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The other day I received a police summons for an offense that I SWEAR I have never committed.

The offense was written up in Kuantan, a town which I have not visited in years. The last time I was in the East Coast was during last year’s holiday in Redang, where we stopped in Kuala Terengganu for a while.

The car was my old Iswara, which was sold to a second-hand car dealer BEFORE the date of the offense.

Surprisingly it was still under my name.

Damn sien, have to go to the police station now. If not, cannot renew my road tax soon.

This is common knowledge, but whatever. You can check for summons by sending a SMS to the.. erm people. Type “POLIS SAMAN (your IC without dashes or car registration number)” and send to 32728. Then you will receive a SMS that says you have a have a summons for how much on this and that date, and if you want more details, you’ll have to send another SMS saying “POLIS SAMAN (IC or car registration number) SEMUA” and you will get a SMS with the summons details. Each SMS costs RM0.50.

This is your FREE Suanie community service message.


A couple of years ago, we went to Sabah for a family trip. Met up with my sister’s friend, Audrey who was a teacher in Kota Kinabalu. She related a story to us that has been in my mind all these while; never got around to blogging it until I read Bluqube‘s post today.

It was the closing dinner of Sabah’s Teachers’ Day celebration. Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein was supposed to be there and address the 2,000 guests present, but at the last minute he could not make it. So one of his deputies attended the dinner in his place.

The deputy stood up to make his speech. He had been to many places in Sabah, he said. He had been to Menggatal and he had been to Bum Bum. He had also been to Nunukan.

If you are like me who can be geographically-challenged at times, here’s a nifty map highlighting kedudukan Nunukan.

Nunukan, Indonesia


Q: What is more dangerous than driving behind a tractor going at 20 kph?

A: Driving behind an indecisive L-plate female student going at 30 kph on a single lane accompanied by an instructor barking into her ears.


Tomorrow I’ll start blogging in participation of Take Back The Tech for 16 days of ‘activism against gender-based violence’. If you want to be part of the campaign, go read more details here.

I think it should have been ‘take back TEH tech’, would be more relevant, you know ;) Anyhow, it will be fun, so let’s do it.

ryan star @ zouk kl

Meet ‘n Greet session with Ryan Star

I left the office a good 45 minutes before the meet started. Normally that would have given me plenty of time to do whatever I had to do to get from PJ to KL. But that afternoon was hell. Don’t really want to talk about it. Anyway I arrived at the hotel slightly late, so I had to wait (along with a couple other latecomers) to enter the suite. We finally went in, and Ryan Star was sitting there, surrounded by girls, boys, cameras, massive Channel [V] posters and lots of Channel [V] posse.

It was a bit intimidating to see him in real life, but he was real friendly and talked a lot. I just sat there and kept quiet lah, being the mouse that I am. The small group of fans were asking him about his Rockstar Supernova experience and when his next album would be coming out and so on. I kept wanting to ask “OMG WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY ME?!?!” but luckily the angel on the right shoulder was working overtime that noon.

He then performed ‘We Might Fall’, the first song from his album ‘Songs from the Eye of An Elephant‘, and here’s a 1.35 min clip.

Ryan then signed posters, Nadia kept poking me to go get a personalised one etc etc but I told her I didn’t want a signed poster, I want a photo taken with him! As it turned out, I got my wish. A little shaky perhaps, but I can still remember the feel of his leather jacket on my cheek…

Ryan Star and Suanie

Am I sounding like a groupie yet :D

Ryan Star’s showcase at Zouk KL

The next day we went for the showcase in Zouk KL. Since it was raining and the doors would only open at a certain time, we had a couple drinks at the Terrace Bar. Alcohol always helps ;)

Finally we strolled in at around 8 something. VJ Dom and VJ Joey G of Channel [V] hyped up the crowd with lots of shouting (“SCREAM IF YOU LOVE RYAN STAR” bla bla) and giveaways. Maya Karin and Sarah Tan were giving away nice goodie bags as well, and all the male winners took advantage of the situation and hugged the two hot VJs. Smart fellas.

The Channel [V] VJs

Reshmonu performed for a bit, then more giveaways then finally Ryan Star appeared on stage. Yay!

