam. But what happened recently shows how far the ‘world democracy’ has failed humankind. Even though Saddam deserved to be punished, the manner of which the execution took place was not justifiable. It was too little too soon. His lawyer was brutally murdered. Juries were replaced with puppet juries with no apparent reasons. He was executed for crime against humanity… but i thought the death penalty by hanging itself violates human rights.. ironic..

  11. Mawi Sangat Fakap says:

    Do you think he will become a gay partner for satan in eternal hell?

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