Ryan Star at the piano

Of all the songs he sang that night, I only recognised 4 — The Back Of Your Car, Losing My Religion, 11.59 and Hole In Head. Sorry lah, I’m not very good with names, it’s not like he was Michael Jackson where I had over 10 years to memorise his song titles and lyrics :)

At the starting point of ‘The Back of Your Car’, the sound system fucked up quite bad. He was obviously pissed off, I mean, wouldn’t you? Poor Joey G got booed when he asked the audience to be patient, then Ryan came up and hugged him from behind and said don’t boo him, it wasn’t his fault. So cute, heh.

Anyway after a while the sound was good to go, and Ryan went back to singing the song. Here’s the 3.15 min clip; my hand was not very steady that night so don’t watch this if you get headaches easily. Just listen to the music, I guess.

He could sing well lah. Well, we knew that from the Rockstar Supernova show anyway. I totally respect anyone who can sing live and not sound like a dying crow. Tabik!

Photos and more photos.

Ryan Star facing his fans

Ryan Star rocking the guitar

Ryan Star from afar

Was fun! We had a great time. After the show ended, we left to camho outside with Reshmonu…

Reshmonu and Suanie

… and a massive Ryan Star poster…

Ryan Star groupies

Btw thanks to Channel [V]! I don’t really watch Channel [V] (nor any other music shows with good looking VJs for that matter) but I am a StarWorld addict. That counts for something, kan? :D

Nearly 3 am… don’t think I can contribute anything anymore to this post that makes sense… so here’s a parting shot…

Ryan Star and Suanie 2

playing favourites

When someone asks me for my favourite this or that, usually I’d be stumped for an answer. Let me give you a few examples of the ‘favourite questions’ and my take on them.

What is your favourite colour?
This one seems to be the norm, all the way from Standard 1 till your last breath. Browsing through my old ‘autograph books’ from primary and high school days, I used to like blue. Then I liked red. Then I liked purple. Then I liked black. Then I liked white. Then I learnt in Pendidikan Seni that white is not a colour. So I liked green. Two years later, I liked blue again, and the cycle continues.

Fuck lah, they are all the same to me lah.

Even if you asked me, would I prefer a blue shirt or a red shirt, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which. My rationale is this — it depends on the cut and design of the shirt, and what shades of blue or red it would be. Sometimes I look better in this design with this shade, sometimes the other.

I have a lime green skirt. I look great in it.

Sometimes you have all these personality tests that ask for your favourite colour because it would represent your personality. Erm… a bit generic, but whatever lah since they are mostly for mindless fun anyway. But everybody *knows* that if you choose black, you are a moody and depressed fuck. If you choose blue, you are well-balanced (why?). If you choose red, you could be aggresive and hit someone for no reason. If you choose yellow, you are as happy as the sun. Or you could be a sexually-promiscuous paedophile. You see, the possibilities are endless!

Heck, I should be making money from all these creative ideas.

What is your favourite animal?
My favourite animal is the walrus. Heck, I’ve never even seen a walrus in real life, but whatever since it’s the first thing that came to my mind. Walruses are big. Walruses have long tusks. Walruses are fat. The male walrus has a completely internal penis. In ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the walrus ate all the oysters. Yay for him.

Or my favourite animal could be the zebra. I’d always wanted to place a zebra in the middle of a zebra-crossing and have a truck completely run the poor sod down. I’d take lots of photos and put it on my blog. I like zebras.

But perhaps my REAL favourite animal is the cow. A large thick slab of medium-cooked steak, served with a nice baked potato with bacon bits and sour cream… no one can say no to that! Well unless you are Dabido, of course ;)

What/who is your favourite song/ singer/ band/ actor/ actress?
I oppose to the question above that promotes bias and prejudice.

What is your favourite flower?
The one in Bambi. But seriously, I DON’T CARE OMG!!!!!!!!

I’ve been accused of lacking in personality because I don’t seem to have preferences for a whole lot of things, which seems a tad absurd to me. I have better things to do with my time than trying to define my preferences to the point of limiting myself.

Of course if you ask me what is my favourite Starbucks drink, I’d tell you because it’s the only thing Starbucks drink I’d purchase. Or what movie to watch, because I’d be spending at least 100 minutes watching it.

But for everything else, bleh.

For conversation and comments sake, off the top of your head, what/who is your favourite [anything] at the moment?

The Red Kebaya – a sentimental, contemporary Malaysian story

The Red Kebaya - poster

During Ramadhan, we were invited to dinner with the cast and crew of The Red Kebaya. Along with that came an invitation to the premiere at MidValley, for which I took the day off from my day job to attend.

Before the movie started, Sandra Sodhy (TRK’s PR and publicist) said a few words, with a few lines reminding viewers to switch their mobile phones to silent mode. Well obviously Malaysians are going deaf. No matter how many times we are reminded to put our phones on silent mode, or NOT to answer phone calls during the movie, or NOT to constantly kick the back of the seat in front of you, we NEVER listen. And this was a preview screening, by invitation only, with the producers, directors, actors in the cinema hall. But some dumb fucks just cannot show respect by NOT giving road directions to his geographically-challenged friend in the middle of the movie. Twice. Very smart. If this were my movie, I’d fucking tie you up and feed you to the Sarlacci.

/rant over

The Red Kebaya - Samantha Schubert, Suanie and poster
With Samantha Schubert:

And so the story begins…

The Red Kebaya - Production stills, set

Latiff (RAMLI HASSAN). Photographer. City dweller, successful fella. Orphaned. Blocked memories from childhood. Went ahead to take photos of abandoned buildings around Malaysia as part of his next project. Saw visions of two kids, one of them who was also…

Latiff (MOHD. AFIF), a little boy whose mother was…

Azizah (VANIDAH IMRAN), a hot divorced/widowed joget girl who encountered and fell in love with…

John (BOB MERCER), an English expat who loved everything about Malaysia (the food, the people, the culture, the heat etc) and of course, loved Azizah. John was unfortunately married to…

Davinia (SAMANTHA SCHUBERT), who hated everything John loved about Malaysia, including Azizah. When she found out about the her husband’s feelings for Azizah, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ pretty much described Davinia.

The Red Kebaya - Production stills, people

Other notable names in the movie are: Patrick Teoh, Zahim Al Bakri, Elaine Daly, Paula Malai Ali, Sabera Shaik, Jo Kukuthas and Fauziah Nawi (who had a very short but most memorable role, that is if you could recognise her in the movie ;) ).

Because everyone likes lists, here’s one:

  • The Red Kebaya producers are Andre Berly and Ramli Hassan, and the director is Oliver Knott
  • The Red Kebaya was shot entirely in Malaysia. They did the dolby-dolby stuff and show prints in Australia. Post-production stuff were completed at ADDAudio, a Malaysian studio
  • Bob Mercer had just 3 weeks to learn all his lines in Bahasa Malaysia
  • Principal photography took 35 days
  • Initially the owners of the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion were reluctant to have their premise used for filming. But after a series of meetings and much persuasion that lead them to better understand the concept of the movie, they finally allowed it
  • Oliver Knott did not know what a ‘kebaya’ was prior to the movie
  • The budget for TRK is RM 1.5 million. RM1.5 million can buy you 202702 packs of fags, 150000 large Big Mac meals, 3000 sets of 21″ TVs.
  • RM 1,500,000 is also around USD$ 410,778. You need to top up that amount by 486 times to be able to make Spiderman 2.
  • I am guessing this is a privately-funded movie, as deliverance was mostly in English. But I didn’t ask for sure.
  • The producers/director set this movie around the 50s/60s, no specific time line, so they tried to create a suitable environment — visual and sound to suit that era. Was still pretty funny to see a bouncer in a black jacket outside a joget club though. Some things never change.
  • The nice folks at Rising Above will be hosting a dinner charity night on Monday night at BSC… hey, that’s tonight! Plus they will also get lots of underprivileged kids to go watch TRK on Wednesday, courtesy of kind people who donate to them, so yeah it’s nice of them to do that.

The Red Kebaya - Cast and Crew

My thoughts on TRK

Great poster. Excellent score/soundtrack. Beautiful cinematography. Beautiful use of locations. Some sound glitches but I understood that to be the cinema’s technical problem. Some performances were overly theatrical, don’t translate well to movies. Storyline is different from other local movies so far, which is a good thing. A couple scenes in the movie tak masuk akal; either continuity problem or just too plain odd to comprehend. Costumes were beautiful.

The Red Kebaya - Vanidah Imran with Suanie
Suanie: You should have worn the red kebaya lah..
Vanidah: Kenot, too sexy, later you all nosebleed.

Vanidah Imran was damn hot. Samantha Schubert was rather good as someone you would love to hate. Bob Mercer’s character was a bit of useless lembik bugger, he did it rather well. Sometimes you just want to shout at him, BE A MAN! Patrick Teoh’s role was nice, one that you would not really appreciate until the end of the movie. Some scenes just broke my heart. Some scenes weren’t supposed to be funny, but the audience laughed anyway. Some parts a bit too corny, slow and long. Some parts scared the shit out of me. Well, I am easily freaked out what…

OVERALL, The Red Kebaya unashamedly tags itself as a love story, and it is really rather different from other Malaysian movies — the concept, the execution, the delivery and so on till the end of Kudat. I quite enjoyed myself, it was a day off well-spent, and I urge you movie-goers to go catch this movie and make up your own minds on it so we could have a discussion (before the cinemas take them off the screens much earlier, as they often do with local movies). It’s a struggle for me not wanting to reveal more of the plot as not to spoil it for those who will watch it, but so dying to talk about the content!

I posed a question during the press conference, something about why did they choose the ending they chose instead of another version, which I’d thought would be much better for closure. Oliver Knott (the director) and Ramli Hassan (co-producer and lead actor) replied that they went through several endings, but decided that the closure that I thought was good would be too predictable. Besides that angle had been played to death in other movies (literally). I guess it was a nice decision to end the movie in hope and gladness.

The Red Kebaya - Samantha Schubert with Suanie
Samantha: Are we done with the fake dialogue yet?
Suanie: Why? Do they suck so bad? :(

So if you want to know what the heck I’m talking about, go watch The Red Kebaya when it opens in Malaysian cinemas (GSC) on 23 November 2006. Be sure to catch it early, for reasons I have stated above.

Kate James (film editor and post-production supervisor) helped me to ask Andre Berly (co-producer) for permission to upload a couple of song clips from the soundtrack onto my blog. He said yes (thanks Andre and Kate!) and here they are, two songs that I really love. Very P-Ramlee Malaysian.

Joget Selendang Sayang – 0.55 mins
Mengharap Sinar Kasih – 0.34 mins

Music by S. Atan, lyrics by Nurul Asyikin, vocals by Sheila Abdul and Arifin Tioh.

If you would check out TRK’s site, you’ll hear a nice piano tune in the background. I absolutely love the melancholy composition, and sometimes I just leave the window open so I could listen to the tune while doing other stuff.

So, The Red Kebaya23 November 2006… GSC… go watch!

Other reviews (aka people who make more sense than me): Reta (and awaiting!!!)

So after the preview screening/ press conference/ excellent lunch, I was chilling at Starbucks to get something from J, and some of the cast and crew of TRK walked in, including Ramli Hassan. Our eyes met and he exclaimed, “I think I know this person!” and he came over and we hugged. We talked a little, then J helped us to take this shot.

The Red Kebaya - Ramli Hassan with Suanie
Ramli: How much you wanna pay me for the photo?
Suanie: How much are you worth?
Ramli: For you, free lah, as long as you write about TRK!
Suanie: Wah, you so cheap!!!
Ramli: Yah I memang cheap what!
Suanie: It’s ok lah, I also cheap one.

Didn’t have to fake that one :)

Other reviews: Sultan Muzaffar

cinta the movie: a rollercoaster ride through love

Last week I was invited to attend a special preview screening for the movie CINTA. Sounds good, I’d watched the ads for it on TV, plus it stars one of my favourite local actresses – Sharifah Amani. PLUS it’s free.

But deep within the cheapskate in me, I do enjoy and support the local art/entertainment community. Well, depends also lah. If you ask me to watch Cicakman, terima kasih sajalah. If you ask me to watch Afdlin Shauki‘s Sumolah, I might go for it, the only reservations being the soundscape quality which is seriouslyx100 lacking in all of Afdlin’s movies. If you’ve watched any of his movies before, you will know what I mean lah.

I don’t mind watching ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ in the cinema again (even though you can’t drink anything for fear of bursting your bladder ‘cos the movie is so damn long). When ‘Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam’ came out, I was tempted to go watch it but for some reason I could not make it. I’m glad I didn’t — that movie defined suckiness (watched it on Astro Ria during Raya). With local productions — movies and plays, it’s a hit or miss thing. I just wish for more of the former than the latter.

Enough with digressing. The point I was going to make was that I enjoy watching and observing the development of our local entertainment industry (which seems to comprise of mostly productions in Malay if they are movies; I wonder if this could be a reason?) and so far they are improving by the minute. Then again I tend to avoid Scenario-type slapstick and I seriously hope my fellow citizens come to their good senses as well.

CINTA:10 stars, 5 love stories, one movie. Maklumlah dapat support daripada Media Prima pasal all the actors/actresses are quite hot and in demand, heheh. See, looks matter.

In a nutshell, it’s a story about love. Can I end this review here? Heheh *runs*.

*Comes back* CINTA ambitiously undertakes to illustrate the various forms of love within 5 stories. At this point you can’t help but to compare it with Love Actually where all the individuals are somehow connected to each other. Well it’s rather like this in CINTA as well, but as it’s not a unique form of story-telling, it doesn’t really matter (as in, Richard Curtis did not invent that).

All 5 stories take place in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia where shots taking in the Twin Towers and KL Tower (but more of the Twin Towers) are maximised for a location identification purpose. Sometimes it felt a bit like those feel-good Nescafe advertisements. I posed the question of whether the director (Kabir Bhatia, who was not present the day we attended the preview screening) had previous experience shooting advertisements (I was not familiar with his works prior to this). One of the guys there (I forgot who, sorry) answered that it’s only that we are so used to these kind of shots being commercialised in Malaysia, where in fact movie makers all over the world have been and still are using these cinematography options. Hence it’s a matter of mind shift. Fair enough.

The following is a brief run-down for all the five stories; the synopsis are copied from the movie’s website, so I disclaim all continuity and sentence flow irregularities :D

CINTA - Unggul

Age does not diminish one’s capacity for love or need for companionship. The marching of time has not been kind to Elyas (Dato’ Rahim Razali), a retired schoolteacher. But despite illness and age, Rubiah (Fatimah Abu Bakar), a compassionate and kind woman sees Elyas’ dignity and spirit shining through. Can you recognise the face of it, even if you have no memory of it? Does love have to end in your advancing years?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that there is an expiry date for love. One can continue loving another long after s/he passes on to the Pearly Gates, so I don’t see any problem when it comes to this (Too Young To Die, anyone?). I feel that the last line in the synopsis, the question was a bit blah. It hints of Elyas and Rubiah’s relationship being opposed to, and that was not the case in the movie. Well I don’t know why I’m so anal about the copywriting, but I guess I take more notice because this story is actually my favourite among the 5.

I liked Dato’ Rahim Razali’s performance, though Sharizal said he’d seen him do better. Fatimah Abu Bakar (who incidentally is Sharifah Amani’s mother) was rather sweet and superb. There were some tear-jerking moments as the script gives us a glimpse of what it is like to have old age and illness creep upon you. I always get sad when I see older people suffering, thinking of their contributions to society when they were younger and how it all will go away soon (I’m pessimistic like that) and knowing though hardly believing one day it would be my turn (as with all younger people).

There were elements of filial piety and ‘kacang tak lupa kulit’, something you may see on ‘Cerekarama’ (which has quite a few rather good tele-movies).

CINTA - Romantis

Love really does happen when you least expect it. An unexpected meeting leads to an unexpected depth of feeling for Azlan (Eizlan Yusuff), a wealthy, eligible bachelor who runs a publishing empire. He meets Azura (Fasha Sandha), a strong and independant if opinionated book store assistant and romantically pursues Azura. But when she falls for him, is this girl from a simple background finally good enough for him?

I think Eizlan Yusuff was kinda good-looking :P Fasha Sandha was kinda hot too. The similarity between the two was that their acting could get a tad stiff at times. Not so natural. And maybe it was a script-thing, but a couple of the scenes were too cliché and overkill. I know, I watch too many movies :D

The story itself is sweet, rather Cinderella-like. I think a lot of men should take note of the moral of this story. What is it? Don’t want to spoil the storyline lah.

CINTA - Abadi

Dyan (Nanu Baharudin) is a rich, successful architect but unlucky in love. Trapped in a love triangle, Dyan is protective of her younger brother Dhani (Que Haidar), a struggling artist who seems to lack ambition. Frustrated that her brother is wasting his talents, Dyan urges him to change his life. What sacrifices are you willing to make for the one you love?

My second favourite story! Well it could be a rather close-tie with ‘Unggul’ except that there were some questions regarding the medical condition of the brother. Again I don’t want to spoil it for those who will watch it, but I think maybe a lack of other medical options were not offered prior to the one big risky option.

But I can relate rather well with this story, seeing that I am the youngest in a family of 3 sisters and at times they could be rather protective of me. Which is a good thing, because if someone doesn’t care about you, s/he would not bother with you at all. Just that sometimes it could be rather frustrating because other people seem to know best, or portray that sentiment. I’m guessing everyone with an elder sibling can relate to this :) And everyone with a younger sibling will know and understand the feeling of wanting the best for the younger ones so they don’t get misguided or hurt.

A rather emotional story for me, especially during one of the final scenes. The cinematography was beautiful, heart-wretching and evoked all sorts of feelings within me. I shed more than a few tears, shhh.

Nanu Bahaudin rocked.

CINTA - Sepenuh Jiwa

Ignorance is bliss. Harris (Rashidi Ishak) who has built a thriving architect’s firm with Dyan, seems to have it all — a beautiful wife Airin (Rita Rudaini), a beautiful daughter, a beautiful life. Until he wakes up one day to find out that his perfect life is but an illusion. Does he fight for her to stay, or does true love mean letting go of the one you love the most?

I didn’t like the opening scene of this story. Too… overdone, too stiff, anyone with half a head could see what was wrong, even just by looking at the person’s facial expressions. So maybe Harris was in denial all this while? When someone distance themselves emotionally from you, you can feel it no matter what. Unless of course you are as dense as a coconut tree. So that was a bit confusing for me.

Kinda sad also lah, to lose everything overnight. The daughter’s performance was numero uno! Can top many actors/actresses in our tanahair. There was a sequence in the middle of the movie where scenes of Rita and Dyan overlapped each other, I got kinda confused and had to ask the FA to explain a bit. They both looked a bit same to me lah, females with long hair. The others didn’t think that they looked alike. Well, I *was* tired…

Just found out the other day that Rashidi Ishak is husband to Vanidah Imran. So lucky! And was reading some pointless tabloid the other day that said Rita Rudaini had some connection/friendship with Mawisux. So unlucky!

CINTA - Tulus

Arianna (Sharifah Amani) is a young girl who is literally looking for love in the wrong places in the city with the help of a kind stranger, Taufiq (Pierre Andre), a young journalist with a struggling tabloid. By depending on the kindness of strangers, does Arianna find the love that she desperately seeks or does she finally sees the one that truly loves her?

I heart Sharifah Amani. But I realised that there was something a bit not right with her role, or the portrayal of her role in this story. Sekejap muram, sekejap hyper cute and happy, sekejap this and that, consistency a bit off… quite scary to know someone like that in real life leh.

No wait, I AM like that in real life… :D

Manakala Pierre Andre sort of reprises his role from Gol & Gincu, that is the nice quiet boy loving the girl from afar. In the movies they always get the girl in the end. But this doesn’t happen in real life lah. Still, no harm hoping, kan? :D

I didn’t like PA’s acting so much, I thought he was a bit kayu. But according to Sharizal and TV Smith, he did a good job with his role. PA was the only artist who went for the screening that we attended, and he mentioned that the director controlled the direction (duh, hehe) of the movie with an iron fist. This included but not limited to the performances of the actors. So I guess the director had a vision he wanted to convey lah, instead of letting the actors do their own thang a bit.

There was a scene in this story where they had to wait for 3 trains to pass by at the same time. Interesting trivia.

Overall, CINTA is a feel-good movie that relies on our capability to love to make it work. It did for me, I rather enjoyed it, and I hope you will too when you catch it at the cinemas starting 30th November 2006.

In the meantime, enjoy these two music videos from the soundtrack of CINTA below. Clips from the movie are included, so you can sort of get a feel of the movie, prior to watching it in the cinema of course ;)

Sewaktu Dahulu by Andy of Flop Poppy.

Perpisahan by Anuar Zain.

Check out the official CINTA the movie website here. You can watch a brief trailer of CINTA the Movie here. Other reviews: Fireangel, KY, Budiey, Sultan Muzaffar.